Friday, November 4, 2011

Its Friday and I am a Frocking again.

 Orange ya glad I didnt forget?
                                                          IIIIII'm Baaackkkkk in  Vintage dress saved for me by my darling opshop lady was maybe $2 I dunno 

 Master 2 is laughing coz he knows I am sucking my stomach in lol

So what ya think?I shall call it my granny dress and  I think I like it.

S'cuse the messy hair no makeup was a no time for  fussing day today.

Lookee what I found this morning.Went to an oppy I dont get to much and this was waiting for me and I LOVE it.Fav colour only $4and fits
 a few tummy crunches wouldnt hurt tho lol 
Do I look smug? Yes I do lol
its been hand made with love. I shall call this my Mermaid Dress.Isnt it delish?
Shake that booty.

 and what you all have been waiting for.The dresses I got at the fair.
One was this lovely one which I really love
 isnt it pretty? But...

 oops it doesnt fit me.

and my other dress is (drum roll please) This.

 Why do I love it tho?
Coz it fit me and my budget so ($10)
Was that the only reas-on-ings?
 On no no no it was the

and that my dears is my frocking Friday.

Its a Sally Forth brand

Did you notice how the little man was dressed in 1st pic and near naked in last.All pics taken withing a 20 minute period.Its coz everytime he sees me get changed he takes his stuff of too so he can do this....
I shall call this outfit Kangaroo Jack (Jack being this young fellas nickname) Cute no?


Miss Claire said...

Hahahaha oh my GOD? Where did master 2 get his kangaroo suit from? I can't get over how cute he is in it! I must get one for my nephew. How funny are little kids? And wow, all of those frocks are divine! I loooooove the mermaid frock on you, I'd totally wear that with a leather belt and clogs! Groovy. And the wiiiings, of course the sold you :)

Xoxoxoxoxxx Claire

Anonymous said...

You know I love green, you know I love orange , you know I like a bit of know I'm loving the first dress. I know I got to see your fair dresses in person, but I must sat say you are rockin the wings, loving the you Nelly.

Kylie said...

I knew there had to be a wing or two in there somewhere Nelly!

All nice, but my favourite is the first one. It's very pretty (love the colours and print) and it looks lovely on you x

Vintage Coconut said...

Yes I am glad you did not forget. HAD you forgotten I woulda cried.
Orange dress (I really like on you. love the brightness and it looks to fit you perfect.)
*Master 2 laughing at you is so cute*
Green dress (JELOUS JELOUS I AM JELOUS! oohhh mmmmyy I think its delicious.)What sort of fabric is it made out of?
Dress that doesn't fit (Very cute! I can see why you liked it. pretty pattern and colors.)

lol @ master 2 turning into a kangaroo! ehahahaha
Well he learns from the best right? RIGHT??
"Show us your kangaroo costume Nelly"

Hello Vintage said...

I LOVE the first one - it's my favourite and what a cute Kanga!

karlyn Jackson said...

very cute that Kangaroo Jack, and I love that orange number...suits you!

Bungalowgirl said...

Ooooh what GREAT finds this week Nelly. I LOVE that orange dress, the colour the cut the fabric- everything. And the angel wing dress looks gorgeous on you and that joey is just the cutest. melx

Kitty said...

Ha ha ha kids are so funny aren't they? VB is always getting in the way of my outfit pics too. Love the dress with wings (note to self-careful please not to sound like a pad advert!!!).xx.

rkbsnana said...

You are cracking me up girl! Thanks for the lift before off to work. It's funny though, 'cause I think I had everyone of those outfits...even the one that doesn't zip in the back.

Krista said...

OMG Kangaroo Jack is stealing your thunder!!!! He is cute enough to fit in my pocket! I really adore the last dress best, I know how you love your wings!!!! That green number too, oh the fabric is beautiful!!!!

delia hornbook said...

aahhh Jack is adorable ;-) You look lovely as always. Love you in the orange and the last red and white one that has amazing arms . Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

Vix said...

Kangaroo Jack is gorgeous! Even I want to steal him and cuddle him.
Love all your frocks especially that beautiful green one, it fits you like a dream. I love it! xxx

pastcaring said...

Kangeroo Jack - ahhhh!
Nelly - wow!
All gorgeous, but the wings are my fave, orange one a close second.
Have a great weekend! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Absolutely adorable - the wee one and YOU! Gosh, on my "no fuss" days I tend to scare children & small animals!! Lookin good Nelly & I LOVE your wings! Now fly baby, FLY! I've been a totally horrible blogger lately but HOPE to get back to it today. Great finds Nell!

Scarlett said...

loooooooooooooove your granny dress - beautifuk! As are all your dresses, the wings are awesome. You are the queen of winged gowns - brilliant :o) Scarlett x

Sharon's Sunlit Memories said...

Lovely dresses Nelly - I just don't know how you do it! Where do you find them all? Usually I have a clear favourite but this time I'm torn. I thought it was going to be the first dress until I saw those wings!! Love Kangaroo Jack - now that's really cute!

Please may I? said...

fab dresses Nelly. love the last one

x x


Hey, you're too honest! We would never have known that dress didn't fit.
Do all the most beautiful dresses in the world end up on your neck of the woods? Unfair.
Kangaroo Jack has inherited your love of dressing up, posing, and cheeky smile, lucky him!

Lucy x

Misfits Vintage said...

All of those frocks are fab - I especially love the green mermaid frock (gorgeous fabric!) and the last one! The wings! The fabric! And look at little Jack in his kangaroo costume - he is delightful!

Sarah xxx

keshling said...

Nelly, I absolutely LOVE the last dress....gorgeous and very 'Abigail's Party'!!

K xx

Helga! said...

OMG that kangaroo number!!! TOO gorgeous! Too gorgeous for words!
LOVE those first 2 frocks,darl!And as for the wings....YEE! Perfection!


familienladen01 said...

Your green dress is looking so fantastic and little kangroo is also looking fantastic...
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