Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What I Wore This Week Wednesday

Well I must say its been a busy week again.I am now into my 3rd week at mums and am missing my home and family badly.Luckily I have 2 grandaughters and LL with me to make me feel a bit like home, you know the fights etc lol.Grandaughter #1 one just got back from her nans yesterday (she lives a few hours away )we met and picked her up about an hour and a half south of where mums house is and went visiting family where I was able to get pics of below pics.
this one is  of my gran that I had  never seen before with her parents and son in the hat I now own (thanks mum) You all will see it soon I sent it back with the captain,Gran is holding my uncle so this would be about 1937 she is with her parents.
Below is my grandfather when he was in his early 20s .

We then went for a walk and found out this building used to be the blacksmiths/carriers then the 1st service station in the area Now it is Heritage listed and falling down,.What stories it could tell

I also dropped into a lovely B&B called Deloraine in Tenterfield  I had met the owner a few days earlier when she came to buy some of mums lovely things.Mum commented on the lovely table on this beautiful bed.

and I said hey that looks like the table I did  and guess what? It was I had sold it at my gsale 2 yrs ago and you know what?I thought it was still in storage and  I want it back!!! lol.My kids used it when they were older and the grandkids used to fight over who was getting to use it Maybe I got sick of that and decided to get rid of it? I cant even remember how long ago I did it but has to be between 13-18yrs ago at least.
This was something else she got from mum that I wish I had kept but was trying not to be too greedy lol silly me aye?
 and its green what was I thinking letting it go? Now I want it back too (see why I am a hoarder? lol)

anyway on with the show woman!!

LL and grandaughter #2 have had some great hikes and camping trips in last 2 weeks and she  took the girls to Boonoo Boonoo today (pronounced Bunny Banoo)  (Yere I know who would have thought you would say it like that?) They have had some great times at a few places around this area at waterfalls etc.Pretty place isnt it? LL has missed all this since we moved north 2 years ago and since she will be staying around this area for a few months Id say she will make the most of it all.

Anyway I spect you all want me to get on with what I wore this week? Well its dresses  you have seen  before due to only bringing a few pieces not realising Id be here so long anyway here you go....

Sunday My bamboo dress was late arvo was most untidy

Monday my 70s black monk dress I was a mess as Id been in shed fixing some old wooden boxes to take with me I must learn to take pics 1st thing not last.

Tuesday I decided to swing in floral
Mum would have loved to have taken her swing 

My very talented friend Crafty Carol came to visit today where she ewwed and ahhed over mums house and my hats lol .Please  go say hi to her and get her blog followed some more. Thanks in advance.

Kids asked mumma (my kids and grandkids all call my mum that) if they could visit Dadda today.(my stepdad) he passed away just over 2 years ago so we did,Mum is waiting for his stone to be done as she couldnt get it done earlier.Here thay are sprinkling flower seeds on his spot made mum cry as she is moving a long way away but I know he would want her to be happy more than anything.

So that was some mammoth post wasnt it and you thought you was just getting oufits didnt you?I am going to get hubby to choose and pack me some vintage dresses to bring up to me when we meet at my sisters in a few days will see how well he does lol.
Ok thats all I am knackered.

Nelly xxx


Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love the bamboo dress! You and your top hats. I just know you will find the perfect one in an oppie one day soon. That was very sweet of the kiddies to sprinkle seeds. xx

fabriquefantastique said...

good to catch up with you, Nelly. I would love to get my hands on that service station and do it up.

Krista said...

So many lovely photos and memories! Thanks for sharing!

A Blessed Life said...

Great post Nellie,lots of bits and bobs lovely..

Please may I? said...

Nellie such lovely stories and memories that go with the photos. thanks so much for sharing them with us.

x x

rkbsnana said...

I love the old pictures and the bamboo dress - which I could wear all the time but I have ugly arms. Your mum is a pretty lady. Did she have a bow or flower in her hair? It suits her. How hard the move must be for her.

Vintage Coconut said...

You got to wear ANOTHER top hat!!
I love your three frocks!

God that little Police pedal car is just WAY TOO CUTE.

delia hornbook said...

Oh Nelly such a lot of memories all tied up in this post i did have a lump in my throat come the end. What wonderful photo's, you have been a and are going right down memory lane. I hope it all works out for your mum bless her. And i hope hubby manages to bring you the dresses you want ;-)) dee xx

PennI Pops said...

Hi Nelly, I so enjoyed reading your post! Memories can be so emotional can't they? How wonderful it is to have them though! Blessings to you as always! Penni xxx

C.K. Garner said...

Wow! Love the hat and the Family ties that go with it! How neat is that service station? Could be done up in a hundred ways...nice you came across it. I have to say that your posts of life in general, lovely clothing and beautiful things aside, are what make your site so special! Lol! What is the old saying that one man's trash is another's treasure? It would be funny if you were able to buy back the desk, but it's sure nice to see someone enjoying it in such a lovely place! Now all the visitors will enjoy the table that you touched...you just keep on amazing me!

A Treasured Past said...

Great post Nelly, love the green kitchen cabinets! What a fabulous top hat and the family history attached, a great family treasure.

The service station is way cool.

How funny that you were drawn to the tray and that you actually made it, what were you thinking letting it go? The cupie is gorgeous too.

Its sad that your mum has to move away but he will be close to her in her heart. The seeds is such a sweet idea and also so heartbreaking.

still LOVE the house!
all the best, Tam x

Vix said...

Happy New Year! I wondered where you'd been.
How fab is your Mum? She's so glam in her lovely dress and Uncle Len looks a dapper gentleman.
I love your bamboo dress and it's such a shame that blacksmith's is in such a state, hope someone is allowed to restore it and make it into a cool bar or restaurant. x

two squirrels said...

Oh what a wonderful series of images, I so enjoyed seeing your family and the treasures that have formed there lives.
That bamboo dress on you, just gorgeous. V

Crafty Carol said...

nelly that would have been so nice to see your uncle and what an amazing family you have, so many beautiful memories, and your mum is doing the right thing, in moving, one door closes and another one opens

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Well I've just been way too gone to even try to catch up. Between Christmas, not being able to see your blog because of tech reasons (I was so worried I e-mailed Dee Dee to ask if she'd heard from you!), then got miserably sick for way too long, I just missed everything! But what a great time you've had at your mum's! And what a beautiful collection of wonderful things you're bringing home with you. Good to "see" you again Nelly. Hopefully things are back to normal (as normal as my life ever is anyway) that I won't be missing all this good stuff! And BTW - since I missed Movie Star Monday I just have to say Maureen O'Hara was my absolute favorite. First time I ever saw her was at the movie's with my mom in "The Quiet Man" with my love, John Wayne. Thought she was THE most beautiful lady I'd ever seen.

Hope you have THE greatest New Year Nelly!

((HUGS)) from Sacto CA!