Sunday, January 8, 2012

Random Pics

of family and things .
My sis and my lot
Guess who was in a mood?

 But I fixed her with an attempted photoshop job lol

Looking for someone who can do a better job (hint hint)

 My darling Laura who I now wont see for a few months with her 2yr old nephew

 Me and my sis.
 Hairdressing session
 Mum with youngest grandaughter and youngest greatgrandaughter
Some serious crafting going on here Wanna know more?
 Its been 40+ degrees till today and the spa was finally cool enough to jump into
 My sisters kids and my grandkids  2nd cousins  but wait after all that there is one missing!
 Just channeling an earlier pic with some sulking
 Some cousinly love
 and more 
 We found the missing child
ages left to right 12 in feb,3 in March , 11 in march, 11 in march again, 9 next week,9 in sept,7 and 5
 More cousinly love
 Like pa like grandson at the end of another  long hot day

Goodbyes have been said and a big trip home tomorrow and its goodbye to Blackall
See you soon

Nelly xxx


Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love the first photo. In a few years she will be laughing at it and at your photoshop attempt!! xx

Miss Claire said...

Aw, what a gorgeous family you have! I was a frequent sulker and a little bit of a she and bitchy lass as a child! xxx

pastcaring said...

Aah, your lovely (huge!) family!
Hahaha to the sulky pic! xxxxx

Anonymous said...

You have a beutiful looking family Honey. X

rkbsnana said...

Love family pics. My favorite is the one of girls hair brushing party

Vintage Coconut said...

Looks like you all had good time =D
(Especially little Miss photoshopped pants!) *LOL*

Hello Vintage said...

What a lovely family time. Love all the pics and your photoshop attempt is classic (don't worry I couldn't do better than that). Lol Sherry :)

two squirrels said...

Fun with family!!! happiness to you and everyone! V

delia hornbook said...

aahh such a lovely sweet post. You have a beautiful family Nelly and one to be proud of. I adore that last photo bless them both very cute ;-)) dee xx

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lol! The photo-shopped sulky is brilliant...I like the channeling event pic as well! Ohhh, it almost looks like you are holding a seance in that crafty photo oppy...what were you ladies creating with the aid of candles?
Cheers! TWKN