Monday, October 17, 2011

and the Wind Doth Blow and blow and blow

and its still blowing and  has been for a few days and I hate,hate ,hate wind.I get anxious and stressy and nervous and messy when the weather is like this.I can handle storms and rain and hail but not wind! Not wind in my hair with the windows in the car down not wind on my skin when the fan blows at night when I am trying to sleep nope dont like wind.A nice breeze yep thats fine but not this.Am I weird? Ok dont answer that! lol

Just take a gander at what  it did to my hair! and look at those worry lines lol.

 Then it had the audacity to try and blow me over!!
Argghhhh wind!!!!


Today is Day 17 of my Blogtober self challenge.and I am going to blather on about random thoughts and things I am doing

 Been thinking for awhile how cool it would be to have a Vintage Inspired magazine for Aussies.One that has where you can buy vintage what festivals are on  what vintage crafts people are making vintage repurposing vintage reprocutions maybe etc. Like in the UK there is Vintage Life,In the US there is Flea Market Style . Do we have one in Aus I dont know about?I know we have  Bespoke but its mainly craft tho very lovely.Id love to have the  smarts to get one started wouldnt it be great to be involved in something like that?Anyone out there know how to? Id be happy to be involved.

anyway I am

Trying to keep my mind of how my daughter is (no clue havnt heard from her in ages and when we will get baby grandson. Its sending me barmy so have been trying to stay busy.

I have just read ...
a book called "The Help"and will watch the movie soon.the movie has had great reviews.I have always hated rascism/slavery since forever,could never and still can't understand it.If you read this book or watch the movie let me know what you thought.

I have been...
busy on a little project will show you soon may even have my 1st Tutor so hang onto your bags (thats a hint BTW) and keep watching.

I have ....
A new blogging friend....
 This woman  knows how to tickle my funny bone.

and now ....
I have to grab my broom and fly and get the kids from school.

Nelly xxx

Ps just want my lovely blogger friends who still have captcha verification that it can be turned off (please?) Its kinda annoying having to fill those in.and I am lazy too.Plus I rarely get a spam comment and when I do I just delete it.(this is the wind makng me talk grouchy like lol)

Ps  dont forget my giveaway HERE  

 The end.


Please may I? said...

Loving the first picture Nelly. They aren't worry lines at all, just the wind playing silly buggers! Hope the weather calms for you soon.

I for one love the random posts and will second your comment on filling in loads of forms in order to post, what a faff!

X x

pastcaring said...

I didn't know about Vintage Life, I will take a look so thanks for the tip.
It's blowing a gale here too, rubbish if like me you wear contact lenses (blows grit in your eyes, ouch!) That 30 seconds I spent brushing my hair this morning was time wasted too...
Keep blathering, we're listening, doesn't matter if you're grouchy!! xxx

Liz said...

Wind ... don't talk to me about terrible weather!*&!*
Grumpy Scots Gal (great name for a blog) aka
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh the wind makes me crazy too, I hate it. Can't wait to see what sneaky project you've got coming up for us!

Sarah xxx

Bungalowgirl said...

Yep, the wind makes me totally irritated too, must be us girls with masses of hair go a little crazy. melx

Vintage Jane said...

I hate the wind too - you can protect against most other weather but not the wind. I hate the damage it can do. We have rain and gales forecast for the weekend here.
I have read the help and thought it was brilliant once I got into the dialect. Funny, sad and hert wrenching and I'll never eat chocolate pie again without wincing a little!
Hope everything turns out ok with your family. M x


My mum has a serious fear of windy weather. I hate what it does to my hair, and my poor little boy get's awful eczema on his face with the wind.
Those word verification/captcha code things are really awful, I agree - TURN THEM OFF everyone.

Miss Peregrin said...

Hee hee, I love the shot of you being almost blown over by the wind. Can't wait to see your upcoming project! Also, I agree about the captcha things - they are one of the main things that stuff up & make me not able to leave comments!

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Oh now I know we're kindred spirits Nelly! I DETEST wind! Makes me mean & nasty and (unfortunately) I don't even have an abundance of hair to mess up! Your magazine idea is a great one. I once thought to do the same (different subject) but I got abruptly stopped when I realized it takes $$'s to get stuff started & since I'm a pauper and all my friends are paupers too so I didn't have any potential financial backers, I was stopped at the starting line. BTW - I love your "worry lines" - us mom's earn them even if our kids are perfect (HAH!) & no one should ever stick a needle full of botox in them! How would we wiggle our eyebrows then?!

I'm keeping you & your daughter in my heart & in my thoughts & hope you hear something soon. How many days & nights I struggled with worry about my son - one wrinkle & one gray hair at a time.

Can't wait to see your new project!

Sending you ((HUGS))

(BTW - my friends call ME Vic ;- )

Krista said...

I love the wind I don't know why but I do :) Have a lovely day Nelly!

Vix said...

I love the sound of the wind rattling our 250 year old windows but being out in it with long hair drives me daft, too.
Stay cheerful. x

Dressing Up For Me said...

Same here. In here when the wind doesn´t just blow really hard, it howls!

Bohemian said...

Ah Nelly... you make me smile... but for me I embrace a windy day, I love the feeling of the wind in my face & billowing the fabrics of my clothing... yes, I was one of those kids that always had my head stuck out the window, barely able to catch my breath, as my Dad drove down the Road! *Smiles*

Thanks for stopping by with encouraging words... everyone in the Land Of Blog is always so supportive & caring, this is definitely my Beautiful Escape Place to come to Daily for Inspiration, Creativity and Fellowship with Kindred Spirits!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert, where when the wind blows it can be somewhat like a blast furnace at times *LOL* but a Natural Hair Dryer *Winks*... Dawn... The Bohemian

A Blessed Life said...

Nellie I hate the wind too I would rather get wet!!!Can i say Nellie I think you are a national treasure,raising another lot of children your heart must be as large as the moon, I take my hat off to you..I do hope you get the baby soon just so your mind can be at ease, I am sorry about your daughter kids break your arms when babies and your heart as adults.xxxxxx