Thursday, October 20, 2011

Its Thursday again already!

 wasnt it just Thursday yesterday? I am a week older again?Well that sucks!

Ready for my thrifting week? (must say I have been very good and only been to all once.)

$5 basket at Vintage shop in town got me this vintage lok 70s dress.Not my size.

 close up

plus this vintage black velvet and burnout? velvet dress (doesnt fit me)
by Ninette in Melbourne
with scrumptious sleeves
but a tear at top of bodice which I am going to fix and add something maybe a brooch or fabric flower.
 and a vintage yellow top  by Stage 2 taffi brand

thats a tad too small.
 what a scruff-a-lug I am
and this gorgeous scrumptious petticoat.
 Vintage bag
and something I am always looking for

Love the coloured pics throught.

Margaret owned it I didnt know whether to laugh (which I did) or feel sad (which I did)  when I read the inscription.Hope she had family.She was a smoker tho as I can smell it so will add some lovely scented something inside.(no offence my dear smoking blogging buddies xx)

Now here comes the bling.A wooden ring
 agate necklace

Vintage bling for the neck plus a vintage Neck.
What one do you prefer?
Vintage neck with Bling 1
Vintage neck with  Bling 2

 Vintage neck with bling  3

 Vintage neck with bling 4

 OOOOOO lets Blingy ding ding the lot shall we?
Better make sure the wind doesnt make my face stay this way.
Got 1st 3 at my lovely friends oippy and figured they must have belonged to same lady so how could I seperate them?The last one and the pink were at the next oppy.

Now I have 2 other dresses to share but you know you have to wait  till tomorrow right?

Oh and my record bag is holding up well so far have had some great responce and am making one for my lovely opshop boss lady who loved it and  who saved me a vintage lovely today.Stay tuned.

and I think thats all


ps its still windy as here !!!


brismod said...

At least Margaret had a sense of humour!! Hilarious!xx

delia hornbook said...

Well bling a ling ling ;-)) I couldn't chose between numbers 1, 2,3,or 4 so im glad you wore all 4 ;-)) Those are gorgeous. Super buys today, look forward to seeing your other buys. reading this post i have a little something you might like. Please would you email me your address and i will post it to you. Stay away from the wind ;-)) dee xx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

It's official I have petticoat envy. I haven't found one yet!! That pink necklace is a gorgeous statment piece. I personally liked the blingy ding ding pic the best!

Em x

Aneets said...

I have been looking for a petticoat forever! Gorgeous finds.

Misfits Vintage said...

Good for Margaret!

That first frock is gorgeous - is it too small, Nelly?

Love all your bling and that super pretty petticoat and the lovely handbag.

Sarah xxx

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Nelly, I'm so behind. I LOVE the record bag, how great! I would love the petticoat too, its gor-ge-ous!

Scarlett said...

Bling-tastic! Great vintage clothes find too, but my fave has to be the bag - oh what a beauty! Bless Margaret :o) Scarlett x

Kylie said...

I love the first dress Nelly, chuck on a pair of wedges and you'd have a perfect outfit for a Summer barbie x

Vix said...

Ha! I'd totally wear all those necklaces together, too.
I love that first dress so much, I hope it fits you because I'd love to see it on you.
Yellow looks so good on you! If it were me I'd wear it open over that fabulous green Peer Gynt maxi along with a whole heap of bling.
Id love to come and play dress up in your collection, one day I hope I will! xxx

pastcaring said...

That first dress is gorgeous, Nelly, please make it fit you cos you'd look fab in it!
And all the bling is great too.
I think we should all give ourselves a book as a pressie and write in it, just like Margaret! xxxxxx

Miss Claire said...

Oh that first dress is gorgeous, like a little gypsy dress! Make it fit!! Love the bling, instant glamour!!!! Glad to hear the bag is holding out well, I'll let you know when I can go through my stuff! Xoxox

Vintage Jane said...

Love the first dress. I felt really sad for Margaret but at least she has a sense of humour! M x

Please may I? said...

Well you have been busy my dear. Great finds as usual.

X x

Krista said...

Look at all your treasure. I love the pink petticoat and the agate necklace.

Betsy said...

Wow, you sure did score big time! Love the bling and those dresses are awesome.

Vintage Coconut said...

Nelly Nelly Nelly Nelly Nelly Nelly
That yellow top is so sweet and looks very nice on you. (I love the flowers on the collar.)
That petticoat is a delicious pink *mm* *mmm* *mmmm* I love petticoats and wish I had more. I have a red one that I was going to try to work into my FoF post (we will see) Then I have a 40's or 50's white one but I don't know how to explain it. It is just a one layer one not really puffy or anything.
* The vintage bag is very nice
* I think the note to Margaret from Margaret was funny. It's something I would totally do.
* Wonderful jewellery I like it all but if I had to chose a necklace I would probably say (bling 4)

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Oh that inscription is brilliant - like you I'm not sure whether its funny or sad. Great bling finds too and agree with Vix you really suit yellow.

PJ said...

petticoat is one in a million!