Monday, March 21, 2011

My Shed of Shame

Put your hand up if you want to come and help me sort this mess out.
Its my hit and run storage shed.Hit and run as in I am usually in a hurry so I hit it looking for what I need then run coz I an usually in a hurry or have evil children harrassing me to "hurry up Gran"!!!!How embarressment!I am such a disorgainsed messy person most of the time.Is why I take a photo when its tidy coz it lasts longer, boom boom.

The mess is full of fancy dress and vintage clothing,hats and boxes of all sorts including fabrics and laces and ribbons and books and pictures for my walls (if I ever get my own house again) and in that is also things belonging to 2 of the big kids who need their junk loved items stored somehwere safe.So who wants to volunteer? I CANT HEAR YOU!!!! lol

                                 Seriously tho its on the top of my to do list as I will be repacking alot of it and selling some in my new ebay or etsy store What is better?I have an Ebay account havnt tried Etsy tho.Do tell me what you all think.
Now that was the shed, the garage at the house we are in here is getting as bad I have a couple of piles I need to rewash and photograph and load up the pics and try and sell .Ho Humm I must not procrastinate too much longer.
Its really is my  shed of shame

but there are lots and lots of treasures within.Any volunteers yet?


Scarlett Fontaine said...

oooh i'd love to have a looky in your shed - looks like you got some fabulous bits! Althought you might want to check my bag on the way out - hehe. Scarlett x

Janelle aka Nelly said...

@Scarlett Fontaine Just volunteer I will turn a blind eye to the bag lol

Lyndel said...

I'm too far away, but I wish you well. If I could (and I can't cause of sick hubby), I'd take a week off and fly up.. just to have a good sticky-beak!! and help you too of course♥

Janelle aka Nelly said...

@Lyndel I would love to have you here imagine the fun we would have opping together,.

Kitty said...

Umm yep thats pretty bloody bad, but far from the worst I've seen, also yours is largely like that because you're busy rather than lazy. Personally I'd be getting at least the clothing sorted/washed/hung/stored properly as I'd be worried about it attracting insects and the resulting damage. I'd be happy to help if you weren't so far away, my stockroom at home is so organised I can find any one of my 700 or so items within a minute. As for ebay versus etsy I'm happy to give you my 2 cents worth, email me if you like.xx.

Vintage Vixen said...

I'd love to have a rummage. I've got more than one shed would you believe? In fact I'm too ashamed to tell you how many sheds and outbuildings we have and we even store stuff in the campervans....naughty me. xxx

Janelle aka Nelly said...

@Vintage Vixen That makes me feel better VV I jusy now have to start to let go of some things is all.
Do let me know when you are having a sale I shall start saving now.Seriously me and Lovely Laura would love to go over that way.