Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back again at Last :)

Just call me slacker I know I am but here I am still breathing :)

New outfit via FB (Scuse blur camera was having a hissy)

New fur and cameo brooch via FB

and today at the oppie yes another wedding dress this one is quite plain is 70s but its white yes white velvet Brand is Terry Cooper It also has a long velvet train :)

and this cute but needs cleaning 70s swivel chair for miss 11s new retro funky room when we move :) $3 yay

and for more news .....
2 new puppies have been added to the Bramble brood.Say hello to Conan on left (mr 22 yrs olds rotty and Kovu belonging to Lovely Laura he is a lab:) Hubby near had a conniption on one and we thought his head would  spun around and exploded on 2 He just shook his head and muttered to himself HEE HEE

 Miss 11 has a plastered arm due to silly play at school yesterday not sure if broken or not till late next week,But she still made it to the school masquerade disco ball :) Albiet not in original chosen outfit.
Costumes Owl made by me and Mrs bought of rack :)
Tutu thanks to opshop all masks made by me :)

Lovely local knows I love movie star books and offered me hers yay

Plus I bought this of her too :)

and  More News  .House is being tiled painters start next week :)

Getting baby grandson in one week from today and bring him home yahoo

oh and if you cant find me here I will be at Facebook:)
I am addicted to my Facebook selling and vintage pages :)
May need an intervention :)

and thats all for now :)

Nelly xxx

and as Sarah would say Your Welcome :)


delia hornbook said...

Hi Nelly, great news about the house ;-)) And just look at your little puppies there adorable. So sorry to hear about Miss 11's arm hope its not broken for her but she looks fabulous for her ball. Take care, dee x

duchess_declutter said...

lovely to hear your news Nelly - look at the puppies they are just too too cute! cheers Wendy

Comtesse de ferveur said...

Those beautiful little doggies! Heart melt! I love your green maxi.

Comtesse de ferveur said...

And the little girl with the stylish arm sling must have been the belle of the ball! Too cute!

Please may I? said...

Great to see post from you hun. Sounds like you have been rather busy.

Gosh I do hope her arm is ok. I broke me wrist last year and doing anything was a pain!

X x

Vintage Coconut said...

Hello Nelly!
<3 That green dress!
The Puppies are SO CUTE *ahhhh*
I love puppies tons.

*WOOHOO* at the news of you getting your adorable Grandson.
I think you will be a whole lot busier in a weeks time. =p

Kitty said...

yay for you getting Seth finally!!! Well done, that will make things so much easier for you. When do you move into the new house??

Vintage Jane said...

Just done a bit of blog catching up and finally caught up with you. See you're still scoring loads of vintage treasures. The retro chair is just great and the pups adorable! M x

Miss Claire said...

Nelly, I miss your posts! Awesome costumes xxxx

Thrifted Treasure said...

Those puppies are so CUTE! And I LOVE that fab retro chair :-)

Mitzi said...

Kids and puppies....there's nothing cuter! Thanks for sharing!

Vintage Coconut said...

Get your butt back here on blogger! I miss your posts.... it's been 2 freakin months. =p

*Coconut Cry's*

Bohemian said...

My Dear Nelly, where have you been? Missing you here in the Land Of Blog, you've been AWOL for far too long my Friend!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Scarlett said...

Aww puppies! Glad I'm not the only slack blogger on the block *wink* big love to you and hope you are well. Scarlett x

delia hornbook said...

So sorry to hear about little miss 11 arms hope its not broken for her. I hope everything goes well with the new little grandson. Those puppies are adorable and are going bring hours of fun to you all. Big hugs, dee xx ps love the green chair :-)

Van said...

The chair is stunning! Love all the costumes and vintage clothes, too.