Monday, June 6, 2011

I am so naughty but treasure hunting? Seriously what would you do?

Ok so  I went treasure hunting today when I was supposed to just do groceries I had to use what little is left of savings.You see after 3 trips to Brisbane with Miss 4.5 and  then clutch problems and 2 new tyres for our Prado ($800 tyres and $600 clutch  thanks very much ) we have eaten into our so called savings.Payday is tomorrow today we had empty cupboards soooo I went shopping for  groceries with a detour or 2 or 3 on the way ha ha.I was good I did only 3 oppies not all 8 (pat on back ha) anyway grocery shopping is soooo boring and treasure hunting soooo much fun!! I did have to put a bag of potatoes back tho ooops lol.Yere smack me I admit I am bad will buy potatos tomorrow.
Anyhow now I have dobbed myself in and made myself feel even guiltier (not)

Here are my finds

This cute vintage case woohoo.Thought it could hide from me?
2 teatowels, 2 red belts another Notebook yay
Look Lucy  Violet Vintage a teatowel.
Large silver beads are wooden and painted.Blueish beads are heavy and pearls coz pearls are nice.

Canada stamp on 3 links.(made in Canada perhaps? methinks so)
Close up of the blueish necklace
This was an electro plated thingy-majig which I had to buy $1. I think it shall be used to hold  cotton buds on my dresser (dresser what dresser?) the one in my imagination that I will get one day. )

yes battered and bruised
On the bottom Love seeing stamps on things
80s annuals My cousin had every Jinty comic that ever came out she shared them with me.Her dad thru them all out!!! Think she had all the annuals too
Love braces 50c and cant go past a pretty or funky tie this was just pretty.
Gold belt
Vintage odd screw ins to be turned into hair pins I think and this old brooch
has old clasp is the stone agate ?Thoughts? was only $1

 Oh no not another 80s dress Yes its another 80s dress How could I resist?Its the tulle netty stuff I tells ya!!
That story can be found on my very 1st post.
Books I am a sucker for books and 10c books are great, plates 50c each used to have cane handles any ideas use wise?? did you say send them to you?
Following  pics are from last weeks hunt.2 lovely frames one with glass and a cute clock and basket
Large jar need em for the pantry coz of those meddling moths!! (which I have so far erradicated) a cute pincushion cup (saves me making one)and a peter rabbit magnet.

70a pattern and 70s sunnies getting a collection yay (well 2 pairs  is the start of a collection right?)
 Pretty print fabric

Bright pink pure wool blanket not a colour I  see alot in this type of blankie.

and thats all so far folks but stay tuned.But I am going to be really good this week,maybe, I think, will see.

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Here is the  lovely sunset we had tonight. Grandaughter Miss 8 saw it first raced in and asked if I had seen the sky and both Miss 10 and Miss 8  took the pics.Awesome isnt it?Was way more pink in life tho.

Here comes the bride Part 2 coming soon ...

Nelly xxxxx


Kitty said...

Yes you are naughty indeed! You'll have to start doing the fairs at this rate!

Scarlett said...

Oh my look at all your treasure!! Just imagine the amount of bargains you would have come home with if your had done all 8! Scarlett x

fabriquefantastique said...

put your hand out, you naughty girl...
'dobbed' is a new one for me, what does it mean?

Misfits Vintage said...

Holy crap nelly - do you need an intervention???

The suitcase and the tea towels are fab!

Sarah xxx

Vintage Sunday said...

Such lovely finds Nelly ~ especially that delightful silver plated cannister ~ will look just wonderful on your (future) dresser! :) Good on Misses 8 and 10 for recognising the beauty in, and wanting to capture, that magnificent sunset ~ tell them their photos are just wonderful! Love Brenda

A Treasured Past said...

Oohh Nelly you have been bad, 10 minutes in the naughty corner :) Great finds, and at least you will have more $$ in a few hours. Gorgeous sunset, Tam x

Vintage Vixen said...

You are very naughty indeed! I do like the case and the teatowel especially.
I've "liked" you, only 4 more to go. xxx

Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

What a lovely sunset and a naughty shopping trip! Who really needs potatoes anyway?

Ivy Black said...'ve been bad...but in a good way!
I've just clicked like, one more to go I think.
Love those plates!

Protector of Vintage said...

Wow, you found so many lovely treasures! Good luck with your shop.

Vintage Coconut said...

WOW you never cease to amaze me Nelly, what great finds!

p.s. I love old sunglasses too, they are sooo fun!

Missy Vintage said...

lovely finds. Glad you got a suitcase to store them all in! x