Sunday, May 22, 2011

I snuck of to the Oppie Naughty me.Mwah ha ha ha

 And was glad I did.
Poor darling LL is very sick and needed painkillers (of which The Captain has plenty Past injury )  so being the lovely mummy that I am I took her some but also borrowed some money (as I am broke) and  snuck out to the oppie in the next town  10mins away (my little village has none)
Its very rare for me to find a vintage dress that fits but look what I found and fits pefectly!!.All of $4 and I had a vintage slip at home.

I decided to channel my inner Divine Desiree ( she is the master) I half expected the TNT delivery man to arrive to take my loaner PC back boo hoo he would have got a shock was getting changed in the garage I was rushing around looking out the window.
I wore my silver shoes and red pieces of vintage  and some vintage  sparkleys ( I need some red lippy now!!) Oh and my lovely red velvet jacket that I adore and will be wearing this winter.So how did I do lacking a photographer and having to use my tripod who wont move with me? lol.

The earing look orange now I swear they were red before I put this jacket on lol

 I also bought this newer style dress coz it was lace and black and I liked the back.I teamed it with a red tulle petticoat and my red vintage shoes.

Need a brooch so my boobies arent on  show so much

Love the lace back

While at the oppy I spied thru the window some crazy ( I think she is ) lady donating this vintage doll grrr I am not a doll collector but seriously its been in the family forever and she is giving it to the oppy (yes charity and all that I know and they will put alot on it  unless they use it as a prop then double grr) But its an heirloom and its old I think celluloid!!! and I would haveasked to but it if I had been outside (well Id like to think I would have) Apparently it was her daughters who is now 47 (I think its older than that) and she didnt want it.Now I am near 47 and I still have my old dolls and teddys and love them.Anyway I think it was sad.
I also think the oppy ladies thought me odd wanting a pic ( I said was for a friend you are all my friend so I didnt lie right?)

Im coming to get you she does look kinda freaky with those fingers.

Would you have felt like me about throwing her out of the family?
Just found out this is a OK Kader doll and dont let Kitty get near any dolls (see her comment lol).
I just found out recently that LL at night used to cover the porcelain doll I bought her when she was little (trying to make her girly girl ha ) coz it scared her  lol.

Nelly xx


Kimmie said...

Its an OK KADER dolly and I had one...I am 44.
Google and you will see :]

Kitty said...

The dress looks a wonderful fit and I love the red coat. Nothing wrong with a bit of cleavage I say! But then how could I say otherwise, as I have so damn much of it, grrr. As for the doll, well I hate dolls so much I don't think I could even take it to a shop, I'd just smash its face in. That probably sounds awful...but I just hate them!

Nick said...

Ah, I can finally comment. I deleted being a follower and then followed again and voila it worked! I adore that coat, it is like Barbie' Red Flair.
What school did you go to? Have I asked you this before? And what was your maiden name? I asked my husband if he recognised you and he didn't, (but then he is hard pressed to recognise me half the time)
Yay, come and visit and we can go op shopping and have a few beverages!

Lyndel said...

oh I love love love your black / red looks Dahrling.....
the doll... bleeeeeerk. sorry not me at all but as a 'friend' may I say thank you for photographing it!♥

Nick said...

No, I am a ring in, and although I have lived here for over 20 years, don't feel like a local (I think cos my husbands family have been here since the year dot)
He went to Richmnod River and is a Flick, and would be a year older though he finished in 78. Clear as mud?

Vintage Vixen said...

That dress looks gorgeous on you, Nelly, the back is very sexy. I'm afraid I'm with Kitty on the doll, though! xxx

Ivy Black said...

You look gorgeous. I wish I had boobies like that to fill a dress!
Yep, I love the doll....xxxx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

You look FABULOUS! You know how to accessorize too. But afraid dolly is a bit freaky, and yes, imagine waking with that face inches from yours in the night... Aargh!

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

that dress! oh my. you remind me of them senoritas on those sentimental paintings. honestly, really touching.
'talking tina', huh? gôh, my son was scared of her voice..; so was i, as a matter of fact.
cheers for passing by, and following. lovely to meet you!!!!
ps - your blog post title made me crack up. especially the laughter.... ;)

Liz said...

Lovely dress - looks great on you with all those fab accessories! Poor dolly - to be chucked out at her age! No wonder she looks a bit "strange"!

Vintage Coconut said...

*Bwhahaahah at Kittys comment!* Doll smashing huh!

The dress looks wonderful on you Nelly.
The doll does sorta looks creepy... like a zombie doll... "MRAWWWHHHHHHHHGGG she is coming to get you"

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Ooh I love how you've styled both of these dresses - I'm so jealous of the shoes (both pairs). The coat is to die for!!!!! It's sooooooooo good to see you in outfits:)))))) xoxoxoxoxxo

ladychiara said...

Dresses look fabulous on you Nelly. Love that lacy back, it's gorgeous. Don't hide them beautiful boobies lol....if you got it flaunt it!
I'm not keen on dollies as a rule but don't mind admiring photos of them. Oh and that red coat is just scrummy!

Anonymous said...

Doll creeps me out. They always have. Brrrr. But I get what you are saying about getting rid of a family heirloom. But the dresses with red and silver accessories are terrific!

Kylie said...

I was also going to say that you look very Spanish in your lovely black lacy dress Nelly. It really suits you. Ole! (not sure if I spelt that correctly?) x

sacramento said...

You look so stunning, Nelly.I am not a doll lover either, heheheh. Kitty is funny.

delia hornbook said...

You are so cute Nelly. I adore your dress and with the red shoes its look gorgeous and you just look beautiful. And you suit red so well its defiantly your color. I couldn't have given the doll away its family history. dee x

Anonymous said...

The devil dollie scares me, i might have bad dreams(giggle)
I love the dress and all you have to go with it.
you look very pretty

Fading Grace said...

You look fantastic.... I love the dresses what a find, and the red shoes. Dolls can be freaky, but I most definitely would not give a family heirloom away. You would of made the TNT delivery mans day!!