Sunday, January 15, 2012

Movie Star Monday My Stars of Vintage Part 14

Nina Foch  (April 20, 1924 - December 5, 2008 More info Here 

Nils Asther  (17 January 1897 – 19 October 1981)More Info Here

Nan Leslie (4 June 1926-30 July 2000) More Info Here

Nelson Eddy (June 29, 1901 – March 6, 1967) More info Here

Natalie Schafer (November 5, 1900 – April 10, 1991) More Info Here
Many of us grew up watching the show she was in what was it?
Nat" Pendleton (August 9, 1895 – October 12, 1967) More info Here
Nelly xxx


pastcaring said...

Blimey, Nelson Eddy is the only one I've heard of here! Your movie star Mondays are an educational service, Nelly! xxxx

Crafty Carol said...

hey nelly
you got me today cant say i know anyone, on movie star monday, you must be digging deep, my love and i am a little bit on the old side haha

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Egad look at that magnificent mo on Niles!!! xoxo

simmone said...

Wow, Mrs Howell (Gilligan's Island) was pretty in her younger days.