Friday, April 29, 2011

I Have a Request and a question or 2 or 3 (boring post)

Dear lovely stalkers followers you are all awesome I really enjoy your posts and thanks for following me and commenting I so love it.It makes me feel I am doing something right.

My 1st request is a favour I am in need of  any scrap bits of velvet crushed or plain?If  you have any that you  would you be sweet enough to send me some for my crazy patchwork project . It doesnt have to be much but I have run out of more colours and am not having alot of luck finding nice peices and I thought it be fun to get pieces from all you guys to add to my patches if you can bear to part with any, I have some I can swap with too.I would also LOVE satin pieces to add and finish off an old UFO I started a few years back.(thats when I used to sacrifice ties which I dont do now)

Now for the
1st question how do people make their blog page large to fit big pics without making it look weird like mine does when I enlarge. I know you can do it using plain templates but not when using a themed one.I am not a plain kinda person.

2nd question is how do you get the pics of the people  you  follow to show on the list.I see some that do that. and it looks better than just their name.

3rd I really want a nice header but truly am hopeless with all that html jargon but I am great at copy and pasting.I see so many good headers mine is BOOORRING!! How do you make them nice to look at?

4th  How do you keep sane when the net wont let you do what you want including commenting on all the great posts coz its going soooo slooowww Yes people I am still reading your wonderful posts  and busting to comment but not able to just at the mo.So just imagine what Id say lol.


RETRO REVA said...

I make custom widgets! (on my side-bar click on WidgetWicca and get some ideas, we could go from there and of course, a discount for you as well;)
I LOVE to make headers, banners, etc!!!
and thanks for your support as always!!!

I am lacking in velvet, but I did some posts last year regarding posing tips, etc.
Maybe i'll do another?
My cammy is a Canon Rebel xsi/dslr (two new ones have come out since then), a remote, and it really took me over a year to learn how to use it (in pro-mode) and I still have tons to learn!
I have not had any classes, but I recommend U-tube as a source for learning how to take the best images with the camera you have.
There are tons of posing "tricks" that make you look slimmer, younger ;) and the best way to show off your outfits in a good light.
Just go to U-tube, type in "how do I ......." and a ton of vlogs will come up for you to choose from
(warning: U-tube is very addictive!)
I am going out of town next week, but will be back within a week or so we can E-mail each other!

RETRO REVA said...

answer #1:
it's all in the photograph and how it is "manipulated" to fit.
(for the header)
u need to go to the template designer, and stretch your blog. important!
save your old template, or you will lose it as i did, my blog used to be HUGE!
After it is "stretched" then you can edit your image size to be bigger (i go around 500 when i want a super large image, this can be done in your editing tools in your computer- i don't use flickr or picassa, i do my own- much more "controll"........
( I did CitizenRosebud's header (for a reference), she wanted a simple rose, and widgets to match and make her brand uniform )

answer #2:
I don't know, but i'll bet it is an app, just ask someone who has this, most bloggers are willing to share!

answer #3:
see above ;)

answer #4:
that happens to me a LOT!
there could be 2 possible issues.
a)their images are too large and take too long to load = SLOWNESS
b) clean out your "cache" and it might speed things up, there should be a place on your computer that u can manually clear your cache or our security (Kapsersky) does it once a week.

Hope that helps ;)

Lyndel said...

Nelly, email my your postal addy and I'll pop some fabric in the mail♥

Nelly said...

@Lyndel Thanks so much Lyndel xx