Sunday, May 1, 2011

To Market to Market all nice and sunny....

to buy me and Laura a pot full of Honey.

Yes thats what I went for  2 pots of  lovely Tea tree honey and  its so yummy. I have mine in my tea and on toast on occassion.I will never buy honey from the shops again.

My son Master 16 wanted to buy a blue budgie so his other budgie woudnt be lonely anymore so he did
His name? Napolean. Hers? Josephine of course lol and she isnt happy having a male in her life again either Poor Napolean.

I also had a Mary Poppins moment with this gorgeous vintagey umbrella for $1 yes faded in places but I loved it anyway are they redyable?

and this lovely vintagy looking  dress for $3 (she said she had never worn it and bought it about 10 years ago)
                                                 Brand - Trell Fashions,Sydney

                                                                          The top
                                                                The Bottom (isnt pink like pic shows)

Spent the rest of the day at park and drooling with LL over acreage properties on  in the hinterland area of the Sunshine Coast (where me and LL would love to move but The Captain? not at all)
Note to self win the lotto!!! lol

So that was my day 2 days no crafting but I did teach LL to knit and she was easy to teach she is wanting to make squares and beanies for Kids in Africa she is starting with squares for now due to her beanie growing extra stitches and mummy not being available at all knitting problem times.
                                                                        Nelly XXX


Lyndel said...

oh love your finds, the umbrella, if it is only a few 'stripes' from being folded how about adding some braid or lace or ribbon or.... something to the 'lines'

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

You taught the little darling to knit? She'll always remember you doing that for her - I love those moments:))). I'm gasping at the long-handled brolly - it's gorgeous!! What about Tin Can Bay or the outskirts of Gympie? xo

Nelly said...

@Pull Your Socks Up! Dea Desiree the bolly is so cute wish I had kept my last one I think it had a bakelite handle (b4 I was bakelite literate).
Tin can bay (yuck) and hubby is attached to the coast so Gympie to far in for him.Hinterland with 1/2 hou to beach would be great and since we seem to have to do lots of trips to Bris it be better I said if we dont get loan for the build we ae moving down there,He is not a keen mover I am a gypsy!!
Let me know if you get this message.

Vintage Coconut said...

Hello Nelly!
Well I am glad the lonely budgie has a new friend.

I need to get myself some good honey like that. Maybe I can find some at a farmers market.

Alison Gibbs said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. Look forward to getting to know you
Great buys at the market, which market did you go to??

Nelly said...

@Alison Gibbs Hello again Alison I went to the Bundabeg Markets to find those treasures I will comment on your box also as I am not sue if this reply button message will get to you

Liz said...

Hi - love the dress! Didn't know you could get tea tree honey (although I do use tea tree skin products!

delia hornbook said...

ooohhh that red dress is gorgeous what a find. Bless your son we had a blue budgie when i was growing up he was called "Pretty boy" and boy would he talk ;-)) Fresh honey is the best enjoy it ;-)) dee x

The Widow Next said...

mmmm teatree honey sounds delicious! The gown looks like it could be Steampunked easily by the right crafty person, pretty color! I thinkI'd be inclined to dunk the umbrella in some dye two shades darker, just make sure you have a large enough vat to do it in. The lines will show perhaps as accents. It's always fun taking a stroll about your life, Nelly!
The Widow Kate Next

PennI said...

What a "FABULOUS" day you had Nelly! I love the look of your new blog, I love your "Mary Poppins" umbrella, I love your red dress find...and what a price?!!! BUT, I ESPECIALLY LOVE the new addition to your family Napolean!!! Well done!!! xxx

Logan @LifeforDessert said...

LOVE the silver shoes! And thanks for stopping by Life for Dessert! I find most of my great furniture pieces on Craigslist. Do you have Craigslist in Australia?!