Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let me just catch up....

Ok so I messed up I took a heap of pics and lost them somewhere so had to start again so here goes with last weeks lot
 A cute teddy bear bin (needed one bad and was only $1) A little ring holder ( I think ) kangaroo (kitchy); gorgeous little jug with roses Made in England.Does have a small chip; but I loved it.Some lovely little books from the 70s I saw them and said yes they are  mine.They are full of sentimental sayings.Well the ones with the cute girls are, the rest are funny ones and daughter #2 got a giggle from them.Does anyone remember these?I remember buying one for my mum when I  was little and was all about mothers and she still has it (with my handwriting from then in it how cute).Oh and the, little dog coz it was cute and vintage.

A Yellow vase I thought it may have been depression glass  but after googling I think its just a repro.I liked it tho as I have a  lovely green one with frog that is in same pattern but is depression  glass.

A cute music box for GD # 3 which is filled with some of her  treasures (at the moment farm animals) and has a Japanese lady that dances to the music .This was only  $3 and is so sweet.Must find 2 more soon or GD 1 and GD 2 will not be happy.

Then there was this lovely elephant necklace carved stone I think and a guitar brooch and an anchor with stones and ER initials.Which was my grans name (well she was SER but went by the name Ella all her life and her maiden and married name was R so I thought it was sweet,There are a couple stones missing tho still very cute.

Then there were these from a few days previous (why did I delete these pics/?)
Cool 70s shirts made of that horrid polyester  stuff so HOT and I mean sweaty hot not the other HOT lol  Pics are a bit sad am trying to rush with my catch up I may have to slow down methinks.The one on the left still has a tag that says made in Canada.
 3 pairs of kidskin gloves and one pink pair of nylon one ( for kids dress ups as they have spot stains).One of the gloves fit me so am keeping them they are the ones with the lace up looking sides.Made in London by Dickens and Jones Regent street.Is that place still there? The other pairs are made in England, also but stamps are hard to read.
 A stamp album WHY?Because I sold the one I had since I was little about 15yrs ago and wish I hadnt.This has stamps like I had in mine and has lots of stamps from other countries so I had to have it,Plus as someone who hates to throw stamps away still, I now have somewhere to put them.Now where are the ones I have stored away?
2 very cute older style necklaces one has dried flowers under plastic( one on left) the other is painted flowers.
 Well looks like I lost the last few pics I just did and I refuse to unpack it all again lol so  thats it.for now The rest I may share at another time.(if I am game)Lookie here I found that pic it was already on my PC yay so here it is some great notebooks 50c each unopened in a family with lots of littlies they come in handy and 2 larger ones with kangaroos (great for OS gifts)A lovely vintage ceramic ship.One small chip on mast at top has hanger at back..A couple of bowls with flowers, and a Rose picture and old frame that was only 20c and has a list of ladies names for on back and opposite sides of it from  their masonic place from way back late 50s yay a touch of history.

Happy hunting and comment away I cant wait.


Lyndel said...

hi !!

at last, could never work out why I seemed to be blocked from your comments, now I realize I wasn't.♥
Great finds. GD and I are off op shopping on Saturday, can't wait.

delia hornbook said...


Wow some lovely finds. You can't beat finding a good old childrens story book little treasures they are with so many lovely memories. beautiful necklaces to. Have a lovely weekend. Dee ;-)

Nana's Nook said...

Well done. you'll have to let me know how you label items. You must have a HUGE place, lol.

Nana's Nook said...

oh and i looovvee the farm animals in GD3 music box - giggles

Kitty said...

Hi Janelle, I tried to comment a few days ago and couldn't, I thought it was my computer. It must be such a relief for you to be up and running properly again.

Gem said...

wow, fab finds! I really like the necklace with dried flowers in. I start drying flowers myself, they look so lovely when they are framed