Friday, December 9, 2011

Another Sale Day and there is lots to see.

I post worldwide.Please let your friends know.The day after I share here I will place  at my etsy store  "My Vintage Wishes" ( I may get behind adding things so please be patient.)
Just say what you want and send country or postcode so I can get postage worked out for you.
Since Etsy doesnt accept everything I have put some of my books at My  Little Book Shoppe at FB More will be added

$18 lot
$12 lot
Vintage 70s Koala $12 (I had one just like it as a kid) Note one lot of claws missing
Babys pillowcase dress  set (pants are a bit small) $3 needs an iron
60s patterns $10 LOT

$5 lot (sorry for blurry pic)

$5 lot

Kids $5 lot

kids $5 lot

Dolls clothes $5 lot

Beautiful  chinese style fabric 29.5 wide 4mtrs long $15
Susan Parsons maxi dress (has slight mark on collar) aprox sze 12 $20

Pretty summer maxi size 10-12 $15 Osti brand

Pretty home made as maxi dress $20 small size maybe an 8-10
Just below the knee dress home made very cute 8-10 $12
Boho style fringed top $8 size 12
pretty Blue Bindi brand  dress (sleeves need new elastic) lower at bottom back $12
My circus dress size 10-12 $15 Mary Charmaine brand
Faux fur $20
Crimpolene dress $18 Fifth Avenue brand
Peasant maxi Skirt size 8-10 $18
70s set size12 $20 Natalie Brand
My Granny dress size 10-12 $18
70s evening dress $20 Carson Brand
Looks like raw silk but is polyester has a 44 cm waist J Mcmartin brand $30
has what looks like a water mark on skirt

and thats it for today.Seriously wish you could all teleport and help me sort thru my stuff Got WAYYYY too much.

Little secret yesterdays dress may look great but it is too small and wont do up in the back.Not for sale yet tho maybe one day.

Also grandson had tonsils out yesterday but is doing well.
Just after his 1st icecream doesnt he look cheery.
Came home today nice and early and wasnt he glad to get that catheter out?Throat not doing too bad yet.

Nelly xxx


sacramento said...

Are you selling your granson too???
I am buying!!!

rkbsnana said...

He is adorable. Are you going to have anything left if you sell all your goodies?

Please may I? said...

First your grandson is adorable. I hope he is feeling better and being pampered lots.

Secondly such lovely things for sale. Such a same i'm broke!

X x

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

LOVE your bebe! What a cutie - those are some seriously HOT silk jammies! Hope he feels right & well real soon. Your Etsy store is going to be a great success Nelly. Isn't it a lot of work getting started though! And I think it continues to be a lot of work with setting up photo's & descriptions, etc. But it's fun & I love it. And who says being successful is an easy task anyway. As soon as your store is online I will post it on my blog & my huge mass of followers (Hahaha!) will stampede your store - Ok, so I don't have a huge mass of followers but heck, every little bit helps, right?! (and, I believe I will pop a cork & toast to your grand opening ;- )


Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

He's so cute! Poor little thing looks pretty chirpy though, ice-cream does wonders ;-)

What a lot of treasures you have, hope you make plenty of money for Christmas and New Year treats.

fabriquefantastique said...

you have been ya' doing Nelly?

Helga! said...

Ooo,it's all very exciting!!!
It does look like your adorable grandson could be up for sale!!!Ha!
Mmm,that light blue crimplene frock,what size is it darl?? Looks biggish....