Monday, January 9, 2012

Home At Last

After a trip that started at 6.50am we were waved off
Do they looked relieved? lol kidding.But they do dont they? lol
 The car was full up with 5 kids one teen and The Captain and I with 2 children who never stopped talking,winging,argueing once in all that time.
The Captain made sure I got to a couple of oppies on our trip Even after I said no its ok it may be too hard to find he went looking and we found one in Emerald (few nice bits) and one at Blackwater where I got a few more bits (pics soon)No vintage dresses tho sadly.Hubby hadnt been up that way in 30 yrs when he used to work there so was a nice trip down memory lane for him.
So with all that stopping and starting  the trip finally  ended at 5.30pm  and I was pooped.

what we must find room for and unpack in the morning.(lots of treasures)
 as I had been away for 3 weeks the house wasnt in the best state (you know men right?) so toilets had to be cleaned (The Captain did one while I was away  at least lol) Floors had to be vaccuumed and rooms tidied before I even started unpacking.
I am now showered using lovely fresh ( instead of  egg (fart) smelling artesian) water and sitting with  a lovely sea breeze blowing thru the house -after the heat of Blackall its wonderful.(you reading this sis?)
 I also arrived home with 2 parcels waiting for me.One was from the ever generous  Lovely Kylie

 One of her beautiful patchwork creations with N sewn on it awww.Your so sweet Kylie thank you soo much  I love it xx ( just read your post and saw you hate being called Kyles so I had to edit my post lol)
 and the other parcel was from the talented Dee at One Denim Bird blog I won a skirt made by her and in my choice of style and fabric.The skirt is sooooo pretty. Not showing you yet coz I have overindulged over the hols and have to taper down a bit first but its beautiful and I will show you very soon I promise.Thanks so much Dee It really is gorgeous and I look forward to wearing it.
Here is a peak at the parcel I was too excited opening it to take a before pic but she wrapped it so beautifully with old pattern paper string and a lovely tag.

 I think thats it my mind is frazzle kids are still awake and I have to get paperwork signed for the home loan.But that may wait till I wake me thinks.

Leaving you with some more happy snaps.
Best Buds always

Sis and son

 The Captain and grandson
the 3 amigos (my son in left backgrond  and nephew holding on)
Hungry little rodents
Nelly xxx


delia hornbook said...

aahh Nelly i don't know where you get your energy from ;-)) So glad to hear you home safe and sound. Lovely gifts you recieved enjoy them ;-)) Gorgeous photo's its lovely to see everyone so relaxed and happy. Have a rest tonight if you can, dee xx

Sharon's Sunlit Memories said...

Gosh Nelly - what a life you lead. Never a dull moment. Love your photos - your family look so happy together - its just wonderful. Looking forward to some more dressing up now that you are home xx

Vintage Coconut said...

Seeing your family photos. Makes me miss my one side of the family that lives about 12 hrs away. I always have SO MUCH FUN when I go visit them. and I haven't in I dunno... 6 years or so... *Eaaak*

I am glad you had a lovely trip!
That pool you went to looks like a real fun place.

pastcaring said...

I bet feels good to be home!
And how nice to come home to lovely parcels too. Looking forward to seeing the skirt, and all the treasures you brought back from your mum's. xxx

Vicky said...

Glad you are home safe and sound.

wendz said...

What a trip! You must have been wiped out after all that. I hope you're feeling fresher today - and kudos to you for tolerating showering in farty water - that would have done my head in. :)

Miss Peregrin said...

I'm glad you made it home safe & sound Nelly dear! Looks like it was a great trip - and it's good that you found some oppies along the way!

Crafty Carol said...

looking forward to the next pics glad your mum is getting settled have a rest nelly