Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I am Thinking (and no it didnt hurt YET) plus lots of rambling so be warned,

I am thinking that I am going to change the name of my blog.Reason being is ....... when I started this one  I was going to focus on just vintage items but as you all know I am a opshopaholic and love to show off oops I meant to say share all my finds Vintage related or not.I also have a craft blog that has become quite ignored lately due to me unable to create while my craft area looks like a bombs hit it soooo I am thinking of pulling them both into this one.
My new name will be "My Friends call me Nellie" and I will continue to share my Vintage and opshop finds and my crafty creations all into one.So what do you all think?
I see so many great blogs and they put mine to shame so I hope to be re-tweaking lots more as I go along.
Now going back to messy spaces ....
Lovely Laura came over yesterday to help me clean the double garage in the rental we are in (I hate renting! and men dont get dropped hints or pretend they dont) and as we sold a large home down south last year and haveyet to build on our  block of land  there is not enough space.
Anyway the garage was  full of hubbies fishing gear and beer brews (which he hasnt touched in ages so most likely gone off) and camping gear and also kids garbage and of course my bits that seem to spread all over)Poor Laura just doesnt get why I keep so much but she did well as we threw away a load of crap to the dump (yes real crap otherwise it would get recycled as I am a huge recycler/upcycler crazy person) a load to an opp shop and the rest of not being  used just now things to the storage shed (we have 2 sheds and will be sorting out to use only one soon but thats going to take ages to clean up as my shed has all my fancy dress and more vintage and household bits and fabrics and my 2 other kids gear in there coming soon Be warened its bad!

Now I want you to imagine 5 grandkids running around with all their paraphenalia a 16 year old son,me and hubby all in one average sized 4 bedroomed house (my house is having 6 bedrooms!)I have the grandkids in my full time care (daughter #1 has bi-polar and has made some not so great choices hence the kids are with us)
So you can imagine the mess they make and all the bits and pieces they have along with the fact I am a hoarder/collector/crafter and crazy lady; with no where to really put anything yet.(on a side note I was one of those weird women who wanted 12 kids (I can just here Vintage Vixen gasping with horror)So please when you wish for something be SPECIFIC!! coz wishes can often come true.I now have total 9 I  have or am bringing up YIKES! lol
The culprits .. (Feb 2010) and thats my lovely Laura holding her youngest nephew and the bearded fella is my now 20yr old after he had his fractured jaw operated on and the tall fella in back is  my then 15 yr old son who now reminds me he is 16 and a giant at 6ft4.5 My beautiful eldest daughter is shorter than us all.

So I have been promised that when we build I get to have the double garage as my craft/office/storage room BLISS!! no kids or mens items will pass the door!!!
My lovely iron bed I have had since I was 18 will make a home there too.Plus a lock on the door maybe soundproofed even? lol

So for now shall await for your thoughts on my new blog name as I continue to clean up my messes.Here are some pics to prove what a mess I have.
Lauras help fom this
to this (Should have done a before of the Captains side)

Below is  where his gear was sprawled and where we have had to make room for my new edition that will be coming soon (not going to try and put it in main house till we move again) will show off yes show off when it gets here.Its large and is something I have wanted for years.Gunna guess?I will be making  my mini craft area in half the shed too
And this (I am soooo embarressed) is where I have been trying to craft and also store my finds (and this isnt even the storage shed)and is what is going to be stripped and put in shed and then kids Xbox will go in this area.
Seriously I am red with shame...

Can hardly see the sewing machine!!This area is also shared with kids and telly and large lounge so my area is kinda squished,The owners put in a bar come fishtank which isnt finished yet and really takes up too much good space,
All behind the fishtank area and yes more vintage dresses I havnt shared yet.

See how bad it is?
This will all be sorted out in next few days and will look wonderfully tidy for a short time.

NOW for some light relief to help you get over the shock of my mess here are my finds of the week.I have been trying to be good this week by not to going opping  every day as its my only addiction plus my large item even tho was cheaper than usual took away some random spendings.

Remember that fella from the oppy who had the  MM pictures? well he bought  in his last one  instead of James Dean and sold her to me.The other picture is still there believe it or not and that woman hasnt paid for it yet.I so want it!!Roger said he bought this MM in 1988 so she is retro vintage lol and she is so pretty.I hate not being able to put pics up yet tho.

He also had a small mirror (some damage) and number plate so I snaffled them all.And also the cute radio LOVE it and it goes nice with my mums old radio from early 60s  which is now mine will post about all  my extra precious things soon.

Wooden stool ( will be revamped ) basket on top  wooden box and patchwork hanger were $3 the lot at Lifeline (Love wooden boxes)Cute  milk jug cover crocheted into a teapotand beads at vinnies(saw  jug ciover like this one in my Heirloom book so had to grab it) And some ceramic  beads with flowers very 70s/80s (you may have to click pic for better look) I think they will  look nice using them by putting one on a choker.

 Oh and these 2 purses that only came out just before I got there.I have a few floral ones like this and have a beaded one similar thats why I am sure where the silver is there may have been some Bakelite bit thats now missing.

Anyway did you read all my ramblings? I know I talk too much I get told that alot but I have lots to say.I hope you werent too bored,I think I may go opping instead of tidying can do that tomorow cant I?LOL Shh dont tell Laura tho.

Here we have 6yr old Gson who lost a tooth yesterday was 1st natural  loss (well pa pulled it out as it was so loose.)Last tooth he lost thanks to his dear sister playing rough house when he was 3.He looks so proud as he found a dollar from the tooth gran (fairys arent for him)

I wonder how many of you lasted till the end of this post? Congrats if you did xxx and looking forward to hearing your thoughts on my thoughts.

Happy hunting everyone cant wait to see what you have found.
Oh and dont forget my YouTube


Kitty said...

Nelly, love the new name, I think it's better.
If you're keen to improve your blog, may I give you some constructive advice?
1. Proof-read your posts for spelling & grammar
2. Enlarge your photos
3. Edit your photos-this is a big one. Go back on my blog and read last Fridays post.
4. There's a blog called it has heaps of info for blogging beginners that you'll find useful.

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Nelly, I like the name that you already have, but the new one is great too.
As you know, my blog is like a box of allsorts, craft, vintage, collections, everyday stuff. I don't stick to one specific theme because it is like an online diary for me. I suppose it depends on your reasons behind blogging, you will find some blogs are only a showcase for their businesses, etc.
Our house generally looks like a bomb hit it, I am supposed to be cleaning now! I don't know how you manage with so many kids, I only have 2 and that's way enough. Imagine how tidy our houses would be without the kids..hehehe
Off to start the big clean now before schools out, Tamara

Misfits Vintage said...

Hey Nelly,

I agree with Kitty - proofreading for spelling and grammar is important and it is difficult to see your little tiny pics.

I do love the idea of you merging your blogs - it's YOUR blog and you can write about whatever you like - craft, vintage, family, sewing, cooking, frocks, volcanos... what? Yes, whatever you like!

And also, it's really NOT good form to post anyone's photos online without their permission - there are significant legal/privacy issues (family or not) and I strongly encourage you to consult your friends/family before you post their pics. I would certainly NOT be happy about it myself.

I hope you take this with the intention with which it is delivered - and I am more than happy to discuss further if you'd like to chat by email or phone.

I look forward to your new look blog!

Sarah xxx

Nelly said...

@A Treasured Past I cant imagine to be honest lol think I would then have no one to blame for messes ha ha

Nelly said...

@Kitty Thanks Kitty yes I am terrible with proof reading I often do it but still miss some then have to go back again when I read it another time.I have been wanting to enlarge my pics amongst other things so will go check your post.Thanks.

Nelly said...

@Misfits Vintage May not do volcanoes but cyclones and floods are close to home lol.
Thanks for dropping by.

Lyndel said...

oh Nelly... I read to the end, no idea that you were actually the carer for all your GKids. Gee I think I'm superGranny when I do 2 weeks every school hols (due to the distance we live apart). I love reading your posts, so yes, combine them and keep them coming. Like you I started out with one intention, Shopping Reports, but just a few weeks in and I'm already deviating all over the place, and have done NOTHING on My Inkwell collection blog at all recently. Not that I dont have a couple of hundred more inkwells to photograph!..

so, dont worry about the mess, dont worry about the rambling posts, just keep doing what you do, (and do well I must say!). and yes.. new name is GREAT. ~~ L.

Vintage Vixen said...

Hi Nelly! I just did a big answer and lost the lot....arghhhh!!!
I loved reading about you, your family and your home. I think the name change is great, you should combine all your blogs and write about you, that's hat makes your blog unique.
Spell checks, big pictures and centralising the text are all good. I tend to keep the words fairly short and sweet so people who follow a lot of blogs can read what I've written and don't skim. There's nothing worse than writing a heartfelt post about a traumatic operation or detailed advice only to get a comment like "Nice shoes".
Keep up the good work. xxx
PS 12 kids? Yikes!

Nelly said...

@Lyndel Thanks Lyndel you are sweet,It does get hectic here especially well all the time really lol.They are all ages from nearly 10 down to nearly 2
I think having most on this blog will be easier than trying to do 2.

Nelly said...

@Vintage Vixen Oh dont you hate that?
Yere I realised I waffled alot on this one but wanted top get it all out in one go.
I am struggling with the big picture thing but think I may have it will know on my next post.
I knew you would say Yikes I read your never holding a baby post lol so never changed a nappy wow!! lol

Nana's Nook said...

Hi Nelly, love the name change :) lol, I am NOT putting a pic of my unsorted storing areas...your a brave woman, lol. It will be soo good when you get your own space. Thanx Laura helping Mum out with that garage. Love your finds, i really love the beads (blue and white ones) and those pics of MM are wonderful. Thinking when I get that bit more organised I will start adding my junk collecting too. Love your blogs :)