Sunday, April 29, 2012

Movie Star Monday

 sorry I missed it last week wasnt home and life is on fast forward right now Missing you all as havnt had time to read too many blogs either.
The following pics are from same book as last M.S.M.x
How many do you recognize  anyone?

May Britt more info HERE

Married Sammy Davis Jnr

Nannette Newman More info HERE
Writer of books.
Tom Tryon More info HERE
Liked the lads.

 Nobu Mcarthy More info HERE
Starred with Jerry Lewis

 John Gavin More info HERE
An Irish Mexican mix
Mylene Demongeot More info HERE

Been in 73 Films
Yvette Mimieux More info HERE
Elvis thought she was hot

Juliet Prowse More info HERE
Attacked by a tiger twice, wat tha

Hope to be back next Monday

Nelly xx


rkbsnana said...

I hear that life in fast forward bit girl!

Ruth Kelly said...

Yvette was hot. I remember her.

Vintage Coconut said...

I recognize John Gavin.

I wonder if Juliet was attacked by tigers twice because of her last name?.... hmmmm

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Haha, I can never think of Nanette Newman as a movie star - over here she's the lady who was in Fairy Liquid adverts when I was a kid!

Madison said...

I miss you Nelly! I miss your outfits, your model poses, I miss YOU!

Madison xxx

Mitzi said...

I only recognized two of the stars, Nelly! Maybe I'm not as old as I thought I was....