Friday, June 3, 2011

Here comes the bride again and again and look again Part 1

What does Nelly do when she is feeling down and miserable?Why she gets dressed up in her wedding dresses of course.And coz there are so many she has to have 2 parts.
So here I am in part 1.Most of the dresses wouldnt do up on me, so sad.
This was the Boho post with the 70s wedding dress and I knew Id be doing more and today was the day.
(click pics to make larger some are off centre when I publish)

My 1980s does the 50s dress Lifeline a few months back

Mother of the bride.Dress ?? The captain even liked this one and he never comments usually.Forgot to tummy suck tho.ha
Vintage screw in earings

Think this was lifeline Stanthorpe a few years ago.

LL found me a new old clothes rack that wanted in on pics please ignore
My 1st 1950s dress

My last 1950s dress

buttons all the way down the back the poor groom!!!

Bought at Vinnies a few years ago lady had just bought it in had worn it at her wedding in the late 80s early 90s
Plain and simple Miss 10 didnt like this one.

Not sure where this one came frombut the near naked pageboy is cute

But I like it alot

Shame it doesnt do up  see gaping back?

Closeup of back

Which is your favourite?

Stay tuned part 2 coming soon,
Nelly xx


Fading Grace said...

The first 1950's, is my favourite. Not sure about plain and simple ruffle neck...I'm with Miss 10 on that one! xx have a graet weekend xx

Liz said...

I really like the last one - the flowers on the back are just lovely!

Kitty said...

wow you're getting into this bridal thing in a big way!

vintage mum said...

Da dada daaaa
thought you needed a bit of music :)
i like the 50's sleeves but prefer the last one, everyone should have a dressing up box great fun.
Cate x

A Treasured Past said...

Probably the top one, 1980s/50's? I love me a bit of tulle. Tam x

Vintage Vixen said...

You know me, I'm not really a wedding fan but I'm liking the plain and simple number. I'd cut the sleeves off it and dye it acid yellow. xxx

Scarlett said...

Loved this post! Your are rocking the dresses, my fave is the 1950s first one :o) Scarlett x

Kylie said...

don't you go slipping on any banana skins Nelly!
50's one my fave x

Catherine said...

Hi Nelly..great way to perk yourself up! Love the 50's one too. I think that the dresses (bridal & otherwise) must have ALL run off to England...seem to be less & less here. Haven't found a good one for ages! Have a better week. Much love Catherine. And I do love the naked page boy : )

Vintage Sunday said...

Wow, fancy having that many happy mementos of all those ladies' special days! You ought to start a little museum! The last dress is lovely.
Love Brenda

Erica Louise said...

I agree with Vintage Sunday - you need to start a museum!! Love this blog post, it made me smile

Vintage Coconut said...

"jokin" hehehe

JEAZ Nelly you could have your ow wedding dresses rental shop with this collection you have.

Anonymous said...

my fav is the first one and I love the shoes, which is your fav?

delia hornbook said...

O Nelly i love the first 1950's dress that is just beautiful and stunning ooohhhh princess material indeed ;-)) You must feel a million dollars in it in fact in them all. And i love the mother of the bride dress to and those shoes are lovely. So sorry to hear you have been sad i haven't been in blog land for a while so i have missed a few of your posts i hope playing dress up helped you to smile your gorgeous smile again. take care, dee xx

Vintage Jane said...

50's dresses all the way. You look fab!

Boheme.Fille said...

Lovely dresses! i think the last one is my favorite, it's hard to choose.

P.S: You left a comment on my blog about this tote. Can you give me more details?..because I don't know anything about it. Thanks!

sacramento said...

My favourite is definitly the 1950s one. Sooooooooooooooo fabulous!!!

Llara is the Little Scribbler said...

Oh my goodness - what a collection! I quite like the 60s-y looking second one. On someone else though - I'm too pear shaped for that kinda thing!

Krista said...

I wanna come play dress up with you! You look stunning!!!