Friday, March 18, 2011

With These Rings I thee smile

especially when I was gifted this gorgeous silver one and what I think maybe Garnets or glass (either way I love it) by a friend what a nice surprise.It belonged to her Grandmother who was German and her name was Gertrude (more info to come) My friend says its just a dress ring JUST?? How lucky was I? It has 800 stamped inside the ring which is a German stamp and denotes silver,well thats what I have googled lol.I now will have a silver ringed hand and a gold ringed hand.
The Gold hand now has my Garnet ring attached to middle finger This was bought by me from a pawnshop coming up 10years ago.Is 14carat which is  American grading I believe.
The Engagement ring was The captains great grans.Is Rubys and Diamonds from the turn of the 20th century.One ruby was lost about 18 years ago I was soooo upset and my mum in law was there at the time so I felt bad (she was great tho),anyway a garnet was put in its place maybe one day I can get a ruby put there instead? I have the signet ring that belonged to his great grandad also (packed away at the mo).I have worn a mans wedder on my thumb for about 10 years
PS please ignore old chubby hands lol

Short post will do a catch up one later today.

Happy Hunting,


fabriquefantastique said...

All the rings are gorgeous just as they are.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Be proud of your mummy-hands Nelly. I think I might have to do a ring post to show off my 43-y-old mitts, just to prove a point;)). Hands are beautiful and antique rings like yours show yours off beautifully - I've always been a sucker for garnets and rubies. You're so lucky to be gifted such a beautiful ring from your friend! xo

Vintage Vixen said...

Your hands aren't chubby or old. I always think they are a part of the body that reflect one's true spirit. Those rings are beautiful on you, what a kind friend you have. xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

Those are all such lovely rings! They are just gorgeous.