Monday, January 31, 2011

Satisfying Saturday

Last chance opping with mummy b4 she went home so as I am one who will take any and all opping opportunies off we went.Only 3 open on Saturday morning and Mind you I had been to 2 of them 3 days in a row.But they always bring out something and they did again (wonder why a person needs to go every day?) Ok I admit I am addicted.
1st stop was Lifeline and I bought this cute reddish coral vintage necklace.It has an old style clip with someone initials engraved in it.Was only $2 and coral jewellry is becoming harder to buy due to bans on it so I have heard.
I also bought these 2 pictures cheap as I loved the frames and will most like paint them and use for something else.Not into straw pctures is anyone out there into them coz if you are I may do a little competition.

Then off to Vinnies where I got these 3 movie books for $1 each all published in the 80s but I am getting a great collection of them now and one had full colour plates inside so if anyone wants me to take a pic of anyone in particular and email or post you a picture let me know.The ones here are just a few of whats in the book.

Why do some pics go side ways?

I also got this gorgeous knee rug for $4.50!
And this cute Martini Brand top I googled and seems its an expensive brand,

Grandson loves his new wiggles dog hat and octopus shoes

cked up the cute boxes for treasure hunting for GKids (one is still in package) and some MORE nose blowers. Waltzing Matilda ones and another with 1949 Royal Visit with flags embroidered on it.

Well thats all folks.
Happy Hunting.


Lyndel said...

Great finds Nelly, isn't it lovely to have someone to Op with? Little Miss LJ has gone home to Sydney and back to school, so I'll be opping alone for another term. She'll have much less time for blogging too, but I hope she does finish her cross stitched Initials and post them for all to see.

Nelly said...

@Lyndel I hope she gets to see my last 2 posts as one I put her link on and I shape my necklaces in hearts just for her.How old is she? Wish my Gkids would create something and finish it.

Lyndel said...

@NellyYes she saw the link to her post just before she went home. She'll be on the computer again on the weekend. She's 11

Misfits Vintage said...

Hi Nelly! What great finds - I especially love the vintage hanky - aren't they precious? I always carry one on me but I never use them for snot collection - I like to daintily dab at my brow or just wave them around like the queen! Those books look great too. Yay for op shopping!

Sarah xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

Great finds again, Nelly. Your Grandson steals the show with his hat, he's so cute. xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

That necklace is lovely & I really like those photos.

Your Grandson is adorable =) I love the hat he's rockin!

delia hornbook said...

lovely finds, i like all the tea towels. Bless your little grandson what a cutie pie ;-)) dee x