Friday, January 28, 2011

Fun Friday

Was able to go treasure hunting with way less pain today and am so glad I did,
Off I went with mummy and daughter Laura  to opshop #1 where we found these cute earings for $2 a pair and they are sterling silver Laura dear was so happy as she wears silver all the time.

GSon got a great game with Bob the Builder (like the old trouble game ) and is loving playing with it at the moment.
Oh and marbles yes I know I am nuts xx

Then to Lifeline I got this gorgeous horse book end which due to being knocked in the car got its horsehoe its leaning on broken made me sad but I have great glue.

And the plate which is part of a cake stand and was made in Germany.Has Bavaria (then some writing where the hole for rod used to be)then a lion print then says Schumann Germany written on the back with number 18 there also, have googled cant find one the same.Not usually something I would be totally attracted to but was only $1.

The doll ,the mug with ship (all above)  Oh and all these earings and 2 necklaces.

Scored well so far?

Decided to drive past my previously  flooded opshop just in case it was open and it was Yay.Sadly its still got lots of work to get it back to normal and it wasnt full like it used to be but Laura dear scored some great books as she always does,lots were Readers Digest ones.She is a sci fi or a facts, mysteries of the world and natural therapy book lover.(no pics sorry she took them home)
I bought another vintage scarf little donkey tapestry (it was 50c and just cute see above pic) Hey wait a minute I think I mostly bought books for Laura  lol lucky I  loves her so much.

Later was this beaded necklace (photoed in shape of heart for my young friend at Eleven of Hearts ) its really heavy and made of some type of stones? Laura said I should make bracelets and she wants one and it was only $1 so why not,
This green bird was there too same as the silver one I bought last week but needs some paint touch ups.70s I am sure.

Other bits were crafty things for the GDs I just cant resist buying sewing or scrapbooking bits and pieces for the kids.(no pics sorry )
But this was one of my great finds.A small set of office draws aint it cute?Shall I store buttons, jewellery or what in it? Oh the dilema Think its lovely anyway.Bet you do too.

I forgot to add the below pics from Monday (maybe coz I couldnt think due to pain) but this wedding pic was sitting there and I had to rescue it.I am forever saddened to see family pics thrown away.Even if there was no
direct family surely someone would love them especially if they dabble in geneology like I do.So they are my adopted aunt and uncle havnt named them yet tho lol.Even Laura liked the dress and she is not into frills etc.

I also forgot to show my little old dolls and more nose wipers  and some more Notebook magazines (was so excited as they are ones I havnt got) all from my Mad Monday finds.

Now last but not least remember that Marilyn Monroe I missed out on the other day (no didnt get it But) the fella that bought it in was there,He had it on the wall of his art studio for years and donated it to the opshop  its an Andy Warhol print too.Anyhoo he has a James Dean print he is bringing on on Monday for me to look at and see if I want it 1st yay (he also has another Marylin and I hope if he decides to sell he remembers me).He  told me to take some pics of Marylin and if I cant get good ones we can get it taken to the print and copy shop and see if they can do one for me or maybe have 5 seperate prints done? He was awesome and his lovely wife said she would take some good pics (she is a photographer) and will email to me woo hoo.But in the meantime here are some pics of MM to drool over and you can see why I was dissapointed.

Isnt she lovely?
Anyway thats it for me happy hunting everyone hope you all find something that makes you smile.


Misfits Vintage said...

OOh - love it ALL, especially the bird pendant (FABULOUS! I collect birds!) and the very useful drawers (I would use it to store jewellery) and the divine horse bookends. What great finds! Tomorrow (Saturday) is my op shopping day so keep your fingers crossed for me that I find a few treasures. Sarah xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

What a haul! Love the office drawers, bird pendant, pretty scarf and clip earrings especially. You put my shopping sprees to shame. xxx

Moloko Soldon said...

Thank you so much for the link!
I am glad that you found lots of Notebooks.
I hope you had a Fun Friday!


delia hornbook said...

Lovely finds, marbles you just have to love them ;-) Marilyn you have to just love her to such a beauty i will keep my fingers crossed for you, enjoy your weekend, dee x

Vintage Coconut said...

Wow you found some really great stuff. I don't know if I ever get a big of a scor in one day. Not yet anyways

I really love that bird necklace so pretty.

I also love that you adopted a Aunt and Uncle. I also brough home a picture of a random lady. My Husband said "It's weird to have pictures of people we don't know!!" lol "MENNN"

Nelly said...

@delia hornbook Dee that fella bought in his other MM print am buying tomorrow will post here asap.

Nelly said...

@Vintage Coconut LOL I hate hate hate seeing family pics abandoned.My mum bought a picture of a beautiful lady once she looks like she would be from 40s or 50s so sad top see them with no home.

kasthurirajam said...


Nelly said...

@kasthurirajam Thanks I will follow you also.