Friday, October 21, 2011

How Time Flys -A Short Story

You young people think us oldies were never your age dont you? No respect your elders (sigh)... now back in my day.... now where was I? Oh yes Well let me tell you something .....

I used to be a a bit of an alright  back then and was well chased after by many a beau! Yes indeedy I was.

  You dont believe me?? Well then dearie come let me share some photos from my album with you.

This was me just before himself proposed

 See I scrubbed up ok in those days.

Himself did love to play with his Brownie camera back in those days he even got the newest colour fil-em that was on the market.

Of couse I said yes when Himself  proposed to me and on my wedding day I wore this lovely home made,with lots of love,dress
 Wasnt It just swish?
 Himself always made me laugh

I felt ever so lovely
 But I wanted to wear red gloves and shoes
                                       What was that dearie? Why was this pic cut in half? 
                            Well  deary this is cut in 2 as I flashed my scanties and that was   something a proper lady never did.
Mother forbade those red shoes but  I wore them anyway. Such a rebel was I! My poor mother what I put her thru!

I didnt know what pearls to wear so I wore them all.They were Mothers of course

Now a few years went by and time does fly dearies yes indeedy! But it only seems like yesterday yes it does.
Here I am  as mother of the bride.The cape and the pearls? Oh himself gave them to me as a 20th Anniversary present.

I had cut my hair into a bob at this stage as it was all the rage.Its a shame you cant see my lovely silver dancing shoes.I was quite the dancer you know.

and thats all for today dearies I may come back and share with you again if your very good.I do hope you enjoyed my youthful pictures.So now just remember time flys  so enjoy every moment dearies.

Now be off with you,young wipper snappers I have knitting to do.

 The End.....

Starring Nelly,

also Written, Directed and Produced by Nelly
Co-starrng Nellys wardrobe.Bought to you by Nelly and Nellys penchant for opshops and treasure hunting.Oh and hoarding.

 Hope you enjoyed that little story A work of fiction of course.
No harm was done to any wardrobe peices.

All wardrobe pieces information.....

Knitting wool opped,glasses opped  had for years earings opped a few months back

Silver shoes,cape,gloves,earings again and flower (I turned into a clip) all opped.
 Pearls,gloves,shoes,flower,earings and purse all opped over the years.

 Close up of my $3.50 wedding dress that my special opshop boss lady saved for me.
 Nylon fabric all hand sewn lovely lace train Looks like 40s/50s in style.
Wedding dress is very sheer (hence above censored picture)White dress worn under wedding dress as petticoat.Bought for $3.50 its a satin fabric 2 layered dress missing belt by "Masquerade"

Mother of the bride dress (sorry no pic, I am slack I know.) is a late 70s early 80s dress but has a 30s style look to it
Tag has been cut of (sacrilege!)

Want to see more of my Wedding Dress collection????
Just go HERE and HERE

Little  crazy granny video was made at Create a Gif Thanks to my lovely Little Coconut friend for letting me know about it.


Kimmie said...

You make me smile Nelly :]

Vintage Coconut said...

*Hehehe* It was so nice to meet Grandma Nelly. What a dear she is!
I am in love with those silver shoes they are darn cute so are the red ones. You looked rather fancy I must say. Very fun post! (I always look forward to your posts when I see a new one pop up... I pretty much race to read it.)

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Grandma Nelly is a hoot! I love the effort you put in and those dresses are gorgeous. I love the red shoes too.

the old boathouse said...

You are too clever and too lovely Nelly, that was great, hope you have a lovely weekend xx

Penny-Rose said...

Oh Nelly, you are funny!

Hello Vintage said...

Brillaint! Love it! :)

delia hornbook said...

aawww Nelly what a clever and sweet post you really made me smile ;-)) I had an horrible evening with my son last night and my eyes today are a fright. Just reading your post and the Gorg pull your socks up post has made me feel much better and warm.Thank god for blog land ;-) You have such a great sense of humour. Have a lovely day, dee xx

pastcaring said...

Hahahaha, Grandma Nelly is such a wise old bird!!!
What a great post, that's proper perked me up this Saturday morning. Lovely frocks AND a bloody good giggle, you can't get better than that! xxxxxxx

A Treasured Past said...

So funny Nelly...I was wondering who that sexy Grandma was! Tam x

Please may I? said...

What you like! bless you, you make me smile.

X x

sacramento said...

What a lovely story my dear Nelly.
I am smiling thanks to you, gorgeous.
Much love.

Sponge Curlers and Cupcakes said...

Oh Nelly, you are FANNNTABULOUS! Do you know how many grins & smiles you send around the world? Don't ever change, ALWAYS be beautiful Nelly! Sending ((HUGS)) from Calif!

BTW - Gorgeous wedding dress collection you've got!

Anonymous said...

Hello I'm new to your blog. That granny wig and glasses had me going for a minute since this was the first post I had read from you lol. That robe is beautiful, so is your wedding dress collection.

Krista said...

You are a total riot! Loved this post and all your pretty wedding dresses. You are GLAMORUS!!! Now to go check out the rest of your collection.

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Cute post!!!! :)

Miss Claire said...

Hehehe, I love your stories! You make a great nanna :) Perhaps I can come over for apple pie one day and you can tell me more?!! :) Loved the outfits, that must have been fun to do!

Xoxox Claire

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your response to my questions, and for the compliment to my daughter :)

Vix said...

You are hilarious, Nelly! You've made me laugh off my hangover.
You make for rather a sexy granny with that wig on. xxx

Liz said...

Now, Grandma ... oops, I'm going to have to speak a bit louder ...NOW, GRANDMA - DON'T TIRE YOURSELF OUT WITH ALL THOSE MEMORIES ... you know what happens when you get too excited!!!!!
Great post, Nelly!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

The Vintage Knitter said...

Totally hilarious post - you rock, Nelly! xxx

Anonymous said...

Thats pretty funny! Great post

Anonymous said...

never a dull moment in your posts, they are so fun!