Thursday, May 10, 2012

Honey I'm home for a frock or 3 on Friday

Terrible how slack I have been with my bloggy but not a day goes by that I dont think I really need to do a post and then another and another so here I am so you know I am still breathing.
I have been soooo busy with trips to the gold coast each fortnight to see the youngest grandson (long story pm me for details)
I have found it hard lately to get going on blog,craft or even listing stuff to sell but am trying to get out of the slump and did list a heap today at FB today.

So on with the FOF show
Bought from a local lady who wore this as matron of honour in 1973 and many times thereafter

Should have put the heels on as its super long

Love the tiers and the caped sleeves
 Now for a couple new opshop
Love the pattern but needs some taking in and a different belt
Looking kinda huge  
 Now that is just one of the many that she had waiting for me.Many more to come.She shared this bag of vintage with me with above dress  after she showed me the rack of clothes she had waiting just for me in her inner sanctum bought in by a lady who said they were her kids from the 70s inc.this one below (meant for a young teen without a gut  I am sure lol) Many were home made with love ahhhhh,

Groovy Baby

bootilicious not

I will be wearing this one 
                                                             and also on the rack was
Absolutley gorgeous 70s lace dress for a little girl (am keeping as I am sure there will be more grandkids ones day :)
a mini Sarah (the crocheting fiend) Misfit dress (keeping this one too) with satin petticoat
 For my Miss 5

 Plus lots and lots and lots more (who wants to visit me and play dress ups No one in my family wants to(

 Gorgeous flat suitcase for $2 at a earlier opshop
 and this scrumy crinolene a few weeks back
has differnt pastel colours along each edge sooo cute
 In other news Lovely  Laura aka LL has moved back home (well in her camper as she is very independant)
  oh and this is where our house is at right now.

 I will try hard to be back very soon

Nelly xx


Vintage Sweetheart said...

Glad to see you're back! I love all your new frocks and am constantly checking out your shop! If you're selling the crinolene let me know I've been searching for a white one badly!! Is it vintage??

Em xx

Kitty said...

Wow is your new house going up incredibly fast...or am I just that busy? I'm not sure!! Either way there's some serious progress happening, looking good hey?.
I too have been insanely slack on the blogging front, things have been so crazy for us these past few months.
I'm loving ALL those new dresses, esp. the red one, I'd give you some booty action in that for sure!!

Vintage Coconut said...

That red and black dress is quite beautiful, it reminds me of a flamenco dancer.
That maxi dress has a pretty awesome design.
I am totally GA-GAAAAA over that groovy baby dress, and you look quite hot in it too Nelly! *whistle whistle*
EAAAK so many great treasures you have. I wouldn't be able to visit you as I would be so jelous with envy I would cry in a wardrobe closet. *heheheh*

Please may I? said...

Glad you ok hun. Hope every thing is ok with your grandson.

Loving the dresses, the children's ones are so cute.

X x

delia hornbook said...

Wow Nelly you look still radiant and beautiful even with all your running around etc.Love you in the red dress its gorgeous and so your colours. And blimey your house is taking shape i bet you are so excited to get it finished. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

Stacey said...

I hope everything is ok with your grandson! Best wishes to all of you.

I love, love, love these frocks! My fave is that groovy 70's one, but the red & black one reminds me of flamenco dancers, and that printed maxi looks super comfy.

pastcaring said...

SOOOO nice to see you!
All your frocks are wonderful, of course.
How exciting to see your house grow!
POST MORE pleeeeease, I miss you!
(I know you're busy, it's OK really!) xxxxx

two squirrels said...

Oh Nelly what fabulous dresses. It's lovely to see you looking wonderful. Just love the 70's frock with the great print.
Love v

simmone said...

Fabulous dresses Nelly, can't believe how quickly your house is going up.