Friday, January 13, 2012

Its Friday and I Frocked A Few

Me in my70s  mermaid dress with some of my recent finds
 Wearing an opshopped modern vintage look dress,Vintage headpiece from mummyo,Opshopped over the years -pearls.Mittens from old doilies and mummyos bag.
 another vintage look modern opshopped dress
 My new hat and bag from mums
 Another vintage look dress bought at Blackwater on my long trip home.
 Mums Frederick Fox hat Close to royalty with this and remember that top hat I wore here well it was made by J Woodrow and sons who made hats for His Royal Highness the prince of wales no less.No wonder I love wearing my crown hee hee.
 Now this brown beauty is a 1950s dress I bought of my lovely friend Crafty Carol
 it has a peek a boo back.
 Like it much? Beads and bag both opped.

 Now for the piece de resistance are you ready for my Liza Minelli performance?

 Look at those wings SIGHHHHH
 Got this dress yesterday 4 buckaroonies fits just right and feels so nice on.

Pretty cool isnt it?
and a preety pink dress I found this week $4 again.

Now tell me have any of you who use facebook used your local area Buy Swap and Sell group? Be worth it if you do.I got to meet a lovely lady today using mine she had some things to show me.If your interested in gloves,stockings and shoes let me know.

 Anything to tempt your fancy?

 And she had this gorgoeous vintage cape trimmed with animal print plus gloves and check out the umbrella behind me.Was thinking of Desiree,Sarah and Miss Coconut when I donned this.Thanks so much Rachel for a great time and letting me try this one (even if it doesnt go with my dress lol)

 Rachel also gifted me some gorgeous green beads and a beautiful umbrella but they my friends are for another post.Thanks again Rachel I shall be back so be warned lol.

Nelly xxx
ps craft room and dressing up area all accessable at last.Now I dont feel so creatively blocked.
I am also busy choosing tiles and colours for my new to be built modern house (Modern!! can you believe that?) but least I get the double garage for my vintage sanctuary.Cant wait!


Vintage Sweetheart said...

Thats a lot of beautiful frocks! I really like the pretty pink one and the winged one. I'm interested in stockings. Any pattern/coloured ones???

Anonymous said...

As always Nelly you are thrifting goodness, I love the brown 50's dress it looks fab in you.

I'm very interested in shoes.

Miss Peregrin said...

Love all the dresses! My fave is the one with the wings. :)

PennI Pops said...

What wonderful treasures Nelly! Xxx

PennI Pops said...

Oh....p.s... Loving the gloves right now! X

Crafty Carol said...

as usual nelly all looks fab like the apricot dress the best

Crafty Carol said...

as usual nelly all looks fab like the apricot dress the best

Misfits Vintage said...

So much loveliness! I love the tapestry bag, the baby pink frock and the gorgeous red frock with wings! Any chance of full length pics? Would be great to be able to see the whole frock. All of those goodies on the table are very tempting and YES PLEASE THAT CAPE IS FAAABULOUS!

Sarah xxx

delia hornbook said...

OMG Nelly i don't know where to start but all i can say i adore you in that green top dress and the red one WOW you look amazing and i know you feel it in the red number its written right across your face ;-)) dee xx

pastcaring said...

Nelly - you frock!
That red winged number is glorious, especially with the Clockwork Orange bowler hat! The green one and the brown lace are gorgeous too. How DO you find so many treasures? Look at all those lovely gloves...
Have a fabulous weekend, love! xxxx

AngeliqueDama said...

Love your clothes! Amazing hats and dresses:))

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh my gosh - you ARE Liza! It's uncanny!

Have a great weekend x

Vintage Coconut said...

"Nelly Nelly Liza Minelli"
What fabulous sleeves it has.
You look so gorgeous in all your dresses.
That green mermaid dress is still one of my favorites it just amazing!


two squirrels said...

Oh oh to many gorgeous gorgeous dresses, I just love so many of them.
You look so very pretty in the 50's lace one.
Yay to treasures. v

Sharon's Sunlit Memories said...

Love the glamarous look Nelly. The green mermaid dress is just stunning - you look fab. I also like the pink one - very different, very pretty. Nice to see you frocking again. xx

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Nelly I wish you could bottle some of your energy & send me a dose! Girl, you're sumthin else! Absolutely love all the goodies & the 3rd dress down (with the hat) is my favorite on you. Simply adorable! Oh I can't believe you're building a new house! Exciting for sure but with my own experiences of many "make-overs" it gives me a headache of what's ahead for you. It'll be fun watching you progress & I know you'll be a champ! Glad you're home sweetie! Hope you've been able to get at least a little rest & some "you" time.

((HUGS)) from sunny Sac Town USA

Vicky said...

Love the brown dress, you actually looked like Mrs Sullivan LOL

sacramento said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh, my dear Nelly, I need to get lost in your closet, so much beauty in it.

simmone said...

Esp. love your winged dress,gorgeous colour and fit!