Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Here comes the bride again Part 2 Finally!!

Just so everyone knows that I am not totally weird I didnt purposely go out finding wedding dresses they found me lol and its been a collection over a few years.I only buy from oppies and only cheap.

I think a few of the dresses may have come from the lady I bought most of my fancy dress outfits from.(now if I share all those outfits it would have part 1-20 I am sure.

Here we are with the rest of my collection (barring a couple that I think are still in storage.)

This is my wedding dress plain simple and cheap (maybe I am making up for it with my collection? LOL) Sadly it now doesnt do up.I was only a size 8/10 AU back then (after breast feeding) I am now a 12 and have been for years.
This is me and the captain the 1st time I wore it in Feb 1987.I still have the stockings but I most likely wore the shoes to death. ha.(sorry for shoddy pic its not the pic I was looking for I got sick of looking and my scanner wasnt working)

And my eldest in hers which I still have (yes a sentamental hoarder but you knew that already right?.She was 2.5 yrs.She will be 27 in July!

And now for more dresses .....

 Opshop buy  a few years ago not me at all.
Opshop Lismore about 5years ago home made 1950s?

Detachable collar and Gorgeous lace on all edges.

This was meant for daughter number ones wedding (which never happened ,it was a new buy but I embroidered onto it.Dress still has original tag and has been used at a fancy dress function.

Necklace was from fancy dress collection Parklane brand

My grandmother Sarah Ella Roser nee Rose wedding shoes.Seen in alot of shots cant bring myself to paint them should I ?

1980s does the 1980s .Cant half tell  with those huge sleeves!!

1980s doing the 20s look

Ironing lady  needed Pic isnt great we ran out of day light. But has a 20s look to it tho is from the 80s

Missing the hoop but Scarlett Ohara eat your heart out!! 1990s? Raw silk.
Please to meet ya.(remember that line from Song of the South Movie?)

Huge bow at back.

This dress was short shouldered and short waisted I couldent get it to fit anywhere.Its a 1970s dress with lovely cotton lace work and flowers.
I think I giot this at a garage sale a few month sback.Her daughters had it in their dress up box.Has of damage to zip and a few tears. The cape is lovely no damage at all 1970s

This bridal cape was in the fancy dress stuff.Gorgeous lace.Cotton lace.
but Sadly has lots of holes so will be repurposed eventually (someone come help me sort out that background mess PLEASE!!!) New note -shed has been worked on all day background mess no longer there yay me.
and last but not least my grandparents  wedding pics

My Gran wore  the wedding shoes shown  above.(click on pic to see all)
Richard "Dick" and Sara" Ella" Roser nee Rose.Groomsman  is brother of Dick and maid is Jane best friend for life of Ella

Percy and Doris Eileen Pearl Miller nee Slow. and their family members of which I have most named bar the little girls (click on pic to see all)

oh and one of the family at the wedding.Time goes so fast.

Nelly xxx


Kylie said...

Obviously I can post again Nelly. Yay!
You could open a museum with all those wedding dresses! What a great fund-raiser for a charity...a wedding dress fashion parade...
Have you heard about those women who completely trash their wedding dresses just for fun? Somehow I can't see you doing that!!!
You look beautiful and so happy on your wedding day x

theoldboathouse said...

My fav is yours you look so so lovely. I love wedding dresses too. There is a bridal shop sort of next door to one of my shops and the lovely owner and I were chatting about how lucky she is to create dresses. It is the photo and outfit after all that history is most likely to remember you by and in, xxxx Katherine

fabriquefantastique said...

I have also heard of a wedding dress show for charity.....could be fun collecting or borrowing dresses from every era...formal and more casual.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Hi Nelly, a fascinating post. I loved looking at your wedding dresses and I'm not a fan as a rule!

Like it that you're a "sentimental hoarder" - me too, although I'm attempting (half heartedly) a clutter clearout at the mo. V. difficult.

Lyndel said...

they are great Nelly. Back in the 1970s there was a Brides thru the Ages exhibition in Sydney, at Vaucluse House or somewhere run by the National Trust, an I loaned them my Mum's wedding photos... dont remember now exactly were it was. Mum was married in 1942 and had a lovley lace dress (most brides made do with a nice suit during the War, not my mum!). unfortunately, when we were packing up her house to move her down to Melb. her dress just fell apart in pieces in the box!..

Vintage Vixen said...

What a collection. I like your wedding dress the best, it's simple lines look so elegant and beautiful on. xxx

Scarlett said...

Your collection is amazing! I also enjoyed looking at your family wedding pictures. Scarlett x

Anonymous said...

the first and the 4th are my favorites
the bridal cape is so pretty, i didnt know thereas such a thiing. i love seeing old pictures

Vintage Coconut said...

Such gorgeous dresses! I don't think you are weird for buying them. I too would buy a gorgeous vintage gown if I came across one.

P.s. I do not think you should paint your Grandmas shoes. Keep them as they are for memory sake.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

the long simplistic medieval one is my favorite! i also love the whimsical bridal cape! =)


Dakota said...

Wow, look at all your wedding dresses!! I don't think it's at all weird, I envy your collection! It's sad to think of all the memories attached to such special dresses; you've gotta wonder how they ended up at an op-shop! (bitter divorce, perhaps? lol).

It's amazing you have (and can wear) your grandmother's shoes, how wonderful!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

What a great collection!