Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't you Love Coincidence?

I was reading a great Blog post earlier today HERE about coincidences you may like to have a read.

I have a couple coincidences,  not as exciting as the one above but may be of interest to some.Both to do with my hubbys and my family tree.

Wanna hear? If not switch off now coz here I go .....

My hubby and I met in 1986 and we later found out a few years later that my aunty (my dads sister) and my hubbys mums cousin were best friends like forever and were bridesmaids at each others wedding way back in the 60s.(Dapto way)Hubby and I met many hours away from there)
Ok I took pic at weird angle I dont think I am that stunted lol this is circa 1992 methinks.I was 26 or 27 The Captain had alot more hair back then.Stop laughing no its ok laugh away I am  ha ha

2nd Coincedence is ....
I have done a bit of family tree research over the years and a couple of years ago discovered that my Hubbys great great great etc grandparents (Austins) and my great great great grandparents(Rosers) came to Australia on a ship called The Maitland in 1838.`

Last one (not really a coincidence just was a nice thing for me) was me owning a book called The Black Swan ... was a family tree research book that someone did on my mums grans side of the family (Swans,Priors,Rose family are some names).Inside that book unbeknown to me for years was a picture of my dads mum as a bridesmaid for her brothers wedding he married a Swan in another part of the tree (no inbred story here). I was excited as at that time I only had a picture of her in her 60s and nothing else so was great to see her as a young lady.Since then I have been able to get copies of her wedding etc.

This book is HUGE alot of work went into it,has hundreds of photos including some from my direct line and a baby one of Lovely Laura (my 2nd daughter who was born on bicentenial Australia day)

My Nanna ( Doris Miller nee Slow) is the one on the far right sitting with hat,Groom is her brother William Slow ,Bride is Mary Swan.

She look so serious and how I wish I had that hat.


A Treasured Past said...

Wow! Amazing..some thing are just meant to be!

The wedding photo is gorgeous, I love their shoes and the ringlets in the flowergirls(?) hair and your Nanna's hat!

Lyndel said...

oh Nelly, that could be one of my family photos.. I don't have time tonight but this week I will post a pic so very very similar to that wedding from Mum's family on my blog.. keep an eye out for it. ~ L.

Janelle aka Nelly said...

@Lyndel Cant wait to see it Lyndel

Miss Claire said...

Wow, I love finding coincidences in places you least expect!! Those photos are wonderful, and how good it must be to have a recourse like that book. Well done to your relatives!!


delia hornbook said...

aahhh what a lovely post its always nice to trace back your family but to have those coincidences to makes it extra special. have a lovely week, dee x