Sunday, June 5, 2011

A giveaway or 3

Yay I have hot over 100 followers at last tho I know many dont even come and read my ramblings.
So I am going to reward the ones that do by doing 3 giveaways.
This is what will happen,Each of you that comments must say what 3 things you like out of the pics below.
On Wednesday Aussie time  all commenters will go in a hat/bowl or whatever is at hand.The 1st one that gets pulled out will recieve the 1st item they chose.The 2nd person will recive one of the items they chose as will the 3rd.
You are all winners to me and I thought 3 winners was better than one.
So here are your choices,(trying to give a bit of choice to everyone) Want closeups and sizes and fabric type or brand  just ask and I shall send..

Salt n pepper shakers

70s craft book
Cute cats

Dresses and more dresses
This is more red than shown in pic

Ankle and wrist cuffs in your choice of this blue,hot pink (pink is brighter than in pic) purple or red

Hope that was enough of a choice.As I lie here (yes am in bed) I have thought of other things I could have added but will save that till maybe the 150th follower?

On another note,Part 2 of my wedding dress is nearly done but shall be delayed till I find what I am looking for grrr and
 another note also I am not enjoyig ebay fees already so am going to try a Facebook page so if you all can Like it and tell others that would be great.)will be adding pics of items very soon.I will try etsy soon also and see what does better.I MUST  offload some of my items its getting crazy in the shed I may even get squashed if I am not careful lol.

Nelly xxx


Lyndel said...

hi Nelly
I ♥ short dress with concentric Circles
I also ♥ long orangey dress (last Pic)
I could even ♥very long yellow chiffon dress

in that order.... you always have great things to show, and I'm looking forward to Weddings... to be continued.....

fabriquefantastique said...

First choice (since Im sure to win) buttons, they will round out my collection
2....yellow 70s dress...shows very nicely
3....wrist warmers, perfect for thrifting/rummaging in the winter

Scarlett said...

Congrats on the 100!! Great giveaway, I love the squirels so they would be my first choice, then buttons, then the pink wrist warmers :o) Scarlett x

Vintage Vixen said...

What brilliant prizes Nelly! You are generous.
I love the red and gold lurex maxi dress and the yellow hippy blouse just above it. xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

PS And thirdly I love the pink wristwarmers! xxx

delia hornbook said...

Hi Nelly well done you on the 100 ;-)) I would love a chance to win the gorgeous long yellow and white flower dress towards the end please, or the 70's craft book or the lovely buttons please ;-)) Such a lovely kind give away. Thank you, have a lovely week and good luck with facebook i will pop over ;-)) dee x

Vintage Coconut said...

*Congrats on over 100 followers Nelly* Woohoo!
*Throws some confetti your way*

Here is what I like best
1.) The Yellow top with the orange flowers.
2.) Bottom pic long dress with diamond pattern.
3.) White and gold circle pattern dress.

=) Lovely giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nelly! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see you are a bit of a hoarder too....we should compare photos sometime of our "hoards"! I'm not sure if I'm signed up for Google Friend Connect, but if I am I'll follow you....


Misfits Vintage said...

Holy guacamole Nelly - you're so generous! Hope you don't get international winners - the postage will be killer!

I love the little donkey tapestry!
And the chipmunk salt and pepper shakers!
And the the last frock!

Sarah xxx

Catherine said...

Ooh Nelly you are so naughty..galavanting round the oppies like that! Does honesty count here? I really don't need to win all but good for you having a give away. Really like your new fabrics today & what a great blanket..fab colours! Love Catherine

Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

Well, I may new here but I shall certainly have a go! It would be rude not to!

I like:

The salt n pepper.
The long yellow-ish dress (with the v neck)
The Tapestry!

Good luck everyone :)