Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Bagged a Record

Yes indeed I did and shall be bagging some more very soon.
But 1st how do you like my Pucci top? I call it that coz of its gorgeous pattern.Its been in my collection for ages and this is my 1st wear.I look so tired messy and ratty tho just ignore that (lets blame that wind thats still blowing shall we?)
 Its a "David" for Tobal Fashions Melbourne.

 Now on with the show.
 Have you seen these bags made from old records?


I have been wanting to make one for ages and have seen a few tutorials  but I decided to follow Tuppence Ha'penny tutorial.

But not wanting to be a total copy cat I decided to do my own version and
Here it is

You will need
2 old records.
A good strong ruler (metal if you have one)
a Sharp stanley knife (or something as good but faster)
Some hard unbendable cardboard (I used an old folder cos I wanted to get started then found an old kids hard bookcover  I was going to cut up)See why I hoard?
Some fabric
Strong Glue and a glue gun if you have one.
Spray glue (for fabric)
Handles -ribbons or whatever you like
Sew machine or hand sew (dont be scared of that sewing word as there isnt much)

Get a couple cheap as old Vinyls-(make sure they are not worth anything tho!) Thin ones may be too flimsy the thick too hard to cut easy. I used  cheapy music ones.Mine cost $1 but there were 3 inside.I sourced another place that will only cost 50c per album so will make sure they have at least 2 inside when I buy more.

Now work out what size you want your bag and rule it with a pencil till it looks even.Make sure you have the middle of the record right way up or up the way you want it to go.
It may take a fair few scores with the stanley knife to get where you can snap it.do same on both records.

Once thats  done cut a rectangle piece for the bottom must be same size as edge of record.Work out how wide you want it I did mine 10cms (which is 3.9inches to non-metric users)

Now use the record to trace the shape onto your hard carboard and then cut at least a 1/4 inch (6mms to us Aussies) of the shape so its slighly smaller than the LPS.You will also need to cut another rectangle piece that is same size as these.(I didnt realise you needed 2 pieces differnet sizes grr)

Take the 1st larger rectangle you cut and spray the glue on and stick it to the rectangle gluing corners and ends down leave sides open.

Now make sure you have your records with the sides you want to be seen  facing the table and glue gun ( or use strong glue ) to stick sides of fabric to the record.This will allow the bag to open.

 looking at from bottom.

 Now grab those cut cardboard  pieces and place on the fabric and cut it to shape  with a good edge on it then clip around curves.

 grab craft glue and glue fabric to card all around edges ( make sure you leave small gap between cardboard pieces  in middle so it can fold)

Now cut a shape like a traingle with flat ends onto a template
Make sure its width at bottom is the same as sides of bottom base of  rectangle and have it as wide (how wide you want  it to open) and as high as you want.Mine is 10cm at bottom 20 at top and its 18.5 high.(will depend on size of record)
Cut your fabric putting narrow end on  fold.Once cut either glue it together folding the top edges over or sew top edge neatly which is what I will do next time, (I only had black on my machine and was too lazy to change it).

 Glue or sew this edge in.

 You then sew darts as shown.That way when you close your bag it folds inwards.

 Darts done

Glue the bottom edge to bottom edge of the inner lining on rectangle  on both edges. as so.....
 I used Tiger Glue or use strong craft glue.

When glue is dry  then glue side parts together (fiddley bit) Pegs come in very handy about now!

yes thats me and my jarmies.

 all sides glued and waiting to dry.

Now grab what handles you want to use.
Me being Miss Cheapskate and a hoarder  went looking in my stash/es and found some old bag/belt lengths from who knows where/when but you could use something like Miss Ha'penny used  or ribbon or whatever you takes your fancy.Maybe use the same fabric as the inner and make some straps?Anyway I decided to put some grommet thingies at each end of my straps (got this whole bottle for 50c awhile back)

 and threaded with ribbon and I wrapped the ribbon around the bag just to reinforce it a bit,I was worried just glueing it  near top it may not be strong enough.(I carry lots in my bags!)

and around other side

Then the fun part Finishing it off.
Grab the records and start glueing the sides to the inner boarding.

Then glue bottom let dry a bit then other side I put something heavy as a weight inside to help sides stick better.Pegs come in useful again as you can see.

 and me ready to do a test run his arvo.
I have these  now cut and ready to make

tips for next time.Try and keep fabric as flat as possible when gluing  so everything will stick nice and close and smooth.
I am also going to test simpler ways to cut the Vinyls as that can take awhile to do.

Make sure you show me yours when your done and I hope the Tut. made sense.Any questions you know where to find me.
No not on my broom ha I will be here

 Nelly xxx


Anonymous said...

You must make more and sell them

Vintage Sweetheart said...

It looks awesome you did a great job! I would love to carry one of those around.

Miss Claire said...

Hi Nelly, this looks great! I was given a record bag as a gift, made out of a ramones record! I think it was bought in the US. The front of one side had the cover artwork and the other side had the exposed record. And the straps were made out of car seat belts, which is a cool thing you could use aswell! Might have to try making my own now :) xoxoxox

A Blessed Life said...

And Miss Nelly you had time to make this...when?!

Vintage Coconut said...

I like your top it is very cute!

I wanted to make a record bag awhile back and sort of forgot about it...
But NELLY Yours is fabulous!! Seriously real nice job you did very well and it looks great.

You best be careful or you will have people putting in orders. *hehehe*

Alix said...

That's a very cool bag and a great tutorial! I bet you'll get lots of compliments when you use it.

pastcaring said...

Wow, Nelly, you can turn your hand to anything!
I have seen those bags around, but yours looks nicer actually, I love the lining.
Aren't you clever?
And I love your Pucci-esque print top too. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Vintage Jane said...

Your top looks great. And as for the bag wow, you should go into production and start selling them! M x

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Holey Mackerel Nelly! I've never seen such a creation and it is FANNTASTIC! I so envy your skills & creativity. Yes, you must make tons and sell them! Absolutely adorable. Wish I had a bunch of them for my shop - I know they'd sell like hotcakes. Love the blouse & the jarmas too ;- ) So, I'm supposed to be doing my own blog and here I am hanging out at your place again. This is way more fun :- ) And, I missed Movie Star Monday because I was working on my current project so I must go get my popcorn & head on over there.

You are simply amazing ma dear!

Please may I? said...

How incredibly talented are you! Love it! I'm pants at stuff like that. I agree, you should make a few to sell.

Thanks for your concern for my wrist. It's as weak as a weak thing at weak time! And very stiff! (for some strange reason that comment made my hubby giggle like a girl!) Now the flaky skin has gone would you believe the tan is still there? It even looks human.

X x

wendz said...

I've never seen those before. Clever idea.

It looks very finicky to make and I am so not good with fiddly...you did good though! Excellent make and it looks so cool.

Yeah you could definitely sell those - I second that.

Misfits Vintage said...

FABULOUS and I agree - make em and sell em - I'll buy one! The others I've seen have all been made with old seat belt webbing at the sides, so they were not big enough to carry much more than lippy and keys - yours is perfect for the all the crap I lug around with me though!

Sarah xxx

Catherine said...

You are so clever...that is fantastic!!!

Erica Louise said...

What a cool, cool bag, love it!! Also love your pucci top

sacramento said...

Aren´t you clever, nelly, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Bungalowgirl said...

What an amazing concept for a bag, thanks for sharing. melx

Hello Vintage said...

Wow! Fantastic idea!

Rhonda said...

This is so clever and creative.
Loving it all.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
The crown is metal and I think I bought online at The Beautiful Life shop. I'm not sure if she has any left, though.

Krista said...

That is the shit!!!!!! I love it, thanks for sharing!

delia hornbook said...

WOW Nelly i have never seen those bags before. But goodness how clever are you yours looks amazing ;-)) What a great idea and so much fun. dee xx

Miss Peregrin said...

I love the record bag! Next time I go op-shopping I'll have to pick up some old records & give this a go.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Genius! I missed this first time around, but just saw the one you did for Sarah Misfit - really clever xx