Friday, January 21, 2011

What fun it is.

I have so much fun when I opshop with my family. Daughter #2 (Laura) is a slow starter tho. For a long time she wouldnt come opping with me and sometimes only under duress would she enter (was that or sit in car for who knows how long coz I can take ages searching  around  lol) But after a few great book buys (yes a book junky is she) She now asks me to take her when I go.
Mind you at 22 (23 on Jan 26th My Aus.Day Baby) she is a late opshopping  bloomer.I had the grandkids with the opping bug at a much earlier age.Well better late than never, least she loves it now and today (yesterday as I am posting late) was no exception even tho a book find for her didnt happen till late in the day and at the last opshop we went to.But she scored well as the  book was on all different types of natural remedies (she is dabbling with doing a naturopathy/chinese medicine course) she also bought a gorgeous chinese style robe,a chinese wishing jar,2 more (very cheap wine glasses for candles) a pandora look necklace (very pretty) and a few other bits I will try and get pics soon as she has taken it all home so missed taking any.  All is well went today (yes today) and here are  pics of her finds

She fell in love with this chinese robe.Lady at opshop knows me and bought it out to show me.Laura said mine mine.(well not really lol) She loves it.Pink inside and embroidered.,

 and here is the back.So is reversible.This was the best and only modeling she would do lol.
 Here is her Natural therapy book,A gorgeous red planter still has $15 price under she got it way cheaper.,Some cute dishes and her camping enamel mug and plate (she LOVES camping) they were only 50c each.Owe and the cute table was this mornings venture in.I HAD to go to town, really I did ,and so may as well drop in to the oppies agian dont you think?And look if I hadnt she wouldnt have found the awesome table.All wood and so cute (click top make it larger )has shelf underneath just needs some loving.
 More glass ware many are going to be candle holders (no wine drinkers here) Hope that doesnt scare people away as I know many Lurve their wine.The glass with a handle she got 4 of them I think, and they were down from $2,50 each to 50c each BARGAIN.Oh and the glass blender happy girl she was.

 And lastly her wishing jar.Very chinesey
Write your wish and hope for the best.Good luck lovey lol

And here are my  finds
So these are todays (yesterdays by the time I post this (1st day opping in a week so needed a good strong fix)

Lotsa goodies.Pussy Cat ring holder I couldnt resist 20c Cute bird looks like a  70s one?
Fabric in background for cushions I have been inspired by Irene at Re-vintaged  she makes such beautiful things and I LOVE her cushions.You must follow her posts.
Little indian doll is an oldie and was so cute and only 50c how could I say no?The Jug is cute even tho I am a green lover not a yellow I just fell for this was only $1 too.Stamped on bottom with Dianna and some other writing my old eyes cant decipher.Found a blue Dianna jug at an antique site.May have to do more research. 2 cute treasure boxes one is  ceramic. I will put them away for the GDs for another time
See the flower dish the one with 2 rounded sides?Was all of 20c what??? Ok I will have it then and the other 2 were `10c each.Dice is another thing I like to collect and 2 containers of new hair pins I never have enough of them Bargain!!Also you will see a pack of cards at left ? They are from  Ireland  ( I have always wanted to go there and Laura is carrying on that ambition, bet she gets there b4 I do) They were someones xmas present sometime in the past as the sticker and message is still on the pack (mustnt have been appreciated).They have green backs  and each card has a different picture of Ireland on the face love them.
Loved this vintage bag Its always the cute and or unusual clips that get me so had to buy.Has a Gold Crest sticker inside.
OH and wait till you see this,My eyes were, what? yes I want!! 1st I  saw this chiffony bit (was in fancy dress section)
The back and
tada ..the front tell me you wouldnt have bought it?Was $12 but its old 50s or early 60s is my thinking.What do you all think.So tiny but I love it and will keep it in my vintage hire collection.Lady that works there had washed it day before and only put it out b4 I giot there Yay me so all I have to do is get my steamer out and she will be perfecto.Wish I knew her story tho hope it was a good one.
Should put this in craft blog but since its here I got all these,(I am getting back into patchwork shortly) I also LOVE buying playing cards Why ? I dunno.See that book called the Gentle arts Its AWESOME!! started reading it today and the most gorgeous pics of people from way back then diary entries and pics of the crafts they made,I LOVE It,.Is 200years of Australian Womeans Domestic and decorating published in 1987.
Couldnt resist the 2 floral mugs 50c each.And the teapots and saucer set are for lil 4yr  GD (The teapot lover) Will put them away for a treasure hunt day
More 50c patterns yay
and a heap of glass ware,The large bottles for some more of my marbles and another for my dice.(Am I really that odd? Hey you  dont have to answer that xx)The sundae bowls (actually I have 4) I may use for candles or make plate stands by turning glass upside down and glueing vintage plate on top looks wonderful and got the idea from a blogger but do you think I can find her link??But this will give you a better  idea .And the middle plate stand was all of $2 I love people who dont try and mark things up too high.
Amongst all my buys I always find a magazines I want to read but paying anything from 20c-$1 is way better than what they cost new and I never buy ones that are too dated unless they are 100% old and true vintage.I also bought a heap of book coverings they are usually dear but for 50c a roll my GKs (grandkids) are set for book covers at a cheaper cost.
Speaking of magazines did everyone else love The Notebook mag. before it folded?I found a heap at an opshop then found out we wont be able to  get any more so am trying to find the whole collection so sad was a great read.R.I.P Notebook.
Ok we are nearly there got this plant today at the Tender centre for $4 and the planter for $1 at Lifeline (where I find lotsa goodies) While at tender centre I bid on some vintage costume jewellery and a shell heart box will update on my win or loss later.The glassware here I got from the Dump, hang on I didnt scavenge I went to what they call the trash and treasure (silly me I shoulda taken a picture) was more like junk and throw up.Needs a womans know how and touch to get those lads organised what a lot of garbage that should have gone to the tip.Anyway both peices have been cleaned well and dishwashed hard.Candle holders maybe? I have a heap of soya wax to use,

I also got the little treasures below from lifeline and vinnies  for another day.All cheap but sweet and perfect for little girls.Just have to find some more boys things.

Well thats it for today Lots and lots of pics and ramblings I hope someone stayed till the end lol.Hope you had great finds too dont forget to let me know.Till next time Happy Hunting xx


Lyndel said...

well I stayed to the end.... gaining inspiration for tomorrow(Sat)'s big Op Shop Trek with Miss.11yr old GD.

Nana's Nook said...

Well you most certainly done some catching up there Janelle. Love your finds. What a collection indeed.

Janelle aka AussieJ said...

Thanks for staying Lyndel hope it didnt send you to yawning lol I cant wait to see what you get hope you have a wonderful day treasure hunting.

Janelle aka AussieJ said...

Hey Jen this treasure hunting is so addictive lol.See why I need a garage/shed?

Kitty said...

Janelle, the idea for the plate stand thingys may have come from Amy @ Blighty Boutique.

Vintage Vixen said...

Brilliant haul, loving the chiffon dress. Great for dressing up and playing Mrs haversham. xxx

Lyndel said...

well you'll see on my blog later that we had a very successful day Op shopping. I found ONE Notebook magazine. yours when I finish reading it if it will help you complete your collection.... No.12 August,2006
just drop me a line. ~Lyndel