Sunday, April 24, 2011

What I was doing while the tribe was away......

Remember my 2nd last post when I was thanking my regular commentors? I knew I would forget someone Sorry Miss Claire she is a  sweetie that has been commenting regularly lately and is one talented young lady Go say hi.

And now for what I was doing during the shhh its silent time while kids are  away,Yes  granny did play

I knitted (and unpicked and re-knitted grr) and blocked my cuffs for my soon to be online shop (with only some small  Master 2 interruptions)I hope they sell.

Blocked and unblocked and red ones all done

Close up of blocked cuff

See the difference in unblocked and blocked?
Prior to starting to make these cuffs a while back I had never blocked knitting before thanks MR Google for your help.

I also finished of orders for the gremlins(why would I think I would only have to make one of anything?)

Miss 10 saw these fingerless mittens  awhile ago so I made her a pair
then Master 6 wanted some then LL wanted some then Miss 4.5 wanted to know why she didnt have any so now all have been done till Miss 8 comes and asks and chooses her wool  I know she will as she hates missing out on anything as siblings do

Miss 10s

Master 6 and LLs

And a happy Miss 4.5 modelling hers
And ate a kilo of these plus a crab (all over 3 nights not at once) mmmmmm yummy

and nearly bought this from ebay but the bidding went crazy end of  sale price  was $105.50 AU

                       I would have shown closeups but pics were all protected by Auctiva is all hand done using doilies and vintage dresses and fabrics and lots of embridery very gypsyish

I did buy  this (LOOK Miss Kitty )

My much wanted and needed tripod

and still looking at gyspy ideas I went to Bunnings and bought

Some Gypsy colours and color charts

What did you do?


Lyndel said...

ooooh I like the cuffs. I have knitted some bows, to wear as hair clips (LJ took them home), and some larger bows as brooches or on a kilt pin to attach to a winter scarf. Also, a couple of mohair 'flower' brooches... I'll do some photos tomorrow and post on my blog.♥
well done you for being so productive.

Misfits Vintage said...

I cuddled cheetahs and cleaned and loaded heaps of new items into the store and took four huge bags of stuff to Vinnies and went on an easter egg hunt with a unicorn... of course!

Those cuffs are FAB Nelly! I just adore them - could you please show us some pics of someone modelling them? The blocking really makes a huge difference, doesn't it?

Sarah xxx

Kitty said...

Oh YAY, well done on the tripod, it's far better than mine, trust me you won't know yourself with it. How is your website setup going? Are you doing it yourself??

Miss Claire said...

Aww nelly your words are lovely, thank you. The cuffs look great, i'd love to see them modeled too! Nice work on the fingerless gloves too, I might try to make myself a pair (I'm soooo crap at knitting though. I can do about straight lines before I make a mistake that I don't know how to fix!)

That bedspread is lovely, but that price is insane! I bet you could make a similar one yourself, you crafty gal!

Xx Claire

Nelly said...

@Misfits Vintage I saw your post how wonderful I will have some cuffs modelled soon am just finishing off some other colours

Nelly said...


I am using weebly have the domain and a few things done am waiting for someone to send me my header for it but havnt heard from her.Next step is lots of pics yuk

Nelly said...

@Miss Claire Move/visit up hera I will help you knit I want to make some velvet patchwork soon

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Nelly, the cuffs are great.I hope that they do sell well for you. Good luck with the online selling, Tam x

Vintage Vixen said...

You are a talented lady! I love that bedspread. I'm not surprised it sold for that price, the amount of work that goes into patchwork is insane, making my curtains nearly killed me. xxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Happy Easter Nelly! I've been away visiting family and have managed to do nothing productive despite taking a bag of yarn and crochet hooks, so well done on all your crafty endeavours. I love Miss 4.5's gloves - such a cute picture.

That bedspread is fabulous, shame it went beyond your budget. My poor patchwork bedcover is on its last legs thanks to the kids, but I did just get myself a Welsh blanket while I was away.

Nelly said...

@Vintage Vixen VV wonderful to see you back

Nelly said...

@Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]
I saw your blanket on your last post loved it I have started collecting old wool ones like we had as kids now.

delia hornbook said...

i am loving those little cuffs and i really like those multi coloured mittens there really cute, i must have missed your other post loving those Gypsy colours. Have fun, dee x

PennI said...

What a clever girl you are my dear!!!