Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shabby Chic or Bohemian Gypsy that is the question

I am terrible at interior design I see so many people that just have the knack to make their homes stunning, my things are plonked here and there and lots of breakables are not even unpacked due to the darling gremlins I have living here.
I am hoping to  build this year on a block in suburbia ...sigh  (would prefer to buy an old ramshackle homey home farmhouse on lots of land ) I  dont know how I am going to decorate it even tho its months away.
The thing is I do really like the Shabby Chic  look alot like this lovely Blogger has  I see  many others doing this style and it looks so nice.....   but I think know I am more of a bohemian gypsy type.Like you will see HERE
I can see me sitting here

Magnolia Pearl makes me feel like I have come home to the style I adore along with Vintage of course.You must check both of these sites out and MP even has the car I would love to own,
Magnolia Pearls Car

How would you mix shabby and gypsy together I suppose they are the same just gypsy has more colour?
What style are you ?How do you decorate  your home?Why did I miss out on this decorating gene? lol

Help me find out how to incorporate my style in my home I truly am hopeless.

While looking for pics to share I came across this BLOGGER who loves the gypsy style too


A Treasured Past said...

Hi Nelly, I don't necessarily have a style, I just buy the things that I like and they generally seem to go together. Our lounge is more earthy toned, while our bedroom and kitchen are colourful (vintage pinks, blues and greens. If I was pigeonholed I would say, vintage chic.

Just go wth your instinct and I am sure it will be amazing.

Tam x

Vintage Sunday said...

Dear Nelly ~ What a lovely post ~ at least you know what you do and don't like ~ that's a huge start! :) I think this statement from William Morris sums it up ~ "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful". An inspiration binder is also a great start, if you don't already have one ~ gathering clippings from magazines re styles, colours and so on that you like. Love Brenda

Misfits Vintage said...

I think there's a LOT of difference between shabby chic (gag) and gypsy.

Shabby chic is all about faded pink cabbage roses and faux 'distressed' white furniture and flouncy sheer curtains and everything is pale and washed out looking and 'cute'.

Gypsy, however, is bright and eclectic and fun and vibrant and can incorporate influences from different geographic locations (think of Helga's beautifully colourful home) and eras (think of Vix's wonderfully decorated home) and is much more versatile and personal.

I love that pic from that blogger - the blue chair is gorgeous!

Sarah xxx

Scarlett Fontaine said...

My problem is that i seem to be loving all styles and blogland if killing me by throwing more exciting house pictures into the mix making me want more stuff! I do like shabby chic but not as white as that blogs decor, ive got to have some serious colour going on! Scarlett x

Misfits Vintage said...

Wow, I wrote that description before I had even clicked on the first link and I couldn't have been more spot on... faux distressed, white and pale pink roses. Twee! You're way more colourful and vibrant than that Nelly!

Sarah xxx

Catherine said...

Hello again Nelly, ha ha, when I used that pic of Pearl's Rose Royce recently I said to Rob...if I could paint I would seriously paint my whole car with roses...perfect for a Garden Fairy I thought! I entirely understand your oscillation..I constantly waver between the two: Shabby/Vintage Chic & Magnolia Pearl Style. Darling Gremlins are of course a tad limiting. I know what your base colour is though....GREEN! I reckon go with this advice from your link: "Encouraging you to follow your 'gut' feelings and inner voice when it comes to interior design. Take a risk! Follow your own path! Love where you live!"
It actually takes ages even with vintage stuff to create a strong, clear look & a heck of a lot more work than many people let on. Try making a list of all your fav things, then see if they might work all together. (Our favourite things have never really changed that much over the years so we still love living with them) Have fun! Much love Catherine x

Kitty said...

I'm completely with Sarah on this one- I don't even have to add anything, she has taken the words out of my mouth! BTW on the tripod question, I have have a weeny one-only stands about 6" high- but its awesome for balancing the legs of it against my arm or chest for taking photos, stops all the blurriness and was only $10.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh. My. God. That car is screaming out for my love!!!! Well I'm absolutely sure MP gives it enough love actually but can you imagine driving around in it? I went through a shabby chic phase but found it pretty hard work cleaning all those white slipcovers and cushion covers. I like pale walls and lots of colour with the furnishings, lamps, rugs, art and books. But then I see Helga and Vix's houses and want to wallpaper every room in every colour of the rainbow!! Like you, I think I'm a gypsy, what with our collecting addictions eh? The oppys here where I live are getting really expensive - think I need to make a trip to Bundy;)). Thanks so much for all your lovely comments Nelly. Have you a new date for Miss 4.5's op? Happy Easter and stay safe my lovely. xoxo

ladychiara said...

Nelly I too missed out on that gene! My style is kind of eclectic I think. I adore all things vintage. I love the shabby chic look and enjoy looking at the many blogs that feature shabby chic decor but I'm not sure I could live with it with my partner and 2 children. I'm a bit of an old hippy and enjoy rustic looking things as well. I also love cottagey style things. I own lots of pretty decorative things but am yet to decide how to best display my favourites. I LOVE that blue cane chair in your pic. Thanks also for the links to some new (to me) blogs.

Anonymous said...

Drool. My apartment is done in a similar fashion; not quite as much going on, but it has the look of bohemian-thrift-shop-chic-cottage decorated by eccentric Widow. The trick is to gather your main colors, even if there are seven of them, then have one or two unifying undertones, mine is any shade of green and a plum wine/red mixed with deep-brown, furnishings...of course there are lots of variants of shadings mixed in, but those are the base notes. I'm still drooling over the pics, though!

Miss Claire said...

Oh wow, such a beautiful little caravan! I am a gypsy at heart and love collecting bits and pieces that make my house beautiful....Our kitchen is very retro knick-knacky, our bedroom usually looks a bit 'morrocan'***, the boys study is super art deco, our front 'sitting room' really 60's, and my sewing room is crafty/vintage chic...Oh I love EVERY style! I kinda like shabby chic, but it's SO not for me! I say go colourful gypsy, then you can buy EVERYTHING you want, throw it all together, be as cluttered and hoarding as you like and get away with it!

***Tonight you have inspired me to gypsy it up with my new op-shopped doona cover...I might post some pics later on!

Whatever you do, I'm sure it'll be great!

Xoxox Claire