Friday, September 23, 2011

Not just a Frock on a Friday

but four yes 4  frocks on a Friday.

Well its been confirmed this is NOT A DRESS I put it on and Miss 5 says thats a nightie dress
 But I still like  this nightie,dress dressing gown outfit.
 and I think I shall wear it as a housedress
See the sad little lad Pa has been away and he was very clingy I couldnt move
 Love this ebay dress its home made fully lined.
 loving the pink print
 but you want to know something?
 it doesnt fit me.Will be for sale soon.
Look at the rolly polly fat back lol
I call this ebayed dress My Fair Lady.Park Avenue Melbourne brand.

Silk bottom.Poly top.Missing a belt but I just love it!!
 and guess what?

Its a perfect fit. Its a keeper.
 Just call me Contessa
  another ebayed dress .Made in West Germany.Date? maybe80s?

 Spanish a bit?Well actually yes there is a story there.Way, way, way, way (x 10 more) back in my family tree.Found that out last year.
 yet another ebayed one I think it was .99c Asian influence.Home made,well made and fully lined.
A flash of white leg
 yes it fits me too.
 Close up of fabric

 Miss 5 decided to join in the fun granny was having.
 Isnt she a doll?
 and lastly a dress I got from the oppy awhile back
 had to take of about 20 inches (must have been an amazon who owned it back in the day)
 Yes it fits too and I wore it all day
Think I need some spanx (no Helga the tight ones not the other)
so that was my Frocks on a friday have so many have to catch up.Have been able to get some great bargains from ebay lately and have been using esnipe you may want to try it to win some items or have you already?

Now onto a venty subject.The story goes like this

17 yrs ago a lovely woman, wife,mum and nanny passed away.The man is sad and not long later finds new lady (who is very similar in looks and style to one that was lost) Lady always was quite nice to mans family when she saw them.
Lady doesnt move into house for a few years then has own room.Then moves into a government house and decides she doesnt like it so moves back and man does up her room (which used to be his sons room) .Ok thats fair thinks mans family.
Mans family had moved a long way away so visits werent as often.But one day son decides to visit father (12 hour trip) and gets cold shoulder from lady and yes and no answers when trying to make conversation and lady won't look at him.Ladies daughter visits and fawns all over  man and  ladies kids have keys to mans house yet own son and daughter dont??
Son takes a huge feed of fish and prawns down that they all feast on in day one.Day 2 comes along dinner time and lady makes dinner for herself and man and ignore son and grandson.What tha?
Son is scratching his head wondering whats with her?Son made eggs on toast  but seriously how rude?
This all happened to my hubby this week.This is the home he grew up in and his dad has lived in for 50 years.
I am so sad for hubby as he doesnt get emotional about things but when he called me last night I could tell he was pretty upset as he said "I never thought Id feel uncomfortable in the home I grew up in."
We think lady and family are up to something as hubby said his dad is looking frail and yet has always been very healthy.And the lady used to be friendly and have conversations with is all.
Hubby thinks its something to do with the property  his dad owns.Even tho he had told hubby years ago he had overheard ladies son ask how much he was worth!!
The will, the property etc isnt my issue here its the fact that woman made my hubby feel like he shouldnt be there and the fact that he has done more for her grandkids than his own and by the way 4 of his grandkids had lived next door to him for about 20 odd years!!Thats what makes me angry.
And yes hubby would fight the will if he has to even to the stage where there was nothing left for anyone.
Hubby and his sis have no clue who is the solicitor or anything and their dad wont talk about what he wants if anything happens to him.
I am so angry with that woman I mean how hard is it to be polite or is her conscience playing up from something she has done or doing?
Oh and another thing.One of my nephews went to visit his grandad a few weeks back while in town.Knocks on door young lad answers.Nephew says I came to see pop.You cant see him.why says nephew? Um hes not here and door shuts in his face.Hubbys aunty (sis in law to man) went to visit  and was made to feel very unwelcome by said woman and hasn't been back.
Should alarm bells be ringing?
Now tell me your thoughts experiences etc.
Had to vent! Hubby is home now is waiting till Wednesday when he knows his dad is home and woman is out then is calling his dad!May keep you informed.

Good news - down to one kid till Sunday so its quiet yay.(miss the kids already tho) and that one kid who is home is happy now that his pa is back as he was soooo sad and clingy and sooky and wouldnt eat properly.He is a new kid now.

Thats all

Nelly xxx


Vintage Sweetheart said...

I love the My Fair Lady dress! Lots of great frocks this week. I struggle to find a bargain on ebay when you add postage. Miss 5 is too adorable! My nephew is the same way about my dad, poppy? wheres poppy? is all we here when he visits ha ha.

Em x

Vintage Jane said...

Love your dresses and gorgeous little model!
As for family - I won't even start on my Mr's strange family! Have a great weekend. M x

Krista said...

You are looking frocking fantastic Nelly. The my Fair Lady dress is to die for I think I will dream of that dress tonight and I love you in the last black number, gorgeousness! Miss 5 has an adorable outfit too, what a sweet baby doll!

Your family story is disturbing, what the hell is wrong with that lady, something is off with her. I would call her out on her rudeness for sure, politely.

Have a lovely weekend!

Aliya said...

Hey Nelly! Such cute pictures! I love the My Fair Lady dress. The musical's based on a play called Pygmalion and its by George Bernard Shaw who's my dad's great great grand uncle!


Just to let you know my giveaway is up and running:
Win the Vintage Dress of Your Choice! (open to everyone)

x Aliya

Please may I? said...

First thing first, you look fab in all four dresses hun. But the little princess steals the show hands down!

As for your father in law, well it all sounds very odd if you ask me. It does seem as if the woman and her family are up to no good. I do hope that your hubby can manage to get to the bottom of this. Thinking of you.

X x

Katherines Corner said...

they are all lovely. The little model is a cutie pie too. Hugs and wishes for a joy filled weekend.

pastcaring said...

I counted SIX wonderful frocks for a Friday, you spoil us Nelly! I'm with the others who are voting My Fair Lady the top frock of all. Especially with your topper too!

As for family stuff... was there ever a minefield as scary as weird family dynamics? Is there any chance your husband could talk to the lady in question and ask if anything's wrong, is she upset with him, etc? Play nice, in other words, even if it sticks in his throat? And does he have the sort of relationship with his dad that if they were alone, they could talk about the situation?
Not saying he'll get the answers he wants but it's always worth a try. Hope it can be resolved, it sounds very upsetting and uncomfortable. xxxx


I want to come and dress up with you SO much, you wouldn't believe it!
My mother had the same issue as your hubs - not a lot you can do. People get away with being rude and anti-social because no-one dares tell them it's offensive lest they rock the boat and lose contact with a relative.
Maybe pen a letter telling the old cow she's getting everyone riled - no, I wouldn't do that either.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Sorry to hear about the problems with the inlaws, family can rarely be simple, especially when they're all so extended.

On the positive side you have some amazing frocks - my favourite is the My Fair Lady too - so perfect on you. You should be on the stage!

Scarlett said...

Oh i adore my fair lady too!!! Got to love ebay for finding gems.

Sorry to hear about hubby's family probs, its so hard esp when its to do with a parent.

Scarlett x

brismod said...

That's a disturbing story about your father in law. It sounds like his "lady" friend is poisonous. I hope your hubby keeps the line of communication open with his Dad and won't let this lady affect his relationship with him. xx

Lyndel said...

oh Nelly, families!!! grrrrrr [been there, done that]

but your dresses!! wow, and isn't you little miss looking like a million dollars, with a smile to match? You must be so so happy!

Mine arrives Sunday evening, yay! hope the computer holds up.

Vintage Coconut said...

My frocking goodness Nelly you have went frocking nuts with frocks!
Sounds like you have been having some good luck with E-bay.
I LOVE ALL your dresses! You must be the best dressed Chic on your side of town.

Miss 5's model shots are so cute!

About the Fam situation... I agree with you sounds like the lady is up to no good. I hope your Hubs can have a good chat with his Dad.
I hope all works out for the best.

RETRO REVA said...

Have you had some 'work' done, girl? LOL!
You are looking so friggin beautiful lately!
Killer vintage threads ;)
I am gonna be sporting your spats next week and posting a link, i kinda lost one (if you could see my piles, you'd understand) and can't wait to don them. then you can make thousands of them and get really rich and fly me over for tea.............

RETRO REVA said...

PS, Defintely sounds like a squabble over property. This has happened (similar) in my Dad's family, and it went badly. I hope your hubby can get some time alone with Dad, say how much he loves him and let her be a nasty, selfish ole hag....
What comes around...........
I too would be so upset for my Hubby.

Kitty said...

Definitely something funny going on there, no two ways about it. The fact that she couldn't look hubby in the eye says a lot, and the rudeness speaks for itself. I'd be getting to the bottom of it BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE.
I love the nighty dress.xx.

The Vintage Knitter said...

The same happened to my uncle's father. A lady 'friend' moved in and completely took over his father's life, dominated his father and eventually put a wedge between father and son, which was never resolved. My advice is to get this sorted a.s.a.p., it doesn't sound healthy for your father-in-law. This woman sounds poisionous, cut her out before she does any more damage to your family. I wish you well. xxx

Miss K said...

It's quite disturbing yeah.. I don't think I can block this person, but I'm refusing to follow them on twitter! hehe

simmone said...

Lovely frocks Nelly, very sad about your family concerns,hope things start improving. This happened to a friend after her mum died and the family became alienated when dad went halves in a retirement house with his lady friend. They children can't inherite until both die. Keep the communication with dad.

delia hornbook said...

aawwww Nelly im so sorry to read of your pain for your husband. Alarm bells would be ringing in my head to something def isnt right here. If i was your husband i would force my way into that house to see him. I hope everything goes well on wednesday. Big hugs to you. Love your outfits, the housedress wow those colours look gorgeous on you with your dark hair. I have to say my favourite has to be the Coutessa you look blinking gorgeous sweetie. Hope your having a lovely weekend, hugs, dee xxx