Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Triumphant Tuesday For Me

but not for The Captain ........
Yesterday was a long one for  hubby taking our 16yr old to Drs then for x-rays then to Drs then back to hospital and waiting for about 3 hours to get plaster on.Getting from hospital to our Dr is about 1/2 hour one way so wasn't fun for them.My son had a run in with someone at school on the Monday  who constantly harrasses him and he ended up punching out and breaking a small bone in his wrist.I try and teach non-violence and son is usually ok but was pushed to his limit.My16yr old son has a spectrum of Aspergers Syndrome  to deal with.(looking at him and knowing him you cant tell but his social skills aren't great).He also has another syndrome that I wont go into right now so has alot to deal with poor kid.I know he will be ok once he finds his niche and I think he has learnt that punching out isnt the answer and doesnt always have the best end result.

So  they had a bad day and other than grocery shopping (hate it!!) I had a great one...Warning lots of pics

Got caught up in the granny blanket buying thing only coz this was so lovely.Was smelly tho so took the chance of it surviving my front-loader and it did.Have to repair 2 small  black sections should be easy.
A Samsonite case with keys and ...
a beauty case inside all for $2 the  one next to it had a $20 tag wasn't I lucky?
a very Cugly dressing table  stool but will be looking nice when I am finished with it.$2
A vintage ballerina pic
an Aussie table Cloth $2
This is a very large frame am thinking once painted I shall put fly-screen or wire behind to hang jewellery off any other ideas? $2
Kids riding Helmet dunno why but liked it $5
A vinategy 70s? bracelet needs a small mend on one link $1
broken lamp shade pink glass at bottom and glass hangers will  repaint on brass take of electricals and turn into a earing hanger maybe? Other thoughts welcome.

Kitsch donkey I didn't buy it looked like it had worms lol You like this one Kitty?
Plastic lidded dish cane basket 70s mirror tea-towel and cute strawberry tea set by Avon.
Fake peaal vintage necklace silver stamped clasp with small pearl
Vintage jar, cute chair (for wall) Aussie tea-towel, and an awesome pillow case with countries of the world that shall be repurposed
Telephone booth ,Ballerina picture and another plastic bowl ,gold bangle, lace on a roll, patterns and some veiling.Anyone that needs hat veiling one oppy has heaps and I have a pic of the colours just  let me know while its still there.
Brown 70s dress labelled.

and Modelled (not well tho)
Home made 60s? dress $3.50
Even the Captain liked it

Shame it was too tight for me can do it up but my boobies were squashed.
 From my stash Glomesh bag and earings.Worn with above dress

70s home made dress $4
Will wear with my granny boots when I uncover them.

Skull belt (love it was going to give to kids but fits me mwahhh hahh ha) art deco looking stretch belt,hankie and cute 70s look kids tie

 How was that for a haul?Son is doing wel.

If anyone wants to skype me Id love that. Just add me - aussiej64

Nelly xxxx

PS have been reading all blogs but slow PC stopped me commenting.Got a new lappy today (pay it off by Jan 2013 interest free) so am commenting again yay,


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh my word, Nelly, there is soooooo much to love here. Adore those dresses on you especially numbers one and two.

Kitty said...

Some good scores there Nelly! I've done similar to what you've suggested with the picture frame, mine is a gold frame with cardboard then black fabric then black netting over it, works well but doesn't hold much weight and falls over all the time if I'm not careful so no good at outdoor venues as its not heavy enough. I'm up for some black veiling if you can get some for me, thanks.xx.

Lyndel said...

oh Nelly, wonderful haul. Hope yr son is doing OK by tomorrow♥
No shopping for me today, NEW GLASSES instead.. cost a bomb, and are hurting my ears tonight, so I'm back tomorrow for an 'adjustment' I think. ~ L.

ladychiara said...

Wooohoo Nelly! What a wonderful treasure trove! I am so envious of your fantastic op shops! LOVE it all, the granny rug is beautiful, love those old ballerina pics! The bling was great and the dresses look great.
Hope your son is feeling better tomorrow. It's tough being a teenager at the best of times let alone one with aspergers.

Kylie said...

Hi Nelly, I love, love LOVE everything.
You weren't kidding when you said you had a triumphant day. Wow!
That brown dress looks great on you, the others are all lovely too, but the brown one is my favourite.
The granny blanket is one of the nicest I've glad it washed up o.k.
I could go on and on but I wont...just quickly: W.A. tablecloth is a beauty x

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh Nelly, I do love that brown embroidered dress, isn't the design fabulous? That black one suits you a treat, you look gorgeous.
I'll do a big hair tutorial especially for you very soon, promise! xxx

Scarlett Fontaine said...

wowsers so much great stuff! You did so well! The dresses look amazing on you! Scarlett x

Fading Grace said...

Nelly.....I think you would look glamourous in a bin bag!!!! Most vintage things I try on make me look like a sack of spuds! Lovely finds I really like the chandelier lamp. School is difficult, I hated it, hope your son is ok and daudhter mends quickly xx

Fading Grace said...

I'm now not sure if it is daughter or son at docs! either way hope there better soon xx

Vintage Coconut said...

Holy heck this is a haul and a half!!
I am always drawn to those samsonite cases. hah
I have at least 6 samsonites then some other brands on top of that... You would think I travel alot.. but I do not! bwhahaha

I also think that donkey has worms But he is kinda cute!

I am lovin that brown dress is is fantastic and looks nice on you.

A Treasured Past said...

Damn school bullies..I hope your son's hand recovers quickly. TAm x

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Wanna swap towns for a week? I think I need a Bundy oppy fix - those sorts of bargains are just unheard of in oppys here now. Only jumble sales are any good - but gotta be quick!! You have such an incredible haul - well done you!! You look so chuffed with your fab bits and bobs and I lurrrrve the dresses, the black looks so beautiful on you!! Other highlights: blanket, suitcase (bargain!), lamp, phone booth, ballet pic!!! Unbelievable! Sorry to hear about your son Nelly, I really hope his wrist mends soon - and his feelings. I know several boys with AS and it is a roller coaster ride for the parents - all such beautiful, gentle boys inside. Big warm hug to you my lovely friend. xoxoxooxxooxoxox

grunge-queen said...

The brown 70s dress - GORG! The stool is a beaut and will look even better when you're done with it, and I have major bling thrift envy with that bracelet - you like the 70s just as I do, I see!

PJ said...

Love the samsonite case! What a bargain

Crafty Carol said...

Hi nelly great shopping, you look beautiful as always, I have not been able to go on computer, as you know our house is solar, so the weather has been bad, will put my great finds from garage sales I got today, fantastic buys will share
tommorow, peter is telling me to get off computer,
did you get my email I would love the hat netting
if possible better go grrrrr saw your aunty today said to send her love to you all crafty