Saturday, December 10, 2011

You sick of the shopping yet?

Well I am sorry but I wont be stoping  any time soon as  there is wayyyy too much to get rid of.Please let your friends know and dont forget my Etsy Shop My Vintage Wishes and for books my shop at FB HERE.
Oh and while your at FB please do me a favour and go LIKE my sisters shop and say I sent you .She sells all sorts of lovely bling.Buy 2 items and recieve a free necklace.How cool is that?

Brass thingy  $10

Candlebra $10

Mouse pencil holder $2
Dolls $2.50 never opened.
Shoe lasts $8 pair

 80s Dress Preview Label size 10 $18
 Gorgeous and sexy ooo la la 70s style 90s dress size 8 ? $20 (Stretch fabric)
 Jumpsuit inc beltAztec Rose label size 8-10 $18
70s Nylon shirt $8 Continental Label
 Close up
 70s nylon shirt $6

 Alex Coleman Skirt 27 inch waist Velvet Band Slits up both sides $25
Curtain fabric  Capri pants great over swimmers $12 size 10-14
 Mens ties mostly vintage  $12 lot
 Aune label maxi dress size 8-10 27.5 inch waist $20
                                    Gorgeous  home made maxi dress size 8-10 silk look fabric (polyester tho I think) $25

Salt n pepper They are orange $8 pair (sold_)

Gorgeous fine poly cotton fabric 46cm wide 108cm long  $10

80s ornament $2

vintage cat thermometer (doesnt work I dont think) $3

vintage Fabric 35cm wide 48cm long $5

Shiny satin fabric 4mtrs x 1.5 mtrs $5

3.35 long 97cm wide $5

Holly Hobby fabric 30cm long 44cm wide $4 (SOLD)

Little sewng basket $5

$5 (SOLD)

Larger Sew basket $6

Ok I am shopped out and gone a bit loco see
Grandaughter Miss 8 made me a paper mache fruit bowl which I converted to my thinking hat telling the kids when its on to not disturb me as "I am busy listing things dont you know?" of course Miss 8 thought it would make a great photo to share with you all.So here it is.
 Nelly xxx

PS did you all know I have a giveaway happening at FB? One of my record bags will be drawn on 13th.You must LIKE my page and leave a comment saying you'd love a bag.


Young at Heart said...

wow......what thinking of just opening the brandy and waiting till the 31st myself!!!

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Can I pretty please have to holly hobbie fabric and the sewing basket with the little girl on top! xx

Bungalowgirl said...

Good on your girl for having a massive declutter. Hope you make a mint and looking forward to seeing more treasures.

Miss K said...

Thanks! I got the snow by adding a falling snow HTML :)

Miss Claire said...

OMG! Kitty salt and pepper shakers please!!!!! Send me your details :) xx

Penny-Rose said...

Just checked your Etsy shop and it looks like the two nylon shirts have hoo! I just bought a green poodle barometer but your cat one is cuter by a mile.

VintageBirdGirl said...

Thank you so much for the vintage View Master...I love it! Really reminds me of my childhood. And well done to Australia Post for delivering it in 1 day...Yay! Xx

PJ said...

hi Nelly, is the large sewing basket still available? If so, how much for postage to Toowoomba?