Thursday, February 3, 2011

Here is my newest Treasure

Earlier this week I saw an awesome chest of drawers;come into the opshop and I asked if it was ready to sell but sadly an order had been put in for one to go up north So I asked "YOU take Orders?" They said, "YES" I said "well I want one of those(meaning the chest) and a Piano.(remember about wishing?)Next day I lob back in and one of the ladies (they all know me) said "a piano came in yesterday about 15 mins after you were here but it has a bit of damage"."Oh", I say "show me" so she did.Apparently the last owners had just spent over a grand doing it up and they got flooded so in a few spots near the bottom the veneer has come away.Well to me it gives history to the piece and I got it for a bargain annnnnnd I have ALWAYS been wanting a piano (much to hubbys disgust as he is not into the same things as me sadly) Anyway it arrived this morning and I LOVE it.(GD #1 does piano lessons each week as well)For now it shall live in the garage along with my craft bits and my vintage treasures (will show finished area eventually)
Here is my piano.Isnt it grand.?
It is a Ernst Krause brand,
Turned legs

Engraved sides

And last night Roger (the opshop mans)Wife called me to say if I wanted MM to come and get her so I did Yay me
This is just a temporary spot for her to hang out.

So next week I am going on an opshop diet not sure if I will succeed but will try.There has been a terrible drought on vintage clothes anyway and thats what I mainly look for just other things pop out at me while I am there lol .(yes am trying to convince myself its things fault not mine.)

Hope you all liked my new treasures I was STOKED !!

What did you find?I will be watching out.

PS thanks everyone for your tips on my blog as you can see my new name is done I am still trying to enlarge the pics and will be working on my header soon.Oh and I will try hard to spell check properly I promise.

Edit..... Laura dropped in after work and saw Marilyn and was very dissapointed as she had been going to the oppy after work to try and buy it for me (they know me there) as a surprise isnt she a sweety?Sadly oppy was shut each time as they shut at 2pm and she finishes work at 2.30.


Nana's Nook said...

love, love , love the piano. The MM prints is lovely to.. Your a very good collector finder :)

Vintage Coconut said...

Gorgeous Piano! Thank you for fixing the comments.. I was wondering what in the heck was going on. I tried about 6 times! haha

Vintage Vixen said...

She's a beauty! Liking the new look of the blog, Nelly. xxx

Nelly said...

@Vintage Vixen
Thanks VV the look here is one of the basc ones and may hav eto stay that way for a bit,Did myself some serious brain damage trying to fix the mess I made and cant get comment box to work once I try and change my template.Least this ones green hey?

Nelly said...

@Nana's Nook
Good finder bad HTMLer coder lol

Nelly said...

@Vintage Coconut
I know was a battle for me this end too so have decided to settle for this template for now due to brain not being able to take anymore. ha ha

VildesVerden said...

Love the Marilyn picture!

Janelle aka Nelly said...

@VildesVerden I know how lucky was I? Did you read a few posts before about this MM story?