Saturday, May 21, 2011

Grannys Gone Boho

Yep gone Boho crazy ha.Love the  look always have  so I decided to dress up in some outfits for fun including the new $4 boots.I also decided to try a fringe again been awhile coz I love Sarahs fringe but I have really bad cowlicks which I have been told just need training whipping into submission,hope it eventually works.Its not as nice as Id like as  my hair isnt as thick as it used to be.So should I keep it or grow it out?Least it covers my forehead lines a bit lol.

I look zonked out here  getting over the flu and hair was just washed..Look at the boots instead,
Starring The boots again  and my new opped dress.
Remember that 70s wedding dress from ages ago? I hadnt forgotten you wanted to see it Im just slow getting things done sometimes.Shame it didnt do up at the back tho ha ha. I also found 2 grease marks on it (my fault not happy ) how do I get rid of them?
The head peice was from an oppy a few months back for $3 I knew it was going to be for this dress.The train comes of too so would be great for a medieval do as well.
I whipped up this kimono inspired jacket today after I saw Ashleys version  at Wise Rabbits Says Great idea.I shall be looking for long scarves too,I made mine up using crushed velvet fabric.Looks better on than I thought. Miss 10s Nannas loved I gave it to her but told her not to look at the manky stitching lol.Shall be making more.Look at that dicky fringe now!!!

Nelly xxx

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Crafty Carol said...

nelly you look fab in all the pics, just love the clothes craftyxxx

Missy Vintage said...

you rock the boho look perfectly. Shame about those grease marks, I have no ideas, hopefully a clever blogger will come along with the answer! x

ladychiara said...

Your fringe looks great Nelly. I have the same kind of hairline and have thought about growing my fringe out (I have a cowlick too) but am sick of it already and ready to go back to having a fringe. Great pics!

Lyndel said...

oh good pics Nelly, you look great in that wedding dress!! and I love the velvet top. well done

C.K.Garner said...

You look great, Nelly! The fringe brings out your eyes. I'm reminded of an old American margarine ad for Parkay Margarine, with you in that white wedding dress with the flowers in your hair. The ad featured Mother Nature being fooled into thinking the Margarine was butter! Very similar look! Lol!

Vintage Vixen said...

I love those boots and the maxi dress and your hair looks lovely with the fringe. Gorgeous, in fact. xxx

Scarlett Fontaine said...

You are rocking all the looks! The wedding dress is incredible! I bet you had fun with this post :o) Scarlett x

Vintage Coconut said...

Nelly you are so so so pretty,
and love the boots they are great.

Wedding gowns are so fun. There is a few at one of the local thrifts I go to but since they are "Vintage" They mark them up higher. =/

delia hornbook said...

Your maxi dress you look gorgeous i love boots with dresses to ;-)) Your hair looks so pretty. I am sorry but i can't help with the grease problem i am not sure what you could use. dee x

CRY said...

you look cute in all of the them
you can go to the rennaseiancea(spelled wrong im sure)fair in the white one
my fav is the boots with the dress

CRY said...

cant find the swap bar you talked about

Jem said...

I love the Kimono-style jacket! Those boots are fantastic, so versatile!

Jem xXx

P.S Thank you for the kind comment on my blog