Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back again at Last :)

Just call me slacker I know I am but here I am still breathing :)

New outfit via FB (Scuse blur camera was having a hissy)

New fur and cameo brooch via FB

and today at the oppie yes another wedding dress this one is quite plain is 70s but its white yes white velvet Brand is Terry Cooper It also has a long velvet train :)

and this cute but needs cleaning 70s swivel chair for miss 11s new retro funky room when we move :) $3 yay

and for more news .....
2 new puppies have been added to the Bramble brood.Say hello to Conan on left (mr 22 yrs olds rotty and Kovu belonging to Lovely Laura he is a lab:) Hubby near had a conniption on one and we thought his head would  spun around and exploded on 2 He just shook his head and muttered to himself HEE HEE

 Miss 11 has a plastered arm due to silly play at school yesterday not sure if broken or not till late next week,But she still made it to the school masquerade disco ball :) Albiet not in original chosen outfit.
Costumes Owl made by me and Mrs bought of rack :)
Tutu thanks to opshop all masks made by me :)

Lovely local knows I love movie star books and offered me hers yay

Plus I bought this of her too :)

and  More News  .House is being tiled painters start next week :)

Getting baby grandson in one week from today and bring him home yahoo

oh and if you cant find me here I will be at Facebook:)
I am addicted to my Facebook selling and vintage pages :)
May need an intervention :)

and thats all for now :)

Nelly xxx

and as Sarah would say Your Welcome :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Slack blogger Cheat

Here is the 1st post I ever did I think I have improved somewhat lol

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Love of Vintage

I really think that my love of vintage started way back when I was a little girl in the 60s, I remember my very hip mother who dressed in style with her long suede or snake skin look boots and her great 60s hairdo. Looking at old photos now, mum always made sure us girls (sis and me) always dressed quite trendy even when going to school.I have a school photo of me in my rednet stockings (I remember them as red even tho the pic is black and white) and my knee high black boots.

I also remember at school we had a dress up box as many schools did and still do and the brown netted 40/50s style concoction that many of us fought over to wear. I remember wearing it at least once,I must have been determined or fast lol.If I was to go back in time and see that dress today I would most likely think it was quite ugly but it did leave a lasting impression on my mind and the fact I still remember it as a 40/50s style dress through out all my life it must have had an impact on me.

My mum has passed on the love of all things pre-loved (thanks mum) and also of opshops (thrift shops) and jumble sales and I still remember some of the things she bought us to wear.Some of which I was embarressed about owning let alone wearing (due to the style factor,wearing 50s dresses in the 70s ? guilty lol) but I do wish I had them now for my collection and she did make some great choices as well that I did love and remember, even tho I have no photos.

Growing up in the 70s and 80s I remember so many items of fashion and as I got older I always thought the 70s style was awful and hoped it would never come back and the 80s well I am still getting over the shock of the things I wore then.

Now I am an avid collector of all styles from the 70s and 80s and even further back in time. Having a fancy dress hire (hobby) business gives me an excuse to collect them all without too many remarks from the family.

I know that I was an early lover of all these things vintage even going back to the early to late 80s I was collecting vintage clothing before it was even thought of as something worth owning.How I wish I had known what a huge thing it was going to be today.
I have had so many gorgeous items pass though my hands beaded like silk dresses from the 60s that I sold gorgeous camis from the 50s fur stoles and jackets form the 40s and so much more.I do kick myself for not keeping them but have learnt to be more discerning (have become a bit of a hoarder really) now.These days I find it hard to part with anything vinatge or retro, much to the exasperation of my kids (hubby knows its safer to say nothing)

Funnily enough I dont wear much of what I own but I do use alot of the bags and accessories I have collected over time and I plan to extend my collection.

Whenever its possible I like to obtain some history on them.Like the gorgeous hatpin/lapel clip (as seen in pic) I bought recently at an opshop, I found out one of the volunteer workers there had donated it that morning (How lucky was I) and she said it had belonged to her mother who was born in 1896 and died in 1979 her name was Sarah Goshnisk and she was of Prussion descent.She was born in a Town called Roadsvale near Ipswich Australia and tho that was all the info I got it was something.
The hat pin if that is what it actually is,is unusual and can be opened at the back maybe to be used on a jacket lapel? It has DEPOSE stamped on the back * (which could mean it was made to be exported or click on Depose and read another thought )Anyway I just love it and hope to find more unique ones like it.What do you think of it?

Happy vintage searching all and please share with me too.
and remember to keep smiling life is truly wonderful


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Where I Went today

LL and I left The Captain and the kids at home and headed south to spend some time with my grandson and LLs nephew and thought we would do a 40 minute drive to the markets and visit this place  while there.
Can you guess where.....
Front Porch of goodies.

Inside the font door

art deco from the 20s

and some more art deco

kitchen goodies

vintage hats and dresses
 Have you guessed yet...
This will give you that answer I hope :)

Its "The Shop that Time Forgot" owned by Sue and Kitty
Sue was there and we had a lovely chat.The girls have some beautiful things in their shop and  yes I did drool:) Makes me want my own vintage shop even more.Make sure you visit  if you ever get up to Tambourine Mountain.
 I also heard another blogger visited just before I got there I am thinking maybe it was  Trudy but not sure.Shame I missed whoever it was:)

Heading back home tomorrow.
New pic of Grandson after his day with gran and aunty.
 Nelly xxx

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Honey I'm home for a frock or 3 on Friday

Terrible how slack I have been with my bloggy but not a day goes by that I dont think I really need to do a post and then another and another so here I am so you know I am still breathing.
I have been soooo busy with trips to the gold coast each fortnight to see the youngest grandson (long story pm me for details)
I have found it hard lately to get going on blog,craft or even listing stuff to sell but am trying to get out of the slump and did list a heap today at FB today.

So on with the FOF show
Bought from a local lady who wore this as matron of honour in 1973 and many times thereafter

Should have put the heels on as its super long

Love the tiers and the caped sleeves
 Now for a couple new opshop
Love the pattern but needs some taking in and a different belt
Looking kinda huge  
 Now that is just one of the many that she had waiting for me.Many more to come.She shared this bag of vintage with me with above dress  after she showed me the rack of clothes she had waiting just for me in her inner sanctum bought in by a lady who said they were her kids from the 70s inc.this one below (meant for a young teen without a gut  I am sure lol) Many were home made with love ahhhhh,

Groovy Baby

bootilicious not

I will be wearing this one 
                                                             and also on the rack was
Absolutley gorgeous 70s lace dress for a little girl (am keeping as I am sure there will be more grandkids ones day :)
a mini Sarah (the crocheting fiend) Misfit dress (keeping this one too) with satin petticoat
 For my Miss 5

 Plus lots and lots and lots more (who wants to visit me and play dress ups No one in my family wants to(

 Gorgeous flat suitcase for $2 at a earlier opshop
 and this scrumy crinolene a few weeks back
has differnt pastel colours along each edge sooo cute
 In other news Lovely  Laura aka LL has moved back home (well in her camper as she is very independant)
  oh and this is where our house is at right now.

 I will try hard to be back very soon

Nelly xx

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Movie Star Monday

 sorry I missed it last week wasnt home and life is on fast forward right now Missing you all as havnt had time to read too many blogs either.
The following pics are from same book as last M.S.M.x
How many do you recognize  anyone?

May Britt more info HERE

Married Sammy Davis Jnr

Nannette Newman More info HERE
Writer of books.
Tom Tryon More info HERE
Liked the lads.

 Nobu Mcarthy More info HERE
Starred with Jerry Lewis

 John Gavin More info HERE
An Irish Mexican mix
Mylene Demongeot More info HERE

Been in 73 Films
Yvette Mimieux More info HERE
Elvis thought she was hot

Juliet Prowse More info HERE
Attacked by a tiger twice, wat tha

Hope to be back next Monday

Nelly xx

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm a Sassy Vamp too.

I so have no time to play dress up in my frocks  as am off on a trip down south with the tribe to see my 1yr old grandson.So here we go again 8 people squashed into the prado on a 5 hr trip.

So even tho I didnt do much of a frock up I wanted to show you I am a Sassy Vamp now too as I got one of Desirees lovely flower headbands.
as you can see the braces are still attached and doing their job.
  I dragged out an old dress from late 90s early 2000s to go with my Sassy rose band.

and then I thought I cant just do that old thing so here are some other old things frocks going into my Vintage Wishes shop very soon.Some will put someone we all know in Helga Heaven as there is lots of crimplene.(one day I hope to have some flashier pics I see everyone else doing,one day...)

Helga fabric suit.

Helga fabric
helga fabric
Helga fabric

and thats all if you want any info on any of the above let me know.I am now off to add these to FB where I have lots more lovely things

Nelly xx

Ps the cement base went down on our house today at last.