Friday, March 18, 2011

Catching Up Again.

I ran out of net time again!! Thanks son NOT.He seems to not realise how much time is used when playing games online well he has now been told AGAIN.
I really would have loved to go treasure hunting today but am stuck at home with the tribe so am settling to get stuck into sewing, hope I get it happening wish me luck.
Thats my vent and here are my finds from earlier in the week.
This was another MM book I picked up (seems I have collected a bit of her lately) Its shows pics and shares her story about her young life.She didnt have it easy thats for sure.
Norma Jean as a baby
One of her 1st modelling jobs.Norma jean married at not quite 16 she was about 18 here.

My scrumptious new 2nd hand never been worn shoes with $40 tag still attached for $8 yay me.I need a button hook now tho as those buttons are a pain to do up.

Silver belt

Silver teapot no lid who cares? Loved it for flowers or a plant.$2Some really soft wool/yarn for scarf? More fabric.the blue lace and taffeta has already been cut up for vintage patterned dress for Miss 4.5 The Gold crushed velvet I dont know what to make with yet but I can never refuse crushed velvet.

Oh also does anyone like this sparkly vest?If so leave a comment saying you do and I will put your name in a hat and fingers crossed you get drawn out,I am not a pink person at all.And no I dont have 4 arms lol,dont you just love crazy daughters?

Ok had to keep it going extra arms please.

Hope you all find some wonderful treasures today and happy weekend.


Lyndel said...

welcome back Nelly! miss your blogs when you are offline.. please pass that comment on to your son!
Love the vest, but its about 6 sizes too small for moi! and...I only have one pair of arms, sadly♥

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Fabulous shoes, I am marilyn fan too, love the pictures Scarlett x

Misfits Vintage said...

Hey Nelly,

I LOVE the six arms pic!! Would love to see the finished product of the blue lace.

Sarah xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

Check out that Durga pose! Fabulous, it reminds me that I'll be in India soon! Love the look of that turquoise lacey number. xxx

Anonymous said...

You make a perfect MahaLakshmi, Lol! I love a good silver pot in any case, missing lid or no, and my, those are some FINE looking shoes!

On another note...venting is what keeps us sane, and keeps us going until we can get to our good points again! Lol!

Do show us how the dress turns out!


The Widow Next

RETRO REVA said...

That vest is a keeper and is spot-on trendy right now!!!!!
Love it !!!!

Sarsaparilla said...

Haha, what a crazy family! Sweet...

Those shoes that you found are incredible! Hope you found a button hook!

delia hornbook said...

Lovely shoes ;-) She was a beautiful women but no she really did't have an easy life so sad it was cut short though. have a lovely week,dee x