Saturday, May 14, 2011

What have I been up to other than MFB

Well isnt blogger being delightful? I was starting to have withdrawels without my daily dose of everyones posts and I bet there is lots of frustrated bloggers out there.Least it gives me time to get this post ready via wordpad,)
I have been MFB (missing from blogging) due to family dramas that got me down (plus those nasty hormonal moments grrr)  but here I am again on my way back up.

While not blogging I have been....
recieving lovely parcels
lovely Lyndel sent me a package of  velvet and a lovely card..Remember I asked Here if anyone had any I could have?Lyndels gift  will be used to make something for Miss4.5 in the future.Thanks so much you lovely lady.I still need more if anyone has any.I especially am looking for deep gypsy colour scraps for a crazy patch I am working on.
I have also painted some cheap frames gypsy colours
The Before
The during
Dream frame is the after
Master 2 broke my Dream word  in half  tho grrr but  as long as my own dreams are still in tact for real all is well.

I knitted a hat to sell giveaway? (not quite as cute as original pattern but used up some of my stash but came out ok

My Version modeled by Miss 4.5
                                                  and  The original version
Pattern from "Knitting Little Luxeries" by Loisa Harding.Mine was from library.
And I finally conquered this pattern that I put away for a week in frustration and still messed up same row half a dozen times or more but being stubborn I finally worked it out,This is for a  babys bonnet using my new in package  opshop yarn.
Family Circle Pattern book $1 "Lovable Knitting and crochet"  Patons Brand
I also finished another set of the knitted cuffs just need 4 lots of 14 buttons to finish them off and finding 14 buttons the same and that I like and that dont cost a heap  isnt that easy.
Will be for sale soon

I also made these bird wings (to be added to very soon with dress head peice and footwear) for miss 4.5 thinking they shall come in handy for a dress up at school later in the year,

More to come soon
                                                         Loved  the idea of bird wings  found it  HERE
I used fabrics from my stash and used a differnt pattern on each row but you can use same ones over again.I also added a button to the back where wings join and elastic for thumbs to spread wings.I used satin fabric underneath  just to make it look a bit nicer.These are so easy to make and can be glued on if you hate sewing.You can also zigzag edges if you want I didnt but if any start to fray I will or I will buy some no- fray product liquid instead.
I read a book called Shall we Dance  based on a vintage clothes shop as was  A Vintage Affair   I liked A Vintage Affair best tho.If you read them let me know what you thought.

And I went opshopping of course.Here are some of my finds ....

Vintage Games just like Scarlett buys
 Love the  vintage Treasure Island game as Master 6 and 2 will have a room in this theme eventually.

.And a brand new unopened Twister DVD game for $3 (its  hidden from the gremlins for a rainy day,was a great buy as they retail for alot more.

Some butterflys on sticks  for our one day tea party.

A set of drawers I would have loved but not for $170 in an opshop.They are the Bali made ones.

Some fabric peices including this Shirley Braber piece even with a few letters cut out already its still a gorgeous peice and only 50c, good for a bunting methinks.

Not sure what they were making but this decorated doiley was lovely and was only pinned to the back fabric and was also 50c they put alot of work into it too.

 I got this tin for $1 and it had vintage crochet pattern pages inside yay.Why did you put your name on the top Angie whoever you are?

 These cool sunnies in GREEN are they 70s? Vintage Vixen will know as she has a great collection she just showed us,anyway  I LOVE them and they actually suit me I think anyway.

Excuse my background again.
How do you like my  80s butterfly top... will cut it deeper at the front 1- coz its too round and close to my neck and 2 -coz one of the butterflys had some colour rubbed off and thinned the fabric.

This Rabbit edged baby sheet so cute for Master 5 weeks.(still havent met him yet)

Am loving these silver shoes  tho newish they have a 20s look and they fit me  and I LOVE them $5.

Leapard  pattern pants, am thinking Miss D from Pull your Socks up would rock them since she has a no jeans ban this winter.If you are a size 10 and want them Desiree just let me know.

                I call this bag my carpet bag its huge and perfect for quick trips away $3 and vintage 70s I think..
                              I am a sucker for old books especialy Noddy as I read them all as a kid.
                                        Much needed flannie sheets its been freezing here,

                                       Another poodle lol but is so cute and only 20c

                               And fabric sheets and doonah covers to make some vintagy dresses.

Think thats it.Of course there were other random bits like kids boots and kids clothes but wont bore you with that.But one kids jacket was awesome.Miss 10 is away and wearing it long denim with furry collar and sleeves wish it had been my size.

Think thats it for me  so glad blogger is working again I was able to catch up all the blogs I love to follow.

xxx Nelly


Erica Louise said...

Oh my, your little bird wings are brilliant, clever you! Silver shoes are lovely too

Vintage Sunday said...

Oh Nelly ~ what marvellous finds! And that little hat you knitted is just gorgeous ~ as are those adorable wings! You are so clever ~ I can't even knit! If Angie's name is only in felt tip marker pen, you might be able to get it off with some methylated spirits, otherwise you might have to change your name to Angie ~ lol! Love Brenda

CK Rifle said...

Hey! Did I hear Master Five Weeks?! How wonderful, Nelly! Congratulations! Rabbit edge sheets are so cute, perfect for the new master! And flannel sheets are a good can use them forever. Love the silver shoes! Carpet bag is so handy, and vintage looking, and my don't you look the Hot Mama in those shades! BTW I thought you meant My Ef#!*& Blog at the top! Lol! It went out on me smack in the middle of a new blog and gosh, that thing was out for days! Well, all is smashing, now. Have a great opshop day!

Lyndel said...

oh great finds, you have been busy. I know the frustrations with knitting pattern. That bolero I'm trying to make.. no 'fancy pattern' just 150/ 170 /184 stitches on the needle and I spot an error.....10 rows back.ggggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... got it fixed, then did 3 rows before I realized I'd knitted a purl row (double grrrrrrr, cause I just was not paying attention).. oh well Im back on track now...

Saphy said...

wow, you may have been MFB but wow you have been busy!!! those wings are amazing. Also some lovely buy's.

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Good to have you back, you've bee much missed! And my god you've made up for it with all your finds, I dont even know where to begin, the frames are fabulous, love the make over, of course loving the games and the old books and the poodle!!! Mwah Scarlett x

Kylie said...

Glad you're on the up and up Nelly.
I love Angie's tin (and the treasure inside it)
The little birdy wings you made are gorgeous I love that you made them in lots of different pretty.
Sunnies look fab on you too

Vintage Vixen said...

LOvely to have you back, Nelly! I'm absolutely loving those bird wings, I think I need some of my own. The frame revamp is also absolutely inspirational. You look lovely in the 1980's top, too. xxx

CRY said...

so glad you are back!
love all the treasures you bought and made!
those shoes are great!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh god you thought of me! And YES I am a size 10 and am certain I will need leopard-print pants this winter. Thank you so much!!! OK I'm still spinning out over your projects - the cape is mind-boggling - you've put so much work into it and I'm not surprised the little lady looks so chuffed! I'll bet she'll want to wear it everyday and tell her from me that she's growing everyday so she needs to wear all her treasures as often as possible! Love the beret and the frames - you're so crafty Nelly! My daughter has a doona cover and pillowcase in the same Shirley Barber fabric and she loves it!!! I think your piece will look amazing as bunting:)). Oh and I need to buy some of your wrist cuffs because they are driving me out of my mind - where to buy Nelly? Adore the tin and patterns - have you tried using Eucalyptus oil to get the name off? xoxoxoxoxoooxo

Vintage Coconut said...

Those frames you painted look great I love the colors. I think the hat you crochet turned out gorgeous it looks just like the picture.
Those bird wings are AWSOME!!!! WOW VERY NEAT!
I love the sunnies on you Nelly!

Helga! said...

Bloody hell,goodies and busyness galore!!!
Love the carpet bag best!!!

A Treasured Past said...

Lovely makeovers Nelly, Have a great week, Tam x

Dogstar Bazaar said...

Love, love, love the bird wings and frames, I also am feeling the retro pirate theme for my little man.

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

oooh la la! you are quite the vintage craft queen! love the magical crazy-patterned butterfly wings! =)