Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hmm what did I buy?

Well as I said yesterday I was buying a vintage cane day bed.I left the old and wet (they left this oustide in the rain for 2 nights) mattress and its  ugly cover behind  plus it was way too thick/high  for the bed. Had to get the Captain to bring in LLs troop carrier to bring it home.Hubby and LLs thoughts were whyyyy???
I love it and it was only $2 all I need to do now is find a mattress cut it to size and recover it and find a spot to put it (I cant wait to be in my own place again) what do you think?

These 2 old ports one has a small P&O sticker on the side  one is now full of yarn and other retro sheets)
Glass ware (sorry about blurry pics  again not sure whats going on)

Thse gorgeous notebooks (they were so poplular in my day) and the lovely pink checked vintage looking girls dress (will be putting in my shop) and a vintage cat all the kids are now collecting a vintage animal each I think Miss 10 is doing cats and I know Miss4.5 has vintage deers

And not another kaftan Nelly? Yep another one albiet blurry (is it ok if you excuse me for that am way too tired to fix at the moment but promise I will soon.)

As promised a better less blurry pic

 More retro ties (for new readers I have a tie thing going on) and some lovely  vintage frames for 50c each.
and lastly some retro sheets and this wonderful curtain rod waiting to be tizzied up.

 I did have some vintage lace and a lovely scarf but do you think I can find them right now?I also bought some odds and ends like kids clothes at bargain prices  and a Fridge lol .The Fridge wasnt vintage but was wanted by Master 16 for when he gets his new large room so he can hide his yummies.Was a wonderful buy too.I did see a vintage fridge from my little girl years tho and the grandaughters were like "Really" ??? I should have taken a pic but the vintage one was sort of like this(tell me someone remembers them)

                                           This is one like the one I saw (not sons fridge)

My camera memory card just packed it in so no pics of sons fridge (yes I know a huge disapointment to you all ) lol
Here we are with sons fridge Westinhouse small size $80 he was happy

Ok that may be it from me have to get knitting and sewing and doing my shop up will be back soon as I can sooner if I find something delicious I must share.

I forgot to share my mop bucket all of $1 bet some of you remember these


A Treasured Past said...

Wow, love the day bed and for only $2! That's amazing.

Wishing you and your family a lovely chocolate filled Easter, Tam x

Scarlett Fontaine said...

wow what a haul you got yourself loads of goodies! Looking forward to seeing the day bed make over, the curtain rods are amazing too. Scarlett x

Kitty said...

amazing score on the day bed, I absolutely love antique cane and am slowly buying more of it. Looks like a single bed rather than a daybed though- daybeds have a shaped support along one side. Perfect to use as a day bed regardless, I certainly would. Re:avoiding blurry photos, GET A BLOODY TRIPOD WOMAN :)

ladychiara said...

What a wonderful load of goodies Nelly! Oh those notepaper things bring back memories.
Have a safe and wonderful Easter :)

RETRO REVA said...

That bed is fab!
Will it go outdoor? or inside?
It would look great on a patio!

Mandi said...

Some amazing finds! Make sure you update when you find a place for that gorgeous daybed :) I'm so into cane stuff right now!

delia hornbook said...

Great finds again ;-) I love that bed i have never seen one like that before it would make a lovely day bed with a piece of foam covered and some pretty cushions on it etc be lovely ;-) Have a lovely weekend, dee x