Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shh........ can you hear that?

Its called silence.
Lovely Laura has taken 4 of my Grandkids (the gremlins) camping and there is no fighting no Tvs on (hubby has gone to help set them up.Its just me and Master 2 here and I love the sound of silence.Doesnt happen often so am making the most of it.
This is LL wonder if she will look so lovely after her camping trip with said creatures?
My Lovely daughter Laura
Today I wanted to say thanks to everyone who regularly comments (that includes my friend Ann who hasnt got a blog YET)
I do use my reply button sometimes but am not sure if the replys are getting thru so tell me are they?If they are I will start replying more often again For now its a huge thankyou to you all here.
My most frequent commentors are the reason why I enjoy blogging now and am slightly alot addicted

Please go check them out and stalk follow them too.

So here they are (in no particular order).....

The Treasure Hunting/garage sale/opshop/thrift store addicts (like me) are....

Miss Scarlett ( a wonderful  mate in the UK who finds so many awesome things I am coming over Scarlett ...I wish )
Delia (over there in the UK  too, See last comment Delia )
The Widow Next (who doesnt even have a blog come on woman!! lol)
Kitty (Kitschy Kitty finds awesome things )
Crafty Carol ( an old  friend who finds wonderful things and will be doing some great craft tutorials she did one the other day  for knitting a necklace go see)
VintageCoconut (she is a sweety and is good at spotting a treasure)
Lyndel (one of the 1st to comment when I got my comment button working)
Vintage Sunday (Another great treasure finder)
Dee Dee  (check out her treasures she finds lovely things)
A Treasured Past (creates and treasure hunts)
Catherine( her creations are inspiring)
Lady Chiara (a sharer of all sorts of yummy things)
Lakota (also a UK thrifter)

The vintage/retro fashionista commenters  are ....

Reva (love her attitude )
Misfits( Retro Stylish and fun)
Desiree (how I love this woman)
Helga (who always makes me laugh)
Vintage Vixen (away on hols but always comments and is missed and finds the most awesome vintage things)

I hope I havnt left  anyone out if I did give me a hoy and I will fix it.

I have some new places I follow (droolworthy and some old lovely blogs that I will share with you soon I just wanted to give my special followers a huge thanks so

                THANKS MY LOVELIES

If you follow these lovely people  tell them Nelly sent you.

And I saw this link on one of the new blogs I follow this may be of interest to us all.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Helga! said...

O,my LL is a FOX!
Thanks for mentioning me darl,I think you'll get a laugh out of my lates post......
Make the most of the peacce and quiet!
ha,gremlins!!So cute!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Thanks so much for the kind words sweetie! Make the most of the peace and quiet while you can - I'm sure you are already though. This is a lovely post and I've already checked out the Collectors Weekly site and it's bookmarked for future coveting!! xo

A Treasured Past said...

Isn't is nice to have some peace and quiet, but I be you will miss them terribly.

The collectors weekly looks very interesting indeed, thanks for the heads up.

Thanks so much for the mention and link, much appreciated.

Enjoy the quiet while you can, Tam x

Vintage Sunday said...

Oh Dear Nelly ~ enjoy every minute of that beautiful silence! Thank you so much for your kind and lovely words ~ it's so much fun visiting with you via cyberspace! A very Happy Easter to you, Much love, Brenda

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Enjoy the quiet hun :o) Aww sweet post, thanks for the mention, you're welcome anytime you are over in Blighty, would love to introduce you to the madness which is my local boot sale :o) Happy Easter Scarlett x

Hello Vintage said...

Hi Nelly! Thanks for stopping by. I am now following your blog also and am looking forward to having a cuppa and a read. Looks great!

delia hornbook said...

aaawww bless you thanks for that really sweet of you ;-)) Enjoy the silence and have a great weekend, i will check out some of those other blogs this evening. have fun, dee x

Penny Dreadful said...

Hi Nelly, thanks so much for commenting on my blog, I am so pleased I found you! I see some of my favourite bloggers are already followers of yours :) How fab that you live in Bundaberg, I do miss my Bundy rum over here in the UK x

vintage mum said...

Now I have to stay on here longer than I should to check some out :)

Enjoy your weekend
Cate x

PennI said...

Hello Lovely Nelly! So glad to hear that you are having some wonderful quality quiet time! Blessings to you at Easter and Always!
Love, Penni x

Erica Louise said...

Enjoy the peace :) x

Vintage Coconut said...

Ahhhhh Nelly you are awsome and I love reading your blog posts. I imagine it would be strange to have so much quietness when you are used to mayhem!! hehehe

Kylie said...

happy easter Nelly, enjoy the sweet sound of silence x

RETRO REVA said...

Thank you for always making me smile!
I realize I don't comment as often as I should,
but I really do try!
Twitter has been coming between us Google commenters!
( i perfer the old way actually, as it means to me that people are actually showing up:)

Anonymous said...

Today is Saturday USA, so it must be Easter Sunday, Down Under I hope all went well with the camping trip and your Quiet Day was spent doing what you love. Thanks fro the shout out, that was sweet of you, though I do not blog. The closet I've come to it is Widow's Walk Mansion! I suppose, I'll start up a blog when I finish writing the first novel and begin the second...then I'll blog about the joys of shopping for agents and publishers! Hope your Easter Sunday is filled with the joy of your kids and grandkids, who are lucky indeed to have you as their Gran. Happy Easter to all of the Lady Bloggers as well!

The Widow Kate Next =^,^=

Vintage Fabric Addict said...

I hear you. I am always torn between two or three styles (never minimalist though). I mix it up as best I can, if I find something that I like I find a spot for it. My house will never look like or feature in a magazine and I am glad about that. Sometimes people go too far. You'll be ok, go with your gut. x e

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Aw, just seen this - been away x

fashion king said...
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