Friday, April 29, 2011

You Couldnt Comment could ya?

Thankgoodness  Kitty let  me know via email Thanks my dear.and then got email from Tamara too thankyou also.--I totally forgot to change the html thingy to enable comment when I changed my template.Luckily I saved the links to redo in my past posts.
If you also change your theme and need comment enabled just go HERE 
and for adding a Reply Button
 Everytime you use any template bar the classic blogger ones you will have to enable your comments or like me you shall be uncommentable again and thats ever so boring.I woke up today with not one comment how sad was that? lol So have sat here for way too long trying to fix it then realised I had lost all my posts arrghhhhhh!!If you want to change your template Pyzam has lots.

Anyway am back and now you know  why I hate changing anything on my blog but will it stop me? NOOO I am nothing if not stubborn  and will make my blog look the way I want eventually.I hope, maybe, we will see lol

Poor Laura went Gsaling today went to 12 and got NOTHING!!! but a book!Whats with this town and the slack sales?Glad I didnt get up early.Hope you all had better success than she as she was not a happy camper.

PS this may come in handy for doing things to your blog Spice up your Blog


ladychiara said...

Hi Nelly, wow lots of changes! Have to tell you that electric blue you used for your links is almost impossible to read.(may be my eyes of course)I'm too scared to try to change my blog so I admire your courageous spirit! I've been busy catching up on your posts. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)

Lyndel said...

hi Nelly, thought you had blocked us all for being too friendly!! or computer-illiterate... sorry I cannot answer any of the questions you asked about changing things. LJ set this up for me and I dont dare even try to change anything. See where she added a 'pet' for me at the bottom of my blog page!! LOL.

regarding the velvet, will check out a few crates and let you know what I find! x

Kitty said...

Hi Nelly, glad to be of help. Looks like you got your blogroll sorted too, yay!

Scarlett Fontaine said...

wow look at all your changes on your lovely blog! I am rubbish at anything to do with html thus not changing my blog etc for fear of losing it all too :o) Scarlett x

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Nelly,

excellent the comments re back and I have to agree with Helen sometimes the font's are hard to read, much better now.

Yay, I can see many improvements, you go girl.

p.s I'm the Tamara with out 'h'..hehe

hope you are enjoying your weekend, Tam x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I've tried fiddling with mine and making it prettier, but my even my husband said it just wasn't me - so I guess I'm never going to put carpet down!

The Widow Next said...

Ah Nelly! This is beautiful! I am a great fan of Plum, Crimson, Brown and Green, like walking through a forest and spying berries and flowers amongst woody trunks and vintage vines.

delia hornbook said...

Hi, i have been a way for a few days so i missed your last post. But i am loving the new blog layout it looks really pretty and i have to admit to finding your last page sometimes difficult to read also it was the colour of the back ground i am loving this one though and well done you for sticking with it ;-)) dee x

Vintage Vixen said...

I missed the last post and you have been busy! Love the new colours and layout, you're a braver woman than I am, I'm terrrified of messing it all up. xxx

Catherine said...

Hello one antique little girl to another! One of THE most stressful things I ever do is mess with my blog & stuff it up but that's the crazy learning curve that we're all on. Hopefully we are learning little by little & sometimes the hard way : 0 !! That's why I started some of my other blogs so that I could fiddle around with out too much invested & I don't end up in a screaming heap if all goes pear-shape. Good on us all for having a go I reckon!! Adore the pics down the side. Wow that "gorgeous outfit" is amazing!!! love, love it. Isn't it wonderful in Blogland that we can flirt with everything that takes our fancy & live some way else & it's all GOOD! Much love Catherine ♥