Sunday, May 15, 2011

I got another one!!!!!

Yes another vintage wedding dress how lucky was I?Was only $12 as well and is similar style to my other one I got HERE both 50s era.So glad not many others see the beauty of them like I do and think they are only good for dressups.Just wish they would fit me.       
                            This is the back

Had a rotten morning and had to do groceries a day early as Lovely Laura is looking after the 4 grandies and her brother while  The Captain and I go to Brisbane with Miss4.5 tomorrow for the 2nd eye operation attempt fingers crossed.For my new friends  who didnt read that post and want to know what the story was go   Here , Here and Here.
So what do you do when you are having a rotten day? You hit the oppies of course in the  hope something will put a smile on your face like my dress finally did (was last buy too) and I got  these buys as well ....

        I cant resist kids dressups and this Indian outfit was too cute top leave for $4 including the pants.We       now have 2 Indian outfits in the collection.

      Bet you wouldnt have left this fella behind either

 Look I now have a collection

 I got these buttons a couple weeks ago forgot to share

Dessert bowls x5
                               Gorgeous vintage shot glasses (dont use them) but love the old cars
                                Kitschy salt and peppers nearly didnt buy them but knew Id regret it.

                                                                A lovely 70s book.
          The inner cover

Gorgeous Vintage Jug wish I had kept my other old one now as it was same style.differnt picture isnt it lovely?
 and back to weddings this book last week that I forgot to show.

Shop opens out

 Church opens

 Pretty pictures

So did you love my wedding dress.? You know I nearly didnt go to this opshop today but thought what the heck am so glad I did.It must have been calling my name lol.
Found out my eldest son who just turned 21 has a GF that loves Vintage wont she love me?Shame he lives so far away as I would love to meet her.

My net is slow so am having problems opeing blogs and leaving comments but VV I love your eyelashes.

Jemima and Geraldine let me know your address and I will send the Golden Hands to you.

Desiree have a bounced (delayed ) email again and really need to send so I get a reply before tomorrow xxxx

and excuse my pics being all over the place seems like blogger wont play nice today.
oh and my fav opshop that was flooded was closed today and I think for the week while they get all their new renovations done coz they been improvising since they reopened.

                                                                            Nelly xxx

PS nearly forgot what LL bought me )she knows how much junk I need to store was from garage sale and $40 I think Id like to paint it but dont know what colour.Will change the handles too.Yes already messy I know but havnt finished tidying the shed yet.See your leapord pants there D thats your pile.Ha ha what a tease.


Vintage Sunday said...

What great finds Nelly ~ yes, that wedding dress is just beautiful! I love that sweet little jug! And how kind of LL to buy that wonderful dresser ~ I think antique white would look great, as it would then be a great back-drop for whatever colourful things you'd like to display. Love Brenda

Fading Grace said...

Love that wedding dress....will you wear it? or do you just collect them? its gorgeous anyway....and love that little owl, very seventies, reminds me of my mums kitchen when I was growing up, the colours I think. Hope you Have a better day xx

Vintage Vixen said...

Glad you like the eyelashes, Nelly!
How kind of LL to buy you that dresser, it would look lovely painted in a matt "Aged White" paint with crystal handles.
I've seen those classic car shot glasses here, they must have been tremendously popular back in the day.
That dress is so pretty and I love the psychedelic owl tea pot stand. xxx

Helga! said...

Darl,I adore that wedding frock,how heavenly!
The shot glasses are right up my alley,and I'm partial to those kitschy alt & pepper shakers!
I reckon your eldest's GF would love you indeed!

Kitty said...

Firstly, I don't do wedding stuff so I'm gonna leave that one alone!

I'd give that dresser a nice rough sand, taking a few edges off, then alternate layers of cream and white paint, then sand again, gives a nice aged finish and you can use up whatever crappy bits of paint you have lying around. I agree with Vix on the handles.
Sorry I didn't comment on your last post, I've been having with my feed reader, thought you may have been ill again.
Let me know if you have time to meet up tomorrow, I got a new van today and I'll be on the northside in the arvo

Kitty said...

Oh and for my 2 cents worth, good score on the s&p set, always buy kitschy ones like that, they are very collectable.

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh I LOVE that owl teapot stand! And I have a little salt and pepper shaker collection - the weirder or tackier the better for me!

Sarah xxx

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh my you are a tease Nelly!!! I'm so sorry you had a rough day - but isn't it wonderful how we all understand how a good old oppy trawl can smooth things over when we've been touched with the shit-stick?!! I am amazed at the wedding dress - lots of weddings in Bundy eh?;))). I love the Ballerina and wedding book - if I had those books as a kid I would have just lived in my room! Sooooo glad you didn't leave the shakers and shot glasses behind and **sigh** the jug!!!! Isn't beautiful!!!? I'll be looking out for your email and thinking of you tomorrow - I really, really hope it happens this time. Ring ABC News if it doesn't. With your carer responsibilities there is no way the hospital can treat you the same way they did before. Especially with the distance!!!!!! Warm hugs xoxoxoxoxo

Kylie said...

there is no way I would've been able to resist that orange owl either and I don't even collect owls! And I adore that wedding dress... there is no way you'd get one like that for 12 bucks here! x

CK Rifle said...

I don't think you have nearly enough wedding dresses! Go get more! Yay! The owls are my fave in this set. :D

I'm so glad you are getting another chance at having the surgery for Miss 4.5! I'm praying and sending out best of thoughts to You, your ever graceful Hubby, and the young Miss 4.5.

Scarlett Fontaine said...

well done on the wedding dress - fabulous find and a bargain!! Love the s&p set and the ballerina book. My mum has that dolls house book, she a dolls house nut :o) Scarlett x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Nelly that wedding dress is a stunner! Don't be scaring off the new girlfriend though - "Hey, look at all these wedding dresses - you can choose"!

Really hope surgery goes well, let us know

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Nelly, love the little owl collection, they are one of my favourites. Lovely dress too, what ever will you do with them? Tam x

Lyndel said...

oh Nelly big Hugs and Fingers Crosses for the little one tomorrow♥
Love the dresser, yes, some sort of antique white/creams and crystal would be WONDERFUL!

Catherine said...

well I think you know what to do with the dresser by now!! Would the sweet GF have a look at your blog do you reckon?..quite a good way to get to know someone especially if you have common interests. Love your buttons..they'd look nice + some in a pretty jar on the dresser ; ) Thinking of you for tomorrow. Much love Catherine

MyStyle said...

Hi my dear-what lovely amazing finds, the owl pieces and the wedding dress is really lovely! Thanks so much for stopping by too! x

CRY said...

what fun stuff
how fun it would be to come over and just admire all your goodies!
I got a 1915 kids reader book for $1.35 the other day at a second hand store and felt like I won the lottery.

delia hornbook said...

aawww love the wedding dress what a beauty yet again ;-) 50's style is just lovely and you can't go wrong i say ;-)) Great finds to. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

ladychiara said...

I adore the wedding dress Nelly! Your other finds are wonderful too. I'm still under the weather but wanted to send positive thoughts for today. Thinking of you all. Hugs xx

Vintage Coconut said...

OoOOo oOoO oOoO Lovely finds Nelly.
The dress is really pretty & aren't owls so darned sweet?! I like them too

Miss Claire said...

Woohoo, golden hands!!! Thank you so much! I'll see if I can email you my address, haven't checked to see if your email is listed yet though. I love vintage wedding dresses and hope to one day wear one, but who knows when that will happen! Your owl collection is gorgeous :)

Great finds! Claire xoxox

Vintage Fabric Addict said...

oh my gosh you've been busy! you must have the best op shops up there. that dress is a real steal, they charge $60 for similar down here. not fair! because just as i decided I wanted to collect them I found they were collectable. Also wanted to say that I just saw your gypsy caravan and it looks exactly like the one I want to own!!! oh my gosh!!