Thursday, April 28, 2011

I have a degree in Opshopping, Ha Not!!

But I had been eyeing this outfit off for a couple of weeks minus the hol's and knew Id buy it if it was still there and it was.Shame I dont look as smart as the outfit does but it is the closest Ill ever come to wearing this garb for real.And Kitty I forgot to take the date thingy of my camera, its done now but I aint taking all these pics again!!lol But look my forever blonde/senior  moments had a break and I worked out how to make pics big, yes I am slow but once I get it, I get it, even if it takes ages to click ,ha.

Professor Nelly majored in opshopping I even look surprised
Misfit Sarah this is for you if you want it for the original pattern, I found it yesterday so now have 2.
Love the little sewing basket was only $1 and is an oldie and the cute cat thermometer for 30c the teaset $1,50
This pic were popular in the 90s I remember heaps of people having them the small one holds soap
                 These Golden Hands books I found yesterday if you want to go in a draw for them just let  me know.
                             Crafty books the Anne Hallday has Dear Mum Happy Mothers day 1979 inside was only 20c
                             the 2 other yellow ones are form the 70s as well as is the poetry for kids.
                                Am hoping th eMake your own pattern book will help me out.
                   The little kit has thimbles and vintage crochet  hooks inside all for $1.80

Teatowel is inspired by  Kylie at Lucy Violet who always has a tea towel at end of her post you must go see she gets great treasures. I also got the 2 retro tablecloths and  am so  loving the red one it was $2.50 and has never been used still has original sticker The pretty green one is round.

Pretty vintage dress A gown of beauty fashioned by Jeanne De Camp melbourne also has is on the tag Doesnt fit me or I would have tortured you with me dressed  up some more  lol
Pink shower cutrtain but thinks needs to be truned into something else made from that soft fabric some pink star earings for kids dress up , pink beads, cute baby buttons,pink clip,lace and a fake fur collar non vintage but vintage look useable
A bag of fabric peices (like I need more) but the batik fabric too my eye some retro pillow cases and see that yellow fabric its a queen size blanket I used to have a bright yellow one that I cut up oops.was thinking of using it to cover the mattress for that cane bed I bought a couple weeks back what you think? Or stick to doing velvet patchwork but remember this is on back porch and so maybe just add velvelt cushions?
Some ever so cute vintage shoes for my one day to be in the future sometime when I get organised if ever online shop.
and something to keep me warm and snuggly this winter a vintage jacket from the 70s nearly like the one my mum had and still has (she is lucky she is 9 hours away or her house would be empty by now lol) and which I shall eventually nab.There was also a vintage brown leather jacket thatfit me and that I wanted to cut the sleeves off  like  I know VV did on hers and she always looks so good and I love her outfits and I copy people I am inspired by, but it smelt and I dont know if you can get rid of smell from leather.?

The 2 following pics are teasers for a new reader JennyBoo  who spied my vintage in my overall  pics
Mostly not selling

Mostly selling
and for the eye spyer Miss Scarlett  who saw  my Marylin go  Here  for the full story so you can see her again and here for the continuation  on how she became mine  and here on a book I bought about her

and before my opshop fix  I had ....
been trying to change my blog layout but apparently my template  wont allow it so may have to muck around and go back to basic (boring)
Also I have been reading everyones blogs but only can comment on a rare occassion due to the ridiculous slow speed I am getting on the net at the mo.
 I am also  trying to work out how I can invent a few more hours in the day ha ,while I knit even more of those fingerless gloves for the girls  school friends but have spat the dummy and said  said no more!!!(mean granny) Because ....
I want to start knitting this from opshoped pattern and wool. I  thought  the $15 price tag for this bag of yarn  was expensive till I went to spotlight and saw what one ball sells for yikes  so went back and bought this lot to make that cute outfit.
In this pic you can see more vintage lace.

Close up of lace

 Now I must get sewing day is half gone already 

Hope you all find something wonderful this weekend I think i shall lay low and save some money (will try anyway)

XXXX Nelly

Ps I just previewed my blog and I need to do some serious work on it so be ready for a change next time.

PSS didnt sew went and read on my cane bed with sponge I bought so comfy and warm in the sun and then I tried changing my layout and template methinks will be for another day as it just isnt playing my way.


Kylie said...

oh Nelly, thanks for the shout out. Very kind and sweet of you. I love all of the great new things you've found...those pretty vintage dresses look especially lovely. And the tea towels/tablecloths (of course!)

Miss Claire said...

Haha! A degree in Op-Shopping!!! I think I'd qualify for one too. You look great and the pics are much better already! Can't wait to see your new layout :)

Xx Claire

Miss Claire said...

By the way, that kitty themometre is gorgeous, and do put me in the draw for those books! Maybe dedicate a post to it so everyone knows to enter! x

Kitty said...

You're doing really well on the stock sorting! Go Nelly! I might have to con you into wholesaling to me at this rate, it looks like you've got heaps!

PennI said...

Hi Nelly! You look GORGEOUS!!!!! Bummer I gave my British Racing Green overalls to Vinnies years ago!!! Someone elses bargain though! Glad to hear that you had some quiet time...GOsh don't we all need that! Lots of Love,
Penni xxx

PennI said...

What an amazing Crochet Cape Pattern Nelly! It's just fabulous! I Love it! Great crochet patterns are hard to find. you could consider photocopying it (i know it's naughty) and selling the copies! I'd buy one for sure! Your Blog site is always great! I love following your adventures Redesigned or not, it's still awesome! Blessings! Penni xxx

PennI said...

P.S. Your Degree in Op Shopping is definately a "Masters"! No ordinaty finds there! :)xxx

Lyndel said...

wow, Dr.Nelly (B OS hons.) you look great!
lovely finds, and an inspiration to me, I'm off to do some photos, I have been a bit slack recently!.

Scarlett Fontaine said...

wow you seriously made up for the few days off op shopping - lot at all your cool stuff!!! I think you deserve the degree :o) Thanks also for the link to the picture - fabulous story and hey its an amazing print! Scarlett x

Vintage Vixen said...

Wow, Nelly! Thjose rails look intruiging. I'm coming to rifle through them if I get to Oz this year.
Love Golden Hands magazines, far too complicated for me to follow but the images are just so inspirational!
With old leather I wipe it over with those leather wipes you can buy from supermarkets and let the offending item hang outside for a few hours. If you can't get leather wipes use ordinary hair conditioner applied to a dry soft cloth, buff gently and leave to air. xxx

Misfits Vintage said...


What fab finds!! I would LOVE that pattern so much - THANK YOU!! I am so in the mood for a crochet project but for some reason I just cannot get going on the Juliet frock... I will though because I paid a frickin fortune for the wool!

I am also in LOVE with the kitten thermomenter = what a fantastic find!

Will email you re postal address.

Sarah xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Hello Nelly!
In just a few short hrs.. it will be SATURDAY! GARAGE SALE DAY!! wooo wooo wooo wooo
can you feel my excitement? lol

I am liking the tablecloths you have and the dish cloth.
That shower curtain is AWSOME! It reminds me of Austin powers! heheh