Sunday, April 24, 2011

Overall its that kinda day

 The Captain has gone to help the campers bring their gear back the rain has started but they were coming back today anyway.They sure were lucky with the great weather they had.

I woke up  with a headache but  decided to don my overalls and do a small photo shoot  its been something I have wanted to do since I bought them and our resident Misfit Sarah wore hers on her recent shoot (and looks wayyyy better than me) so I knew I better do mine soon and here I am.I used my   new tripod for the first time too.
Yes I know my pics are terrible compared to others like Reva ,Helga,Sarah , Kitty and our Vintage Vixen.(all their links 3 posts back) But hey the more I do the better I will get Right? But I am accepting any and all tips you may have and yes I know my garage/slash craft/junk/launry room and or dining /slash family room arent the best photography places. I so miss my  home we sold where we had lots of foliage to make any pic look great even mine.
I cropped too small

My vintage shoes

The original mess see what I mean?

Plaits  at my age? lol

So you see why I need good pic taking ideas and I also need to learn how to place 4 pics together in a square Tip away please.

Have you got overalls/coveralls ? If so show me  lets have an overall party lol.

PS all of the outfit was opshopped.

PPS the silence is now broken they are all home albiet a tad damp and wingey but home safe and sound.


Kitty said...

Plaits at any age darl, I am a big fan of them. So plait away, I say. Personally I now have space in my back room (enclosed verandah) and am going to keep it that way permanently for my outfit posts. It's a boring background I guess but at least it's plain. Photo tips from me? I am far from an expert, and only know/learn what I need to, but I'd suggest you download Irfanview (free) and make friends with it. It's what I use to crop, resize, re-colour, etc. all my photos for the blog and for ebay. It's not photoshop but then photoshop is way too complex for me! Read back through my blog and you'll see what can be done with it.xx.

Kitty said...

Oh another one, get rid of the time/date stamp on your photos!

Miss Claire said...

I think you look great & I love the overall look! After seeing you and sarah rocking them, I think I'm gonna have to get me a pair!


Vintage Coconut said...

You look cute in overalls Nelly, and I also like the braids on you. You are only as old as you feel!
I have a feeling I will be sporting plaits even after I have my first child (Am not yet preggo but plan to be within the next 2 years).. who knows if its a girl I might just do out hair like twins! lol

Misfits Vintage said...

What software are you using?

1 Resize all of your pics to the same width (try 300 pixels) and save them.

2. Insert the pics to your post.

3. Click on a pic and select 'Original size'.

4. Repeat step three for each pic.

That will at least make all your pics a consistent size and not too small but within the narrow column in your blog. You can, of course, resize your blog columns but that might be a lesson for another day! Start with getting your pics to a reeasonable size as I can barely see you in those little ones.

Overalls rock! And plaits rock!

Sarah xxx

Erica Louise said...

You're rocking the overalls Nelly!! Sadly I'm not good with photos either, but hopefully someone else will give some tips

Junk-it Junction... said...

Thanks for your lovely comment! Cute pics, and I love those vintage shoes.

Scarlett Fontaine said...

You are working those overalls - you look fabulous! Ive also been eyeing up all the goodies in the background and have got to say that I am in love with the Marilyn picture! Scarlett x

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Nelly, lovely 'alls, and you are never too old for plaits, I still wear them..hehe. love your red vintage shoes, bye for now, Tam x

Catherine said...

Hello sweet Nelly. Thanks so much for your comment & enthusiasm : )
Love the shoes too.
First question..what kind of computer do you have?..thing is we use an Apple (mac) so I'm probably not much use to you. know when you pop a pic in to you post as your writing it..& then if you click that pic you get a underline with large & see if you like the size ok even Xtra large if you're feeling bold. (sorry if you already know that) Now your query. I love using for making a mosaic one of the simplest tp do being the 4 square. Mosaic is the 3rd thing down the list once you hit the front page. Go check it out : ) Much love Catherine

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Nelly Love you look GORGEOUS....And isn't this one of the VERY REASONS we LOVE Vintage....Because we DON'T have to CONFORM to what others may think is appropriate....Plaits at ANY age are COOL as far as I'm concerned....!!!!!

Now where can I get me some overalls....And some RED Blundies....hahahahahaha....!!

Have a WONDERFUL week....!

Tamarah :o)

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

PS: I HOPE your headaches gone....!!!!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oooooh lurve the red shoes Nelly and your plaits are utterly gorgeous!! You look 25 in these pics!!!! I love your overalls and the different headgear you've chosen. The silence has broken huh? Yeah I think heaps of people were chased home by the rain today. I'm so glad you like Nancy, not oppyed though - eBay. And what a fight it was tehehe!!! xoxo

Vintage Vixen said...

Plaits rock at any age and you are living proof! You look fabulous in your dungarees and hat and I'd love to see some bigger photos.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Hi Nelly, just discovered your blog and love it! You look fabulous in your plaits and overalls! I don't have overalls but my preferred outfit for painting is an ancient pair of stripey leggings (hideously baggy around the knees) and an equally hideous baggy top, paint splattered of course!

Love those red shoes btw! xx

Kylie said...

hey Nelly, I think your pics are great.
Has anyone told you that you look far too young to be a granny? I bet I'm not the first!

Anonymous said...

you look as cute as a button!
I love overalls.
they are comfy and I love to wear them while i am doing yardwork or going camping or just going wherever, they are fun

Collected Treasures...for the home, heart and soul said...

you look adorable.....i own many pair of overalls and wear them almost daily, must to my families dismay.....thank you for stopping by.....keep collecting the things you doesn't matter who else "gets it".....make yourself happy.

Protector of Vintage said...

What a lovely blog you have! I'll be back.

Jem said...

Haha!! :-) I'm completely on board with overalls, especially cute and comfy ones like yours, I think you carry them off well :-)

Jem xXx

Jennyboo said...

love the coveralls and the plaid shirt. I've been looking for a pair but haven't found any to my liking just yet. And I see a rack of vintage dresses peeking out behind you. swoon!

Nelly said...

Thanks Jem they are great ones especially since they only cost 50cents lol

Nelly said...

@Jennyboo Hi Jb mine only cost 50c what size are you looking for I will keep an eye out I have heaps of vintage dresses you would swoon if you were near them lol

Anonymous said...

Hi Nelly, just discovered your blog and your overalls post, I'm into thrifted clothes and not least overalls, can't get enough of overalls ! my wife is laughing of me, but she is also into crafts and all this lovely stuff, and I'm just back in Denmark after half year in San Francisco (working at Stanford) and have bought a lot of t shirts and overalls in some of the best thriftstores, worldwide I believe in Mission in SF, really funky, laid back community and neighborhood, and yes, I have had overalls parties with overalls friends in Texas and Brooklyn so join us all on November 20th, the international overalls day, invented by myself , and Susan from Lousiana, so I hope to have a visit of you on my blog and if you are on facebook, join our group of overalls lovers all over, getting Australia on board as well, cool, overall greetings Niels aka bibprofessor