Friday, November 4, 2011

News Flash and Slight Change in todays Transmission.

Today Saturday I run around looking for guinea pigs for three of the darlings ( said in a sarcastic voice ) we had one cage given to us and another I found at the dump yesterday for a fiver (they retail for $135 new so scored) The kids  have been wanting GPs  for ages.
We managed to get 3 after much running around with 4 wingey lets take it in turns to stress gran children.(sigh,deep breath)
 Home they come.
And what happened you may ask?
  Well,Miss 8, being the boss of the world she is and wanting the larger cage after I had set it up with Miss 5s Misty-Bloom promptly lets Miss 4s GP get away (yes by accident I know but still!) and then when goes back to check on hers finds it escaped under the gap which was fine for Misty-Bloom as she is larger and couldnt have gotten out but Ricki being tiny escaped.They are now under the house where we have seen them after a bit of screaming and crying (from Miss 8 the eternal drama queen)So what have I been doing this arvo?Chasing said Guineas which I earnt a cramp in the neck over plus itchy skin from laying on the grass pearing under the gap of the house.
We are now taking the Captains advise and waiting for the evening where we hope they shall appear and let us catch them.Stay tuned for more news.In the mean time say  hello to Kevin the GP owned, named and loved by Master 6
We still have one more GP to buy when Miss 10 comes back from her trip.For that news stay tuned tomorrow.

Wish me luck in the hunt and I shall let you know in my  The Week that Was post on tomorrows News update.(which was meant for today.)

Nelly xxx

ps if you have ever had to catch guinea pigs and been successful PLEEEEEASSSSSEEE let me know


rkbsnana said...

Sounds tricky. Good luck.

Kimmie said...

Oh dear!

Penny-Rose said...

How about tying a bit of string around a carrot and using it like a lure on a fishing line? I am sure they will come out when they are hungry.

delia hornbook said...

O No Nelly so sorry to hear they have escaped i was going to the same entice them with food i had a brown and black one when i was little. But how lovely for the children and Kevin is adorable. I hope your neck and skin are ok now. Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

Please may I? said...

Oh no such drama! Hope they come out for you and that the tears stop.

X x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh good grief. It sounds like the sort of pandemonium (not sure that's spelled right) that goes on in our house. In fact it reminds me of the time when our hamster escaped and managed to get UNDERNEATH the floorboards. I kid you not! Good luck, I'm sure the little buggers will come out when they're hungry. xx

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh Noooo!
I sure hope you end up getting the little things back into the cages.

I have had almost every type of pet (Chinchilla, Hedgehog, Rat, Rabbit, Hamster & mouse) but never a GP.
Kevin is quite the cute little guy, I love his hair-do.

*Wishing you luck*

delia hornbook said...

Hi Nelly its me again. Thanks for your lovely comment and for letting me know the link to Emma's blog didn't work stupid me i left an L out of Tilly. I have fixed it now on that post i wrote.thanks dee xx

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Oh dear. (Keeping hand over mouth trying not to giggle but failing). Nelly! You got MULTIPLES?! Oh girl, you shall be cannonized for sure! But my heart did stop when I saw the picture because that one looks just like my very own (now departed) beloved Miss Piggy. They are wonderful pets but a LOT of upkeep. I can't imagine having more than one at a time. But they are such sweet, social little critters and they adore being amongst the family. You know, when the novelty wears off with the little ones, YOU are going to be the guinea pig "pack leader". Oh mercy, just the thought is overwhelming. The escapee's will probbly come back on their own because they are very family oriented. Keep us posted and...GOOD LUCK!

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

We had one guinea pig that was an escape master! He got out of his cage all the time. One time he was out for a couple of weeks and we couldn't find him anywhere! Then we noticed the dog was afraid to go into the laundry room to eat. We found the GP behind the washing machine! He made himself a little nest and was stealing the dog's food!!! He's been gone for about 4 years, and our lovely big black lab is still afraid to go in there to eat by herself!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh gawd, what a nightmare! I'm always terrified the GP or one of the mice will get out and we'll have to search hi and lo for them. I must say the story is pretty frickin' funny tho' probably coz I'm not the one getting a crick in my neck and grass rash - good luck with that one Nelly you glorious woman!! xoxoxoxoxo