Thursday, December 8, 2011

See my Frock then go Shop ....

 Very much like another one
I used to have
  and I love the sleeves
Was an ebay purchase a few weeks back.

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Whats for sale today??...
Gloves $2.50 each $10 the lot Close up pics on request Sorry for blurry pic SOLD

Vintage sew basket $4
Inside fabric
$8 the lot.
Vintage Velvet Cushion with/without inner $5 (no fringing)SOLD
Vintage Cat cushion with/without inner $5
70s Painted velvet cushion $5 inner included
Pretty top $3

Pretty top $2 great for summer (yes needs an iron)
Pretty summer maxi skirt $2
Girls/small ladies vest $2

Heavy gold belt $4

Red Belt $2

Red Leather belt $5

Brown Vinyl Belt $3

Purple boots $5 size 8.5

Ladies 70s look shoes $5
Single bedspread $15
vintage gloves $10 includes a Kid skin pair SOLD
Teapot $5
70s patterns $5 lot

60s/70s patterns $5 lot
Cowgirls curtain/upholstery fabric 5.4 mtrs long 1.4 mtrs wide $20 (SOLD)

and thats all today

Nelly xxx


Miss Claire said...

Beautiful dress, nelly! It looks as though it was made for you :) Ohhh, so many tempting things but I must be on myself because i'm not only running out of space but I'm running out of money, too!!


Helga! said...

O,Nelly,I LOVE that frock!!!! It's frigging FABULOUS!!!!
Hmmm,I like that do I buy?!

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Ahhh, this is killing me living so darn far away! You've got some GREAT stuff Nelly. I adore the cowgirl fabric & all the little Golden Books & gloves & DANG it's frustrating! Lookin GREAT in that frock girl! BTW - are you selling on Ebay or Etsy or just here? Just wondering.

Misfits Vintage said...

Arrggghhhh Helga beat me to that fabric! Oh well, I'm glad it's going to SUCH a good home!

And look at you in that frock, Nelly - it's VERY much like the one you sent me! I must dig that out and see if I can get another wear out of it before Summer hits.

Sarah xxx

Please may I? said...

Great dress nelly! Looks fab.

What goodies you have to sell! Think I need to move countries!

X x

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Love that dress. I bought a dress with floaty sleeves and instantly thought of you! Good on you for havng a clear out, I need to get my act together.


Kitty said...

nelly I'll take all the gloves pls.

delia hornbook said...

Your looking gorgeous that dress is so you ;-)) Good luck with all your sales, and have a fab weekend, dee xx

pastcaring said...

Gorgeous sleeves on that frock Nelly, it's a beauty.
So many gorgeous goodies - I knew Helga and Sarah would like that fabric!
Have a great weekend! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Love the dress Nelly, looks fab on you! Great finds! I'll take the first cute kitties cushion please! xo

Scarlett said...

So many goodies! I adore that dress on you, the sleeves are incredible :o) Scarlett x

Sharon's Sunlit Memories said...

Love this week's dress Nelly. I really like the slimline fit and those fab sleeves. The polka dots are really cute!


Best dress for a while Nelly, you look sooo YOUNG. I am desperate for some long gloves, can't believe how many pairs you've got rid of!
Good luck with selling everything. Great stuff and brilliant prices.

Lucy x

Vintage Coconut said...

Nelly you look so pretty in that dress. I wanted to do FOF but I was out Christmas shopping all day and now it's totally dark and the lighting will be crap. *Ahhh Well*
Life goes on I will just show in another day. hahah

The sewing basket I got recently is alot like that one your selling in the inside.
I love the fabric Helga snagged. As soon as I seen it it reminded me of Sarahs awsome pants she had on the other day. =D