Saturday, November 5, 2011

The week that was.

Well news in brief _______________________

and thats all I have to say

Na kiddingI always have some news random or not.
First off
I have been trying to de -clutter not an easy feat with the amount of people and their bits in this house and not easy when kids go back into said clutter that you have put out to remove  and take  out things again.arghh.But have tried with some success but am now on a hiatus from it Well one day of decluttering was better than none wasnt it?. Send me an organiser person as a gift any time people
This is me but with craft stuff and clothes and kids junk HELP I am being buried alive...

Got a collection of my vintage pieces I am going to sell soon YES! it will go towards our car fund.

All this for sale soon.

 Car fund? What car fund?The captian has decided we want a Hyundai Imax.8 roomy seats and room to seperate spread the kids plus great storage in the back.

Have 2 ladies wanting record bags so am making a few to sell also going to car fund.What should I charge  for them?$35-$40 for large and $20-25 for small?Tell me your thoughts please.I have been busy making them.Lots of mistakes along the way while I improve my technique.

Got a conditional home loan approval at last  Fingers crossed everyone.If we get it we can start building the 6 bedder we so need and I will get my double garage all to me!This is not the design we chose  but it will be something like this.....

Yere I know so not me! This is more me..

But you gotta do what you gotta do but one day I shall get my country house!!

Saw a gorgeous older lady with pink hair going into the opshop as I was leaving and I had to tell her how gorgeous it was and she let me take a pic of it but was too shy for a face one.Her name is Carol and as we were talking she said her mum who must be late 80s at least still has heaps of her old clothes from way back (yes I gave her my number in case they ever sell them).Then as we continued talking I remembered I had met Carol one evening a year and a half ago but it too awhile to click.How funny was that? Anyway  she remembered me then as we had similar stories of Bipolic family in common.She was a doll then and still is.Anyway the story is  I took a pic of her hair for my lovely pink hair loving ladies that read my blog.
Isnt it lovely?She has it long and puts it in a braid with a bun.You guys all follow the Advanced Style blog dont you?I think this lady should be in it.

Lovely Laura ran into another car Thursday on her day off she was so upset,Luckily no one was hurt and she is insured and its not unfixable.But always be careful at traffic lights that no one stops suddenly in front of you so always  look and watch and watch and look.She still decided to go camping and took Miss 10 with her.
Her car

and as Laura loves 4 wheeling this is what it looked like when she got back.(All clean now tho)

OK  random thought time.Why hasnt anyone made trampoline beds yet?Yere I know  right?How cool would that be?? "You kids quit that and go jump on your bed for awhile" I like the idea. lol

and for my vintage finds for the week ...
 4 square bangles.20c each and another jewellery box since I am having an overflow.
 Vintage hat by Miss Biener $2
 A boater style $2
 and a 60s (I think?) sun hat $2 Felt flower on back

 2 folders full of vintage knitting from my lovely opshop lady and was free.
I so have to frame this girl 1963
 and another
 and another 1937 thankyou very much opshop boss friend xx
 3 books 20c each check out the large Holly and Peter pan is full of Mabel Lucie Attwell
 These show stretchers
 Cute basket

and  a couple of other dresses you shall see at a later date.
 Something that has been on my list for a while are hair wreaths so I finally made some today

 Miss 8 was trying the Hawaiian pose lol
Glue guns are great but they sure can burn!!

Now for the news update on the Escaped Guinea Pigs.
They have been spotted many times so at this stage are alive and well.Mr 17 and Master 6 went crawling under the house trying to catch them.We are hoping the cat and the rat bait doesnt do them in before they crawl into our specail traps we have set for them.Dont be alarmed they will not be hurt.
I see many of you laughed at my dilemma How Rude!! LOL no just kidding I was laughing too between cramped neck pains.So the tail Ha ha tale continues do stay tune for more news on this momentous event.

Nelly xxx


rkbsnana said...

Love it! The pink hair lady's hair looked like cotton candy. Very pretty.

delia hornbook said...

Great news about the home loan ;-) Its great to hear that you are gettting into selling your makes and finds fingers crossed for the new car to. Carol looks like a lovely fun lady i always think you meet people for a reason. Great wreaths there very pretty and those books will make a lovely sit down and look tbrough. hope the guinea pigs come home soon. dee xx

Misfits Vintage said...

I think those prices for the record bags are very reasonable - I LOOOVE mine and I'm going to buy a large one just as soon as I get a job!

Those square bangles float my boat!

Hope those guinea pigs turn up safe and sound.

Sarah xxx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I'm on tenterhooks wondering about those flipping guinea pigs! No, really, I am!

Love your makes, especially those bags.

Good luck with the car fund. xx

Jem said...

She was ROCKING that pink hair wasn't she? Love it!

Jem xXx

Vix said...

Those record bags are worth every penny, they are brilliant.
I love your square bangles and all of you rocking the head dresses.
That lady's pink hair is an inspiration. x

pastcaring said...

Carol's hair IS fabulous!
Good luck with the decluttering, and if you find the secret to doing it painlessly, let me know!
Lovely bangles, lovely pictures for framing, and you know those record bags are just the business!
You look beautiful in your Desiree-style hair band. You are SUCH a busy lady, you put me to shame! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vande Historic Costuming said...

Gosh you lead such a busy busy life! Hope all goes well with the car and house plans!

Please may I? said...

Phew!! What a life you lead! I'm shattered just reading it.

X x

Kitty said...

Don't go any cheaper on those record bags, a lady came into our shop just recently and wanted $95 wholesale for them! I no longer have her details or I'd send them to you but hers looked the same.
YOu've done well to cull a rack for selling! Just remember, there's always more vintage right around the corner.xx.

Vicky said...

Yayyy on the home loan approval :)

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Congrats on the home loan approval I hope it works out for you! Those record bags are really cool and definitely reasonably priced! Good luck on the guinea pig front.

Em xx

Krista said...

I love your record bags and I think you are right o with the price. Congrats on the new loan and maybe new house and mini van. Fingers crossed! Yeah to another pink haired lady and LOVE the hair wreaths!

Penny-Rose said...

Jee, there was so much in your post Nelly, I almost do not know where to start commenting! Great news about house and potential news about guinea pigs. I love pink hair and the square bangles!