Friday, January 6, 2012

14 Hours on the Road

and we finally made it home last night.Well home to  my sisters at least and now home to our mum.It was a 1200 km (746 mile) trip  to Blackall for myself one grandaughter and mum with me driving in one car and Laura driving her 4wd with her best buddy and my other grandaughter riding along in the other.We had a trailer each  packed to the max.I was awake at just after 2 or so  and as insomnia had struck I decided to get up and finish packing about 4.

Moving the wardrobe the day before the trip
a few hours before the storm hit It was super hot!
 At 4.20 am or so LL woke up and opened her camper van and asked what I was doing with which I replied "did I wake you darling ?(snicker and mission accomplished) you said you wanted to leave early didnt you?"
Lauras reply" yes but its not even daylight for another 2 hours"
My reply "I am sorry sweetie  go back to sleep for a bit then"
Her reply "mumble ,mumble, may as well get started then.( Mission well and truly accomplished!) lol
So here we were packing a trailor in the dark plus making the executive desicion on what to leave in the shed  as 2nd trailor was small.

(mum at this time was down at a friends so we could get stuck in  and I had finished packing most everything up in her room the night before).
Spare room hasnt been empty in over 22 years.
Why didnt we pack the arvo/night before? Coz it teemed down buckets  so we had to stop.Mind you didnt stop Laura grabbing the trolley and wheeling a freezer down the road to mums friends place lol.It also didnt stop her going next door to one of the neighbours and have word to him about not paying what he owes my mum for what he "bought" at her sale.Yes ok so it was only $13 but as Laura said to him  "at your age (he is about 60) you should know how the system works, you buy something you pay for it!!"after many excuses.Ok just some background this fella is a pain and not the best neighbour and sponges of the lady he lives with (I know as I heard her yelling at him a few days earlier about spongeing of her.)Anyway LL was quite proud as she took what he had "bought" and brought it back then dumped it out the front of our house (its the principal you know ) Now that was just a shortened story the whole story was hilarious.Dont mess with my girl ( no she doesnt take after me I just wish I was like her tho)

Just about ready
LLs car loaded up Just had to add kids and spare tyre
So we left about 7 ish after waking the girls and loading them in.I said a few words to the other neighbours (well wouldnt you if you saw their window up?) who are always listening and watching everything you do, about the disgraceful way they have behaved and the gossiping and damage they have caused a grieving lady who was crushed after she lost her hubby. The curtain twitched pretty fast too so they were watching, they yelled out something dunno what it was (but we heard what they said  later  and dont come back (to me) and poisening mums garden was some of it)  but I said my piece and left and I will be back ha ha as I have things to pick up in a few months and Laura will be back tomorrow  to get her van and other gear so they better watch their Ps and Qs around her lol.
BTW I have known the woman since we were teens she is just 2 years older in age 100yrs older  in mind  and we used to be good friends but she has turned into an evil gossiping old woman.I dont do gossips well especially ones who run others down and she does it alot to whoever becomes her target at the moment and her newish hubby is the same.I believe in the motto Live and let livemind your own business and treat others well.Oh and my mum isnt the 1st she has done this to.

 Anyway  mum is now home with no nasty neighbours who gossip and make up stories and cause lots of dramas.She can finally relax as all her special things are packed and house has been rented out.

Must say it was one heck of a day tho.If you get a google map out you can see where we started at Tenterfield NSW to Blackall QLD. Then look at Burnett Heads Queensland  where The Captain started from to Blackall he arrived in 12 hours but that was going the longer way.We all met up at My sisters and was sooo nice as we havent seen each other for over 2 years.
I managed to hit a dead roo (forgot I was in a sedan not a 4bee and an echidna which was very upsetting I tried missing it but being at night you dont see it till you are near on top of it.
Sure was lots of roadkill including wild pigs.

We stopped of at some aboriginal water holes 

and had a few petrol fill up stops and lots of loo stops for Laura who ate something that must have not been quite right as she had stomach cramps all day and had to do a few bush runs in emergency times.Poor thing lol.I think thats why it ended up being a 14 hour trip instead of a 12 hour one as we had to wait for her to catch up a few times.
Anyway we made it safe and well tho my eyes were burning and red by the time we got there.

This was taken about the 8th or 9th hour in hence the wacky woo hoo uber tired silly pic.
 I was watching the road really I was  lol   

Both cars were so packed full everything was squished in and the kids were too lol
This was the following morning before we unpacked.

We spent a hot dry day unpacking both trailers and repacking another to take home with us with lots of goodies from mums.My sister also got things one  being  a gorgeous leadlight sideboard that we saved for her and that she has always wanted and thought was sold at the sale.She got all emo when we showed her lol
My sister  LURVEs her  sideboard
We then spent a couple of hours at the pool its an artesian spring one we cooled off  the best you can in warm water then came home tired but cooler.The heat here is very dry.

me Laura and The Captain
My son Mr 17 and grandson master 2

Me miss 5 and The Captain
4 of the tribe
 The rest were too busy swimming somewhere.
I didnt mention that there is 16 family members here at the moment so wish my eldest daughter,mr 21 (who is partying at Surfers Paradise and My baby grandson were here then it would be complete.

Was hoping for a full family pic but mum is knackered and is alseep Miss 10 is overtired and after having an emo moment went to sleep as well.
My darling Laura leaves to head back south with the trailer tomorrow and I wont see her for a few months as she will be 7hrs from home and is working  down where we used to live.I shall miss her so badly.sniff.
Well thats enough of me blathering on wonder if anyone actually got this far lol.

Nelly xxx

Ps as you can see no Frock this week.  Hopefully back to normal viewing next week.


sacramento said...

happy new year, my dear NELLY!!

Liz said...

I was exhausted just reading your post! What a journey and an emotional time for you and the family. Hope you have recovered.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Vintage Sweetheart said...

I'm glad your Mum is in a much nicer place now, no crappy neighbours. 14 hours wowza what a drive. I bet you will be glad to get home. Can;t wait to see all the goodies you've gained. x

delia hornbook said...

Blimey Nelly you don't do things by half bless you ;-)) What a time you have had. So glad to hear that your mum is settled in now and to think she will be able to relax will be wonderful. Nothing worse than having horrible neighbours. That sideboard is gorgeous no wonder your sister was pleased. I love the photo of you, and your little one and the Captain he looks like a lovely man. Happy new year to you all, dee xx

Misfits Vintage said...

Glad you are all safe and sound, Nelly! Sarah xxx

pastcaring said...

Good grief, you have been busy! Well done for getting your mum's house cleared and that mammoth drive. I need a dip in a pool now, never mind you! xxxx

Krista said...

Woah that's a crazy trip for sure. What are those water holes, that's kinda cool. I am happy your Mum is safe and sound and that this journey is almost over. Live and let live fore sure nelly, screw those crazy old neighbors! 16 family members in that pool, wow!

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

I think there's only one thing to be said here.....You are an incredible daughter Nelly. Simply incredible & your mum is a very lucky lady.

TWO ((HUGS)) from Sacto CA today!

Hope you can get some rest soon.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that your Mum will be away from the hideous neighbors. Onto better a better living situation with you and your siblings and children and grandchildren and for her greatgrand children! What an amazing trip, Nellie! And what a pleasure to see how well you care for your Mum...sometimes I feel that people forget their elderly relatives. You are a great daughter to her. I so respect that!

Vix said...

Happy new start to your mum! I bet she's delighted to have left all that nonsense behind her.
14 hours? That's how long our flight is on Tuesday, at least we get served food and drink and can sleep. Driving must be a nightmare. xxx

wendz said...

Amazing journey Nelly. I looked at the Google map and zoomed out to get a clearer idea of where you are - and you know what? It made me realise just how huge Oz is. That distance is nearly the entire length of England. :) Well done you.

Crafty Carol said...

hiya nelly glad its all done you are a trooper, always there, for everyone, your heart is good, dont ever change,so many beautiful things are going to happen for you, my dear

will skype you throu the week

crafty xxxxxx

Bohemian said...

Happy New Year from the Arizona Desert dear Nelly!

Dawn... The Bohemian