Wednesday, September 21, 2011

with a little bit of Pixie dust

I had that awful dog disease that has been going around and then went  thru my family, hope none of you catch it, even LL has been laid up and not been to work all week.Half the family is now away and even tho I wasnt 100% I knew the kiddies who are still here were getting cabin fever so we I decided we were going treasure hunting (not called opshopping in this family anymore) so me being Captain Granny and Master 6 deciding he was Smee Little Miss 5 said she was Izzy(Jake and the Pirates cartoon) (Pirate themed family or what?) and Izzy carries pixie dust so I asked to be coated with some and guess what it worked!!
Coz this is what we I got over 2 treasure hunting trips (kids got toys etc)......

Yesterday with kids...
This wonderful and large sized beauty case/wig box/storage bag (do tell me what is is exactly) But perfect to take my top hat in if/whenever we have a blogging get together.I must measure it but its rather tall,
 Dress/dressing gown I thought it was a dress and will wear it as such but now think its a dressing gown just has a size tag no labels but love the style and colour of it

 Movie books (you know I love em!)One on the wonderful Barbara S (who I think is stunning)
the other with pictures of old movie stars ...
oh and a cute mini basket (for my collection you know.)
like Audrey and look at Barbs Top Hat, sigh!!

 and then this one of Elvis ( in honor of Scarlett she Loves Elvis alot,you know.) The book is full of colour and black and white prints Would love to frame them all but that would mean ripping up the book.Maybe I need to make friends at the printers?
There were a few other bits and bobs but nothing worth sharing.

Then Today by myself with some left over pixie dust I got......

an Ashton CG-34  model guitar I am a sucker for guitars (and other stringed instruments) and I  have a few guitars already (one day I will stick with lessons maybe, I hope, hmm anythings possible right?) Cost me a tenner saw some kids strumming it I was thinking put it down you dont really want it, put it down now and they did ha mind control does work sometimes lol

 Kids Lps coz they are bored and driving me nuts and I am hoping putting these on my player might entertain them for a bit.One was made in Christchurch NZ another in London and the other in California.(just in case you was wondering where on earth they originally come from as you do,ha )
  remember pick  up sticks? these are true vintage ones,just like the ones I used to play with at grans house.

Now  lookee here
Barsony girls yep even have original labels so now I need to know what they are worth.Ask me how much they were and Ill tell ya.

 and a box full of vintage patterns
 with these amongst them
and they were being thrown out (GRRRRR dont get me started!!!!! I saw them throwing out books too and asked about this box which was near door you have to go past) Got em all FREE tho but makes me wonder what gets thrown out and who makes the decisions and why not have a free box or redonate them and how annoyed would the donaters feel?I know some stuff is garbage and stained but lots must be reusable.WASTE I HATE IT! vent ended.

So moral to my post Dont forget the Pixie dust and dont be scared to ask Are you throwing that out?

Nelly xxx

 re- the jumpsuit..... friend manager said jumpsuit lady didnt turn up on her volunteer day so dont know what she is doing with jumpsuit.
me- grr grr grr grr  I am not expecting to ever see it again :(    but least I got a pic :)

Oops nearly forgot these for all Tea Towel Tarts out there I am Chanelling Kylie here coz she is a the Queen of the tea towel tarts lol
all 50c each and in brand new condition crazy huh?

Please ignore shed floor I do lol

now that really is all xxx


Liz said...

Can't believe they were going to throw out all those patterns! You are right - should be a help yourself box - but just think of those of us who would gladly pay a small amount for these - what a waste!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh that hat travel case is SPECTACULAR! Nice haul, Nelly!

Sarah xxx

Vintage Sweetheart said...

Yep I got the dog diease! Work is trying to guilt trip me into coming in tomorrow...

I love the beauty case it's gorgeous and the nightgown/dress is pretty fab too.

E :)

pastcaring said...

Oh thank goodness you rescued all those patterns! I was chatting to a lady in one of the charity shops I go in who knows I like vintage, and she said some volunteers who go through the donations chuck it out "because it's old". Makes me want to cry!
Great finds, especially the hat/travel/whatever case and the robe. Oh and all the tea towels too!

Hello Vintage said...

I have found great stuff in the 'free' boxes at op shops. You should leave an anonymous suggestion that they should start one. Love the blue case in the first pic. Sherry :)

sacramento said...

Wonderful find and ever better getting for free.
I shall always ask, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Kylie said...

Right, where to start Nelly?
Tea towels? Fab, especially the Telecom Tower, what's not to love about such a cool modernist structure!
I love the little Barsony girls, they make me sad though because they remind me of my beautiful Barsony girl's head which I inherited from my Grandma. My Mum bought it for her with her first pay check. Unfortunately it was smashed when a shelf (dodgy DYI by my husband!)
fell on top of it. You can imagine how upset I was (and still am whenever I think about it!) I haven't told my Mum yet and it happened 3 years ago! Luckily she hasn't noticed because most of our stuff is still packed away and she assumes the Barsony is in storage too. I'm on the hunt for a replacement but haven't found one yet. Sniff.
The girl on the hat pattern looks very Barbra Striesland-ish btw and I love the vintage pick-up-sticks too.
This is too long, must end x

Krista said...

That baby blue travel case is so sweet, it needs a pink wig inside. Glad to hear you are feeling better my dear!

Vix said...

Glad you're feeling better!
I love that vanity case/wig box and that dressmaking pattern for a hat. I'd love to make that psychedelic one in the middle.
That dressing gown would look lovely as a dress, frock on friday perhaps?
Babs Streisand was such a beauty. x

Vintage Coconut said...

Hello: Nelly
That blue case is delightful. I have 5 vanity cases and none look neat and tall like that. I think its a wig box, but I am not 100% sure. I know if I ever came across one I would snap it up in a jiffy.
I love all your finds those little Barsony girls are just adorable.
The vintage pick up sticks were a great find. My parents bough my brother and I a set in the early 90s.
I would wear the white and red item as a dress. It looks very nice.

Have a good day Nelly

Scarlett said...

Hi Nelly, i need me some of that pixie dust! Blimey girl you get the best stuff and i cant believe they were going to throw out all those patterns. I think you need to stalk the bins at that op shop to see what other goodies they have dumped ;o)

Oooh thanks for a pic of elvis *swoon*.

Mwah Scarlett xxx

P.s no parcel as yet :o(( xxxx

Please may I? said...

Super cute hat box.

I used to love pick up sticks as a kid.

X x

Helga! said...

Darl,that case is phenomenal!!! I gasp in envy!!! Perfect indeed for your top hat! Or my Marie Antoinette wig.....!!!
I bet those Barsony girls are worth quite a bit-go on,what did you pay??!!
Love the frock/dressign gown,I love re d& white,and that shape is YUMMO!!!
Ooodles of patterns!!Hurrah! Sometimes I find something way cool for free,it's amazing what you find that peeps don't want!!!

Lyndel said...

oh pixie dust this way please.... I need to sprinkle my computer.. Having major probs and cutouts and hangups (the computer not me). Had my guy out on Wed. $100 later it's kinda ok but he thinks I really need a new or re-conditioned one at least, but I HATE CHANGE. whaaa. Said I'll persevere with this for now, so If you dont see me around much, thats why.
LOVE LOVE LOVE your finds, and the Barsony girls are worth big $.
LJ arrives Sunday, hope the computer lasts for her holiday♥

Miss Peregrin said...

Woah, look at that stack of fabulous patterns! It is ridiculous the things that get thrown away. I have to wonder if my local oppies have done that, because they don't have any patterns anymore & used to have heaps. :(

I love the dress/dressing gown as well!

Dressing Up For Me said...

I love tinkering over old things without paying a lot. Love the print of the dress/dressing gown which by the way can also be used as a coat and those ebony Barsony girls look so cute and are so exotic looking! ;)

I´ve followed you too, Nelly! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the blue case, lucky duck

Mary Lou said...

oh nelly i love this red dress so fabulous and i even can feel the seventies groove of it!!!
can´t wait you put this fotos of your red riding hood here;) love and kiss,mary